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PinButton Case For Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

A protective Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra MagSafe case with PinButtons. Read More



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Tired of app scrolling and page switching?

Our PinButtons save you trouble.

Click. Access.
More Than Fast.

With three PinButtons, you can customize apps for easy access with a simple click, no more switching between screens to find your desired app.

Samsung Health

Launch Google Maps

Open Music List

Safeguard Your S24 Ultra from Every Detail

PinButton Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Aerospace-grade aramid fiber,
5×stronger than steel

Flexible TPU ensures the S24 Ultra can withstand tough challenges.

Luxurious Nappa leather lining
cushions the back of your S24 Ultra from shocks

Meticulous Designs

  • Precisely designed camera lips protect the precious lenses from scratches and damage.
  • Subtle screen lips keep your screen safe in everyday use.
PinButton Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Embrace MagSafe
with Your S24 Ultra

Built-in strong magnets allow for effortless attachment to MagSafe accessories and offer stable wireless charging on MagSafe chargers.

PinButton Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
PinButton Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
PinButton Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
PinButton Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2

MagEZ Slider 2

MagEZ Grip


A MagSafe car mount with wireless charging and NFC functionality.

Fusion of Comfort
and Aesthetics

Which Galaxy S24 Ultra Case Should You Choose?

Black/Grey (Plain)
PinButton Case
PinButton Case
PinButton Case
MagEZ Case 4
MagEZ Case 4
Black/Grey (Twill)
MagEZ Case 4
MagEZ Case 4
MagEZ Case 4
MagEZ Case 4
MagEZ Case 4
MagEZ Case 4
MagEZ Case 4
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PinButton Case
MagEZ Case 4
MagSafe compatible Yes
MagSafe compatible Yes
NFC Flash Buttons Yes
NFC Flash Buttons No
Protection Full
Protection Partial
Thickness Min. 1.86mm
Thickness Min. 1mm
Weight Min. 34.77g
Weight Min. 18.6g
Materials 1500D Aramid fiber & TPU
Materials 600D Aramid fiber
Weave Plain
Weave Twill
Colors Black/Grey
Colors Sunset / Moonrise / Black/Grey




Approx. 1.86mm (0.07in)


Approx. 34g (1.20oz)

Materials and Tech

Aramid fiber TPU Nappa leather


2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.


Q1. How to use PinButtons?

Q2. Can the PinButtons scratch the side of my S24 Ultra?

A2. No, the PinButtons do not make direct contact with your phone, thus preventing any potential damage to the side of your device.

Q3. Can it be used with a screen protector?

A3. Yes, the PinButton Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra is compatible with a screen protector that fits within the screen's edge. Due to the moderate curvature of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's screen, our protective case works well with standard screen protectors without any issues.

Q4. Will the metal buttons scratch the phone buttons?

A4. No, the metal buttons are equipped with an anti-scratch sheet to prevent direct contact with the phone's buttons, ensuring they do not cause any damage.

Q5. Can it be magnetically attracted? Will it affect wireless charging?

A5. The PinButton Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra features a MagSafe ring magnet that allows it to magnetically connect to other devices with MagSafe ring magnets without interfering with wireless charging functionality.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thomas Gan
Light but strong case

Pre-ordered on 4May and finally received today, 21May. The case is light but strong. The buttons are a bit wobbly. It is prone to hand smudges as well. The Pin buttons work as advertised and useful.
Overall, I like it very much.

S24 ultra

Well made, sturdy and buttons work great.

Eve Masson
works great!!!

works great!!! want more color!

Zako King
10 stars!

It took a while to wait for pre order, but it was undoubtedly WORTH it! This time it’s a WIN for Samsung users! Some Apple users are also looking forward to the PinButton Case being made for their iPhones haha also, I have an iPhone 14 pro max too, make more pls
I have their NFC car charger, fast charging 15W. The two accessories combined can simplify my 6 actions!

John Harris
This is Pitaka!

Amazing case!! Really save troubles!