PitaTag for Cable For AirTag

A protective AirTag holder with a built-in cable for emergency charging needs. Read More




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Your AirTag

The PitaTag for Cable, made of premium leather, fully covers your AirTag. So take your AirTag with you anywhere you go, worry-free.

Easy-to-Install AirTag Case

Apply the included sticker to the metal side of your AirTag, bend the sticker over, and put it inside the case.

PitaTag for Cable

Scratch-Free. Worry-Free.

Lock your AirTag with the magnetic fastener and it will be fully covered by premium vegan leather.

Secure with Braided Nylon Cable

The braided cable works as a lanyard, so you can attach your AirTag to your keyring, bag, suitcase, etc.

PitaTag for Cable

A Unique Ornament

The PitaTag for Cable looks like a water droplet in a minimalist design that exudes a timeless fashion.

PitaTag for Cable

Orange and Black

Leather, aramid fiber, and metal combined make the AirTag case sleek. And the orange rim makes it more aesthetically pleasing while adding a little color to your everyday life.

PitaTag for Cable

A Perfect Match

The minimalist yet stylish design makes the AirTag case go with your everyday carry life.

PitaTag for Cable

Small but Useful

With the built-in MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable, you can connect your iPhone to your USB-C enabled computer or iPad for syncing or charging. Use with an 18W (or above) USB-C power adapter to fast charge your iPhone* up to 50% battery in around 30 minutes. It’s not long, but it could save the day when your phone is about to die and the cable you usually use is misplaced.

PitaTag for Cable
PitaTag for Cable
PitaTag for Cable
PitaTag for Cable
PitaTag for Cable

Included in the Box

  • 1 x PitaTag for Cable
  • 1 x Document Kit
  • 1 x Sticker


  • Holds Apple AirTag;
  • The Lightning to USB-C cable supports fasting charging your iPhone 8 or later when used with Apple’s fast charging power adapter or other USB-PD adapters.



124.36 x 41.32 x 18mm (4.9 x 1.63 x 0.71in)


22g (0.77oz)

Cable length



Vegan leather Aramid fiber Nylon Aluminum alloy Stainless steel


USB-C to Lightning Cable Data transfer speed: 480Mbps Max Max current capacity: 3A Voltage: 5V~20V


Cable: 12 months AirTag Holder: 2 months See our warranty page for more information.


Q1. Can you make a longer cable?

A1. PitaTag for Cable is not just a cable but also an AirTag accessory. It’s designed to be portable, so it can be attached to other things and taken with you wherever you go. And it’s mainly for urgent needs. For example, when you forget to take your cable with you when you travel or when it’s buried deep down in your bag, and your phone is dying, PitaTag for Cable can come in handy. In this sense, a quality cable with a length of 190mm should suffice.

Q2. The magnetic fastener doesn’t have a strong force. Why?

A2. Once your AirTag is put in, the interior structure will hold it in place. The fastener is mainly used to close the leather cover to protect your AirTag from scratches.

Q3. Will I break the sticker if I pull it with force?

A3. The sticker should be attached to your AirTag. When the AirTag is put in the holder, just slightly pull the sticker to take the device out. Using too much force might break the sticker.

Q4. Why do you make a Lightning to USB-C cable?

A4. The Lightning to USB-C cable is mainly for people who own iOS devices, particularly iPhones and iPads with Lightning connector. The cable will help them charge or sync their devices in urgent situations.

Q5. Can I bend the cable as I do with other cables or ropes?

A5. The nylon-braided cable is stiffer than cables made using plastic. Therefore, we suggest you not overly bend it or hang heavy stuff to it.

Q6. Will the magnetic fastener get rusty over time?

A6. No. The magnetic fastener is coated with a piece of black PC plate to prevent rust.

Q7. Is PitaTag for Cable waterproof?

A7. No. Keep the product away from water or other liquids.

Q8. What's the charging and syncing speed of the cable?

A7. The MFi-certified Lightning to USB-C cable can fast charge your iPhone (8 or newer) up to 50% in 3o minutes when used with Apple’s 18W (or above) power adapters or other USB PD adapters.
The maximum transfer speed of the cable is 480Mbps. It can handle a maximum current of 3A and voltage of 5V~20V.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.


This AirTag holder is made using 100% PU leather, which is completely artificial and is considered vegan. It’s very durable and stain and fade-resistant. It doesn’t crack or wear down easily, so it can last a long time. In addition, the product is RoHS and REACH compliant.

Learn more about PITAKA sustainability

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Udkhar Singh-Gill
Super cool 😎

Super good charging cable come iTag. Works really well and very functional. Always have a use for it. Keep up the gadgets Pitaka 🤩

Sandra Escher Clauss

Great gadget

Phern-Chern Tor
Beautiful and functional tag. Wish

Beautiful and functional tag. Wish I put the removal sticker on the airtag before insertion. hard to take out otherwise

Joey S
All good! easy to install

All good! easy to install my airtag. The cable is magnetically connected to each other so you can insert it to the airtag holder and hang on. Great design.

Brad N
another new design. I like

another new design. I like the combination of the carbon fiber and the pu leather. light and portable and I won't add much weight to my car key.