About Us – PITAKA
Touching our future with the beauty of material.

PITAKA, a lifestyle brand focusing on
material innovation and humanistic
spirit, links cutting-edge materials
and manufacturing techniques to
daily supplies, and thus the world of
fashion, design, culture, and
In the ancient Sanskrit language,
PITAKA referred to the basket,
implying diversification,
inclusiveness, wisdom, and delivery.
Our goal is to build daily equipment
rich in wisdom, embrace diverse
modern lifestyles, and light up
inspiration for simple life by
delivering fluid, interesting, and
sustainable aesthetics of life to
modern people who advocate
minimalism and spiritual pursuit.

As mobile phones grow increasingly
powerful, people begin simplifying
their travel supplies centered around
phones. The emergence of PITAKA
originates from the reflection of
James, the brand manager of
PITAKA, on optimal travel strategies.
James, once an underground music
producer, also concentrates the
spirit of pioneer, rebellion and
idealism into the PITAKA brand. In
2015, we started an unprecedented
exploration in the field of electronic
accessories. Half a year later, the
world’s first aramid fiber mobile
phone case embedded with
magnets came out. On this basis, we
developed a series of products,
including car mounts and wireless
chargers, which were linked via the
magnetic attachment system and
formed a fluid ecosystem.
In this changing world, we always
keep deeply thinking about optimal
travel strategies. We have developed
multiple product lines and improved
the PITAKA ecosystem consistently
to provide daily supplies with
solutions to protection, portability
and storage. Through designs and
innovations, our products are
developed to carry people’s taste of
culture and pursuit of spirit.

Founded in Shenzhen, China, we are a team of scientists, engineers, designers, and fashion practitioners from all over the world.
As members of PITAKA:
We have fancy ideas and care for
any useful or useless detail, always
setting ahead of our customers.
We give priority to innovation and
embrace technology actively,
devoted to the integration of
technology and art into every piece
of works.
We only use the best materials and
manufacturing techniques to
produce what we want to use not
just today, but keep using tomorrow.
We insist on making “just a bit
bigger” packages and use resources
prudently because we love our
beautiful blue planet.
We believe that good products will
lead us to an inevitably good future..