Our Story & Mission

Eco Living, Eco Production,
Eco Development

We simplify your life by building product ecosystems in a sustainable way.

PITAKA is founded with one simple idea

To simplify and improve our life by developing products that can co-exist and work together seamlessly in everyday life. We always care about our coexistence and our relationship with animals, the landscapes, and the Earth.

We reflected on what we could do to realize our mission. We started by designing accessories and gears in the way of building eco-systems though zero-based. The magnetic cases, attachable wallets, mounts, chargers, etc., all together create a transit-free universe that streamlines our life and optimizes our productivity.

And it's just the beginning.

We have a mission statement

To simplify our life by building product eco-systems in smarter, sustainable ways and by using, and reusing, the finest materials. To make it a reality, we have designed a three-step plan:

Eco Living

Re-think and design our products in a way of eco-systems.

Eco Production

Recycle PITAKA products and re-produce them into new products that enrich the product eco-systems and simplify our daily lives.

Eco Development

Eliminate the obstacles of reusing the composite materials in the physical world while improving technology and efficiency.

In a nutshell, we will continue to target our customers' needs and plan our products from the perspective of people's lives, connecting to real-life scenarios, while minimizing waste.
In doing so, we can recycle the larger-sized goods, reuse the materials, and turn them into smaller-sized goods.
Step by step, we can create a universe of unsurpassed lifestyles with zero-waste.


Eco Living

Since 2016, our designers have shaped our products in the way of eco-systems. We launched our first magnetic system that consisted of an aramid phone case embedded with magnetic plates, a magnetic car-mount, wall bar, and magnetic power bank. We named it the "Mag" system, which later became the "MagEZ" system. We believe it was the world's first magnetic system for accessories. Until now, our aramid fiber case is still the thinnest case with magnets embedded.

We then unveiled a system of magnetic case, stand, folio, etc., for tablets, that is the PitaFlow for Tablets. And a new system based on AirTag is on the way. We will design and develop more products to improve our daily lives and with as little impact on our environment as possible.


Specifically, PITAKA has
made or will make

PitaFlow for Phones

An eco-system of phone accessories, making phone life more seamless.

PitaFlow for Tablets

An eco-system of tablet accessories, making the tablets transit-freely with increased productivity.


A collection of accessories with a dedicated AirTag compartment, making personal items easier to find.


A collection of carbon fiber suitcases. Each of them will be designed with a specific traveler's needs in mind - for example, short-time business trips, recreational travel, weekend trips, etc.


A collection of daily lifestyle items, like watch-bands, glasses, pens, etc.

Eco Production

PITAKA makes products from high-tech materials. But that is not the end of it—we are going to make them recyclable and reusable. And the various sized product range allows the re-production possible since it contains products with different sizes in consideration of production "leftovers".

So, if we recycle a carbon fiber suitcase, we can extract the fibers and make them laptop/tablet cases; when we recycle the laptop/tablet cases, we can turn them into new cases for phone; and phone cases to watch bands or other smaller sized essentials.

To make the re-production more efficiently, we will also design our products in a maximum modular way.

Explore more about our sustainability program.

Eco Development

To make this reusability possible, we keep learning and increasing our knowledge about material science and engineering. PITAKA is building its first materials' sustainability lab in Shenzhen. It is still in the initial phases of research and development. Our plan is to eventually open to the public. Our hard-working engineers have made it possible to separate the resins from fibers now. We will gradually implement this new technology in all of our production, which will allow us to get the fibers and reuse them.

Furthermore, we will also be developing products made from bio-based fibers instead of oil-based. All these technological advancements are within our plan and milestones that will be announced in the future.

Explore more about our technology.

Welcome to our new methodology - PitaCare.
It's a forward-thinking vision, and with your help, we can make it into a reality. Together, we can continue to simplify our life, while helping to make our planet greener.

Our Team

Founded in Shenzhen, China, we are a company dedicated to advancing science and style in this specialist area.
We have scientists, engineers, designers and stylists who work together to bring the magic of science and art together in the individual pieces we create.
The whole planet is our home. And we want to inspire people to be conscious of the relationship between humans and each other, objects, and this planet. To make it, we regard ourselves "world citizens" and our team, consisting of talents from all over the world, work jointly toward the same goal.


Our Technology

PITAKA plays with material technology. We mix elements to create materials which do amazing things. We understand chemistry and how molecules in a material can be trained to line up in such a way as to create a new substance which is stronger, softer and be able to reuse.

We do this incessantly. Each year, our technology and our thinking evolves. We never stand still. Because we are on a mission to simplify our life by building a universe of product eco-systems in smarter, sustainable ways and by using, and reusing, the finest materials.