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MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro

MagSafe car mounts that secure your phone while you drive. Read More

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Strong MagSafe

Built with improved MagSafe compatibility to create stronger magnetism suction, the car mount is the perfect phone companion while in the car.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro

Snap & Charge.
Grab & Go.

Conveniently attach your smartphone to the MagSafe car mount with a single hand for a secure hold while traveling. And grab and go when you get off.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro

Secure Even On The
Bumpiest Road

MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro

Sudden Breaking

MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro

Deceleration Strips

MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro

Rugged Mountain Road

Strong Suction Force

Lock the mount in place on your dash with the suction cup and dashboard pad*. *For Suction Cup model only.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro
MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro

Fast, Safe, and Reliable

For MagEZ Car Mount Pro model only

MagEZ Car Mount Pro offers up to 15W fast charging*. With a unique built-in cooling fan that reduces heat, your MagEZ Car Mount Pro and smartphone stay safe from overheating as you wireless charge.

The car charger also includes sensors that detect an increase in temperature, voltage, and current to protect your devices while driving. *7.5W for iPhone

An Ultra-Streamlined

The car mount not only works good but looks good. With an upgraded sleek design and the unique aramid fiber weave, it offers style and easily fits into your cool vehicle.

MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro


First class all the way around. Not cheap but it does it's job the way it should be done. Strong magnet attaches to the back of my iPhone as it charges. K'NEX securely to my SUV air vent Securely and in a handy location. The handy Mounting location makes it easy to view driving instructions on the go While keeping phone fully charged.

Cattie Luis

This thing holds my phone very well. I’m shocked it held in place after I hit a pot hole the other day. Definitely worth it. You’ll need a case or the bare phone that is direct with mag safe to get a firm hold.

Matthew K

Great product. Arrived timely, well made, easy to install, and it works great. I was even contacted after purchase by the company to make sure I was happy with my purchase. They stand behind their product. I couldn’t be happier. I’m ordering another one!

Dena Watson

I am a professional driver and after using the first one I bought for an extended period of time, I was convinced and bought 3 more to us across multiple vehicles. This is one of those rare products that delivers much more than I imagined. Super quality, easy to use, and holds your phone down very secure. When properly installed, it is solid.

Charlie H

The magnet is strong and works perfectly. I can be driving down the bumpiest road and it won't affect the hold. I have had problems with vent holders, but this is built to extend and clamp down on the vent and the phone is in a firm grip. So glad I spent the money and would highly recommend to anyone!


Compare PITAKA
Car Mounts

MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2
MagEZ Car Mount Pro MagEZ Car Mount Pro
MagEZ Car Mount Lite MagEZ Car Mount Lite
Compatibility (phone) Compatible with mobile phones with magsafe/magsafe cases
Variants Car Vent for cars with horizontal vents;
Car Vent for Telsa Model 3/Y
Variants Car Vent for cars with horizontal vents;
Suction Cup
Variants Car Vent for cars with horizontal vents;
Suction Cup
Wireless Charging Capability Yes; up to 15W wireless charging
Wireless Charging Capability Yes; up to 15W wireless charging
Wireless Charging Capability NO
NFC Functionality Yes
NFC Functionality No
NFC Functionality NO
Built-in Fan No; the new design can ensure no overheating during wireless charging
Built-in Fan Yes
Built-in Fan Yes
Materials Aramid fiber; PC; ABS
Materials Aramid fiber; TPU
Materials Aramid fiber; TPU

MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2


  • If your phone does not support MagSafe or you don’t have a MagSafe case, choose MagEZ Mount Qi (wireless charging) or MagEZ Mount (non-wireless charging) .
  • Works with Apple MagSafe cases and third-party MagSafe cases. But note that the magnetic attraction varies depending on the material the case is made from.
  • Work with MagEZ® 2.0 ? System.
  • *Supports Qi fast charging up to 15W, it requires the device to be fully compatible with Qi fast charging. The S23 series only supports 10W charging of the device limitation.



MagEZ Car Mount Pro: USB C Wired Charging (cable included) Wireless Charging Output: 15W (iPhone 7.5W) Input: 5V/2A / 9V/2A

Materials and Tech

Aramid fiber TPU


1 year warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro 1 x USB-C Charging Cable 1 x User Manual 1 x Cable Tie 1 x Car Vent Attachment (For Car Vent model only) or 1 x Suction Cup Attachment (For Suction Cup model only) 1 x Dashboard Pad (For Suction Cup model only)


Q1. Will this MagSafe car mount work for my iPhone 15 or Android phones?

A1. Yes, the MagSafe car mount is compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12 series, and other MagSafe phones and cases, such as the MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 Series, or MagEZ Case 3 for Galaxy S23 Series.

Q2. Can this car mount charge my phone when I'm using GPS navigation?

A2. Yes, just attach your phone to the MagSafe car mount to start wireless charging. Plus, the built-in NFC chips will activate your preset destination on the Map App and navigate your driving route.

Q3. How to apply the NFC function?

A3. Please check here:

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Perfect style and function for my needs

The things that drew me to this product were the design and the fact that it had cooling fans and a universal size ball mount. I did not plan to use the vent or dash mounts that come with it because I had a mounting bracket from ProClips. I purchased a universal ball mount adaptor from Amazon that is working perfectly. I also have a Pixel 7 Pro with a Carbon Fiber case and a Sinjimoru M-Plate Universal Magnet Sticker that makes the attraction very strong. I am confident the phone will never fall off. So far it charges great and I have not experienced any heat problems. I really love this setup.

Amazon|Iurii Gusev
Good product

My favorite devise. Thank you very much!

Amazon|Jamil eido
Very good and nice

Design could be better - sticks out too far

I am a Pitaka guy. I had a case and car mount with my previous iPhone. I recently upgraded to the 13 Pro and bought the new Pataka case. The case is perfect. The problem was the new case does not work with the old Pitaka mount. So I just bought the new mount and it arrived and it sticks out too far from the vents on my BMW 750I. The old mount was really close to the vents and was very streamlined. That is not the case with this mouth. Other than that it works great. I wish the old Mount worked with this case.

Amazon|red killa
Great wireless charger for the car.

Ever since I purchased the note 10 +, I was looking for the perfect charger for the car. I ran across pitaka on YouTube, I've been hooked ever since. I purchased the first generation magnetic wireless charger along with a case for my note 10+. I recently upgraded to the s22 ultra and was informed the new cases aren't compatible with the old wireless charger. So I purchased the magsafe wireless charger, and I'm beyond impressed with the improvements they made to this charger. At first I wasn't to sure about the purpose of switching to magsafe in their cases, but after using this charger I'm convinced. The old charger was a vent mount. The new magsafe charger has a hook that attached to vent. This new charger is more secure than the old version. I live in the bay area where there are many potholes, and every time I would hit a rough patch in the road the old one would fall out the mount. This one is more secure.