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Simplified Charging

Air Omni Lite

Save Space, Time, and Money

Get rid of cable clutter and effortlessly charge multiple devices simultaneously with a single charging station designed for all your small gadgets.

Air Omni Lite Air Omni Lite Air Omni Lite

Charge Up To Six Devices at Once

From your iPhone and Android phone to earbuds, tablets, and gadgets - charging multiple devices has never been simpler.

Air Omni Lite Air Omni Lite

A Unique Charging Adapter

Easily switch between Lightning and Type-C ports to fast charge devices.

Designated Charging Spots

Experience convenient wireless charging with separate charging areas for Qi-enabled mobiles and earbuds.

Air Omni Lite

Apple Watch Charging Module

Attach your Apple Watch charging cable to the mount to charge your smartwatch flat or upright.

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Air Omni Lite
Air Omni Lite

Multiple Charging Positions

Continue to work or play while you charge. Use one of the two USB ports and magnetic stand for landscape mode or the adapter to charge in portrait.

Air Omni Air Omni Air Omni Air Omni Air Omni
Air Omni Lite

Aerospace Material Applied

The material, Aramid Fiber has been used in Aerospace, Racing Vehicles as well as Body Armor and is loved for its excellent resistance to heat.

One-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products and commitment to excellence. If you need help with the Air Omni Lite, our Customer Care team is happy to help.
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Specs & Details

Air Omni Lite

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Wireless Charging Pad

  • All Qi-enable Devices.
  • Apple AirPods with wireless charging case and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Earbuds Charging Pad

  • Apple AirPods with wireless charging case.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds.
  • Powerbeats Pro Charging Case.

Apple Watch Charging Mount

  • Compatible with original Apple watch charger (USB A).

Lightning & Type-C Toggle

  • All devices using Lightning or Type-C charging.

Type-C Charging Port

  • All Type-C Charging Devices.

Type-A Charging Port

  • All Type-A Charging Devices.

The Lightning & Type-C Toggle should not be used if the device is upside down.



Length: 8.1in (205.6mm) Width: 6.7in (171.9mm) Height: 1.2in (31.1mm)


Lightning/Type-C Connector Output: 18W Qi Wireless Charging Coils Output: 7.5W/10W AirPods Wireless Charging Area Output: 5W Apple Watch USB Output: 5W Type-C and Type-A Charging Ports Output: 18W (15W for dual devices)




1 year warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x Air Omni/Air Omni Lite 1 x adapter (with localized plug) 1 x magnetic stand 1 x instructional manual


Q1. Can I use the power adapter for the Air Quad to charge Air Omni Lite?

A1. No. Air Omni Lite and Air Quad use different types of power adapter connector. Air Omni Lite is more powerful, with a power input of 15V/4.3A, while Air Quad has 15V/3.5A.

Q2. Is the Apple Watch charging module compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch?

A2. No. The Air Omni Lite watch charging module is only for the Apple Watch. However, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch via the USB port on the Air Omni Lite.

Q3. Can I adjust the height of the convertible charging connector? Does it support devices in cases?

A3. The convertible Lightning/USB-C connector raises when unfolding the support stand. The height is 7.5mm and not adjustable. However. it does support devices with cases that are not too thick, such as cell phones using the MagEZ Case/Air Case and iPads with the Apple iPad Smart Cover.

Q4. Does Air Omni Lite support dual voltage 100V-240V?

A4. The power adapter for Air Omni Lite supports dual voltage 100V-240V. You can use it in any country as long as you have the correct type of power supply. No voltage converter is needed.

Q5. Will a 12.9 inch iPad fit, and will it be sturdy?

A5. A 12.9 inch iPad fits and will be sturdy with the support of the stand. It should not topple unless a large force pushes against it.

Q6. Can I wireless charge any phone?

A6. Yes, you can wireless charge any Qi-enabled smartphone. When using a case, the maximum thickness that will allow for wireless charging is 1mm. Due to the magnet array in the iPhone 12 Series, the phone's wireless coil needs to be positioned centrally on the Air Omni Lite charging pad.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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