100% MagSafe Compatible

MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro/Pro 2

MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro 2

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MagEZ Case For AirPods Pro 2

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100% MagSafe Compatible

With built-in MagSafe magnets, securely attach and charge your AirPods Pro using your MagSafe charger.

Style Up Your AirPods Pro Series

MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro

Aramid Fiber
Made Style

Used exclusively for PITAKA's premium cases, 600D has a more delicate weave and is smooth to the touch. The AirPods Pro lineup case is crafted from durable and lightweight aerospace-grade aramid fiber to offer protection and add a unique style. And the all-new Fusion Weaving designs add vibrant colors while obtaining the classic black and grey twill.

MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro

Details Make

3D Grip Technology

Our unique vacuum forming process creates a nonslip texture that improves grip while also feeling soft to the touch.

MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro

A Form-fitting Design

Precision-cut allows easy access to the AirPods Pro LED charging indicator and Lightning port without removing the case. This minimalist case snuggly fits your AirPods Pro, retaining its pocket size and shape.

MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro

Easy To Install

With the separate design, simply install your AirPods Pro Series into MagEZ Case within seconds.

MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro

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MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro
MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro


  • MagEZ Case is compatible with Apple AirPods Pro Series.
  • Can be charged wirelessly, with a MagSafe charger or with a Lightning cable.
  • Charge using a standard Qi wireless charging pad.



2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro / AirPods Pro 2


Q1. Is MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro compatible with the MagEZ Slider?

A1. Yes, it is compatible with MagEZ Slider, Air Omni, and Air Omni Lite wireless chargers.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Amazing Case!!

Amazing Case minimal and perfect design!!!Magnets is very strong!!

Mark Mason
New AirPod 2 case

This case is amazing. It is fits my AirPod case perfectly and it makes it easier to hold. It matches my phone case. I like the feel on it the Pitka cases. This is my fifth case. The AirPod case has internal magnets that make it easy to charge wirelessly on my iPhone MagSafe charging puck.

Glenn C
Looks good and feels soft/smooth.

Love my case! I love the look of it and it’s so soft/smooth. Slides easily in and out of my pocket.

zong yu li


Sean Love
Clean crisp and functional

Delivers a stylish solution for equipment protection that has a distinct vision and bold smoothness that is functionally beyond reproach