About us

Our Values

We believe that good design will allow technology to affect people's lives without people's awareness, and it's in the flow of things and life, ultimately bringing users a more effortless, smoother product experience.


Our Story

In 2015, we found that attaching our mobile phone to the magnetic car holder requires additional pieces attached to the back of the phone, and it’s troublesome. Half a year later, the MagEZ Case for phones, the world's first aramid fiber phone case embedded with magnetic plates, was born, which be directly attached to the car mount.


Our Commitment

  • Since the establishment of PITAKA, we have consistently implemented our commitments:
  • Based on the design concept of "staying one step ahead of our users," we provide an easier, smoother, and freer product experience;
  • Insist on finding and applying the best innovative materials to ensure that the products are well made and last long;
  • Adhere to the modernist design style and the principle that form follows function; eliminate complexity and keep things simple and pure;
  • Actively undertake environmental protection responsibilities, minimize the damage to the environment from raw materials, processing to packaging, and ultimately achieve waste-free production.

Our Iconic Design

We selected high-performance, innovative composite materials, such as aramid and carbon fiber, widely used in aviation. Fusion Weaving technology represents our ultimate exploration of materials. We went through 10,215 hours of testing, hundreds of weaving style comparisons, and tried dozens of techniques to bring the classic aramid fiber case to the next level to break through the limitation of colorful aramid fiber cases.


Our Team

Founded in Shenzhen, China, we are a company dedicated to advancing science and style in this specialist area. We have scientists, engineers, designers and stylists who work together to bring the magic of science and art together in the individual pieces we create.
The whole planet is our home. And we want to inspire people to be conscious of the relationship between humans and each other, objects, and this planet. To make it, we regard ourselves "world citizens" and our team, consisting of talents from all over the world, work jointly toward the same goal.


Our Technology

PITAKA plays with material technology. We mix elements to create materials which do amazing things. We understand chemistry and how molecules in a material can be trained to line up in such a way as to create a new substance which is stronger, softer and be able to reuse.

We do this incessantly. Each year, our technology and our thinking evolves. We never stand still. Because we are on a mission to simplify our life by building a universe of product eco-systems in smarter, sustainable ways and by using, and reusing, the finest materials.

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