PitaTag for Multi-tool for AirTag

A handy exquisite mini multi-tool with a protective AirTag case.

PitaTag for Multi-tool
For AirTag

A compact EDC multi-tool with built-in AirTag compartment. Read More

  • Compact and portable
  • Four foldable EDC tools
  • Fully covers your AirTag
  • No signal interference
  • Keyring design



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A Mini Portable
EDC Gear

Take the PitaTag for Multi-tool with you anywhere you go. So whenever you need a tool to open a box, screw some parts of your bicycle, digital devices, clock, etc., don't panic.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Pocket Knife


Made of grade 420 stainless steel, it’s a handy tool for unboxing your package.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

2.0-Caliber Allen Key


This hexagon key is for M2 screws which are typically used in electrical equipment and mechanical products, including bicycles and the PITAKA MagEZ Stand.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Cross Screwdriver


The stainless steel cross screwdriver can handle screws M1.6 ~3.0 on devices like PSP, MP4, and MP3.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Slot-type Screwdriver


Use this slot-type screwdriver to unscrew or tighten your watches, clocks, and other devices with M3 screws.

A Perfect Accessory
for AirTag

PitaTag for Multi-tool

All-Round Protection

Your AirTag is securely covered by solid metal and the ingenious structure to survive any damage in daily life, such as getting dropped from 1.5m or stepped on by a person weighing 200kg.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Never Lose Your Belongings Again

Easily attach the PitaTag for Multi-tool to your luggage, bike, or bag using the keyring, which can handle pull force up to 10kg, so you can keep track of your things and never lose them.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Add A Little Luxury to Your Day

The sheen from the metal shell and the ingenious and minimalist design easily adds a little luxury and style to your daily life that a silicon AirTag holder can't do.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Sustainable Technology

It takes 48 procedures to craft the PitaTag for Multi-tool from raw materials, including electroplating and polishing. The frame, the keyring, and the tools are made using powder metallurgy technology, a “green” metal-forming manufacturing method, to reduce waste and make the product lightweight yet durable.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Durable Materials

The frame and the keyring are made of 316L stainless steel. And those tools grade 420 stainless steel. They are wear-resistant and hard to protect the AirTag from damage.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

A Never Before Seen Design

The dark gunmetal frame is shaped into a convex pentagon, creating a unique style that’s aesthetically pleasing.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

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PitaTag for Multi-tool

Included in the Box

  • 1 x PitaTag for Multi-tool Case
  • 1 x Key Ring
  • 2 x Screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver


Works with Apple AirTag.


Dimensions(with the key ring)

86.6 x 47.5 x 12.3mm (3.4 x 1.87 x 0.48in)


56g (1.98oz)

Materials and Tech

Stainless steel Silicone PVD coating


3 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.


Q1. How to install AirTag to PitaTag for Multi-tool?

A1. Simply watch the video: How to Install & Remove the AirTag into Pita!Tag for Multi-tool?

Q2. What is PitaTag for Multi-tool made of?

A2. Mainly, PitaTag for Multi-tool is made of stainless steel. The frame and the keyring are made of 316L stainless steel and those tools are grade 420 stainless steel.

Q3.How much impact can PitaTag for Multi-tool withstand?

A3. Generally speaking, PitaTag for Multi-tool can well protect AirTag from getting dropped from 1.5m or stepped on by a person weighing 200kg.

Q4. How much tension can PitaTag for Multi-tool withstand?

A4. PitaTag for Multi-tool can handle pull force up to 10kg.

Q5. Why not use aramid fiber or carbon fiber on this product?

A5. Carbon fiber can block signals, and it’s hard not to get the material in the way of AirTag in such a small tool. As for aramid fiber, we’ve tried it, but it didn’t look good in such a design.

Q6. Would the product get rusty after using it for a while?

A6. We’ve tested it with kinds of liquids. It won’t get rusty.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.


We use power metallurgy technology to craft the PitaTag for Multi-tool. Powder metallurgy is a sustainable metal-forming manufacturing method, a "green" technology widely used for electric vehicle design. Its manufacturing process uses less energy than conventional technologies because:

  • It minimizes scrap losses through net shape and uses raw material produced from scrap.
  • Powder metallurgy allows many parts to be produced in one go. Fewer operations means less waste.
  • Products crafted from powder metallurgy are usually lightweight yet durable; they can last long.
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