More Protective. More Minimalistic.

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max

MagEZ Case Pro 3 For iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max

The protective yet slim aramid fiber phone case with MagS... Read More

  • MIL-STD-810H grade drop tested
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Ultra-protective with built-in airpockets and interior flanked cloth
  • Raised camera lip
  • Made using renewable aramid fiber and flexible TPU
  • MagSafe & PitaFlow for Phones compatible



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Maximum Protection
in Minimal Bulk

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

All-round Protection

The military grade drop-tested iPhone 14 case gives you the confidence to use your phone daily with ease. 

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Built-in Airpockets

With airpockets around all corners, the case provides decent shock and drop protection.

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Interior Soft Cloth

The interior is lined with soft flanked cloth to protect your iPhone from scratches. 

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Durable Materials

Aerospace-grade aramid fiber and abrasion-resistant TPU are seamlessly integrated using 3D Injection Molding Labeling technology to provide excellent protection.

Protective But
Not Bulky

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Slimmer Than Ever

Built using advanced technology and processes, the MagEZ Case Pro 3 features an ultra streamlined aesthetic, and it's slimmer and lighter than most protective cases without compromising protection or MagSafe connectivity.

Living A Light Life

Going for a protective case doesn’t mean you have to carry extra bulk. The MagEZ Case Pro 3 not only works pretty well at protecting your iPhone but looks good and offers all-day comfort. Life could be heavy sometimes. Start by using a slim case to get rid of unnecessary weight in your daily life.

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series
MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Exceptional Grip & Feel

The unique textured aramid fiber surface improves grip and feels comfortable in hand. And thanks to 3D Injection Molding Labeling technology, the sides of the case are also covered by aramid fiber to give you a soft, comfortable feel however you hold the phone. 

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Compatible with MagSafe and PitaFlow for Phones

Your iPhone 14 will work perfect with your MagEZ Slider, MagSafe Charger, and other MagSafe-enabled accessories without loss of magnetic strength. The PITAKA PitaFlow for Phones system unlocks the potential of the new iPhone to give you a seamless experience whether you are in the car, at the office, or on the go. Check it out.

Details Make Perfection

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

The raised camera lip protects the lens from scratches.

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

A subtle and flexible lip covers the entire front to protect the screen.

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Precision cutout allows full access to the charging port.

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Chamfer cutting makes the case look slimmer and more comfortable to hold.

Renewable Materials

Processed through thermoforming, aramid fiber used in the MagEZ Case Pro 3 is reusable, meaning we can reduce waste during manufacturing. In addition, packages are made of 100% biodegradable materials, most of which are bagasse, an environmentally friendly material. For every 400 package boxes made using bagasse from sugar factories, we save a 40-year-old tree from being cut down to produce paper.

MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series

Which One Should You Choose?

MagEZ Case 3 MagEZ Case 3 Shop Now
MagEZ Case Pro 3 MagEZ Case Pro 3 Shop Now
MagSafe compatible Yes
MagSafe compatible Yes
Thickness 0.95~1.05mm
Thickness 1.6mm max
Weight 17.3~22.3g
Weight 35g max
Protection Partial
Protection Full
Materials 600D/1500D aramid fiber
Materials 600D/1500D aramid fiber; TPU
600D Black/Grey (Twill) 1500D Black/Grey (Twill) 1500D Black/Blue (Twill) 600D Overture 600D Rhapsody
1500D Black/Grey (Twill)
MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max

Included in the Box

  • 1 x MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 Series
  • 1 x Document Kit


Is the case compatible with the following products?
MagEZ Card Sleeve (2)
Yes (Note that the product slightly covers the camera lens of iPhone 14 Pro.)
Yes (Not compatible with iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max)
MagEZ Juice 2
Yes (Not compatible with iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max)



Max 1.6mm


Max 35g

Materials and Tech

Aramid fiber TPU


2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.


Q1. Are there magnets in the iPhone case, and will they affect my phone?

A1. Yes, MagEZ Case Pro 2 for iPhone 12, and MagEZ Case 2/New MagEZ Case Pro for iPhone 13 all have magnets inside that mirror the MagSafe magnet array. Your iPhone 13 shouldn’t experience any problems; however, Apple does warn that the magnets can cause problems with RFID chips and magnetic strips in credit cards and security badges as well as pacemakers.

Q2. Are your cases compatible with Qi wireless chargers?

A2. All our cases, including MagEZ Case 2 can work with Qi-certified wireless chargers.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.


Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
M. Janos
MagEZ Case Pro 3 iPhone 14 pro

Premium product. It has a very good feel and fits the phone well. Correct, fast delivery to Hungary.

Overall great / quite satisfied, but was hoping for a little closer to perfection, especially for...

I love the tight fit. The phone feels very well protected, without making the phone feel super bulky. I would think of it as a “rugged case that’s on the thin side of rugged cases”, rather than a “slim case with extra protection”, if that makes sense – both in terms of how it feels in my hand as well as how well protected the phone subjectively feels. Also subjectively, I think it looks even better in person than what I expected from seeing photos & videos online.

Some reviews say MagSafe strength has been reduced compared to previous gen versions of the same case, and while it’s probably true, it’s not any weaker than Apple’s official MagSafe case, so it’s not an issue to me.

My 2 minor complaints / why not “5 stars”:

1) Volume buttons are a bit stiff to press.

2) I’m guessing this a minor defect specific to the exact case I received, but there is a slight bump (a circular dot, not a ridge) that I can both see & feel in the weave where it meets with the TPU on the side of the case, right below the sleep/wake button. It’s pretty minor, and I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it for a long time if it didn’t happen to be in a spot where my fingers are all the time.

Alejandro FarrarAelx
Awesome Case

Great case! Hopefully they come out with some other color options in the future.

Kishore Kumar Soundarapandian

Hi There,
Quality of back case is too good and at the same time thickness is suppose to be thin just like 0.2mm thick instead 0.35 mm thick and price is also too high it suppose to be 20-30 $
Pls. consider my honest review

Hemant Panda
so far its god

looks and feel good