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A premium lighter with engraving that you’ll never lose. Read More





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Premium & Minimalist

Crafted from military-grade aramid fiber and premium zinc alloy, the lighter features a sophisticated and modern style. Plus, the overall minimalist construction looks like a cardcase, making the lighter an excellent gift to create a wow moment.

PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter

Special Gift for Celebrations

Celebrate a birthday, Father's Day, or anniversary with a sleek and practical lighter for your loved ones. This elegant gift is a thoughtful way to commemorate the special occasions.

PitaTag for Lighter

Safe & Reliable

Windproof Flame

The patented blue pyramid-shaped flame will not easily be affected by wind.

PitaTag for Lighter

Intuitive Ignition Button

Push the ignition button to create a flame with a clear “click” sound. Release the button and the flame goes out.

PitaTag for Lighter

Security Mechanism

The built-in gravity lock pin ensures that the lighter can’t be pressed to create a flame when upside down.

PitaTag for Lighter

Never Apart

The most appreciated gifts are the ones that last forever. You can do that through engraving and, more importantly, using the AirTag. Put an AirTag inside the lighter so your loved ones will never lose it. And with the lighter always by their side, they can enjoy and feel your presence wherever they go.

PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter

More Details

A refillable lighter with adjustable flame height.

PitaTag for Lighter

Monitor the fuel levels with the display window.

PitaTag for Lighter

The bottom knob works as the refill valve and flame adjuster.

PitaTag for Lighter

Add A Touch of Luxury to Your Everyday Life

PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter
PitaTag for Lighter


Safety Guidelines and Warnings

  • When using the lighter for the first time, please follow the tutorials in the video to release the air in the lighter, then inflate it for use.
  • Don’t press the lighter to ignite it for a consecutive 10 seconds.
  • Please keep the lighter out of the reach of children.
  • Do not expose to temperatures above 120°F (49°C) or prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Do not release gas where there is an open flame.
  • Please keep the lighter away from your face and clothing when using, adjusting, or refilling.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the lighter in the car.
  • Do not pierce the lighter or throw it into fire.
  • Please ensure that the flame of the lighter is extinguished after use.
  • There’s extreme heat over the visible flame, so be careful.



77 x 44 x 12mm (3.03 x 1.73 x 0.0.47in)


87g (3.068oz)


Aramid fiber Zinc alloy Fiberglass(silver)

Security Standards

ASTM F400-20 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Lighters General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC, EN ISO 9994-2018-A1-2008 Lighter GB 25722-2010


2 years for orders from UK and Europe 1 year for orders from other regions See our warranty page for more information.


Q1. What type of lighter is it? Is it fuel kerosene or gas?

A1. PitaTag for Lighter is a piezoelectric ceramic lighter that uses butane.

Q2. Does the lighter come with fuel?

A2. PitaTag for Lighter does not contain fuel due to transportation restrictions. You may purchase fuel from reliable brands to fill the lighter.

Q3. What is the fuel capacity? How long can one fill last?

A3. The fuel capacity of PitaTag for Lighter is 1.4g (air excluded). It can be used for at least 1 month when fully filled. (The lighter with 1.4g gas can be ignited 850 times. Assuming 28 ignition times a day, then 850/28=30 days)

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



Rather than a mission, PitaCare is a sustainability journey put in place to protect and care for what matters the most to us - the world and the people around us. We care for people, their feelings, and their everyday life. We make what people can use and enjoy to simplify their lives.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sven Behnke
PitaTag for Lighter

It's verry fine !

Noah Foster
Classy Flame On-The-Go

The PITAKA Lighter exudes class on every occasion. Whether I'm at a formal event or a casual gathering, it adds a touch of sophistication when I light up. Its compact size and classy design make it a standout accessory that never fails to impress. It's become an essential part of my style, adding an element of class to my daily routines.

Harper Davis
Fashion Meets Function

The PITAKA Lighter seamlessly merges fashion with function. It's not just a fire starter; it's a fashion statement. The sleek design elevates its functionality, making it a stylish accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to my daily life. I'm loving every moment with it!

Liam Mitchell
Durable and Dependable

The durability of the PITAKA Lighter has been put to the test in my outdoor escapades, and it has emerged as a dependable companion. It stands up to the elements, providing a reliable flame whenever I need it. A fantastic addition to my outdoor gear that I can trust in any situation.

Emily Johnson
Pocket-Friendly Powerhouse

The PITAKA Lighter is a compact powerhouse that has revolutionized my everyday carry. Its pocket-friendly size makes it incredibly convenient, and the flame it produces is surprisingly robust. Whether I'm lighting a candle at home or starting a campfire outdoors, the PITAKA Lighter rises to the occasion with style and efficiency.