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Carbon Fiber Watch Band For Apple Watch

World’s first watch band with 100% carbon fiber links compatible with all Apple Watch models including Series 9-1, SE, and Ultra 2/Ultra. Read More

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What Sets Us Apart

1st Brand to Launch Genuine Carbon Fiber Watch Band

Why Carbon Fiber

1K Carbon Fiber
Rare. Rigid. Light.

All-Day Comfort

Enjoy the ultra lightness and smooth texture from meticulously polished links.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band

Light as a Feather, Strong as Steel

1K carbon fiber is about 5 times lighter than steel, yet it can be up to 10 times stronger.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band

Built to Last

Outlasts leather, silicone, or fabric bands; can be kept pristine as day 1 over time.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band

Magnetic Clasp

The patented magnetic clasp lets you snap and secure a firm closure.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band

Define Your Lifestyle

The minimalist design and the classic carbon black twill definitely add a touch of luxury to your style.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band
Carbon Fiber Watch Band

Which Carbon Fiber

Apple Watch Band is Right for You













Smart Watch

Styling Lab

Carbon Fiber Watch Band
Carbon Fiber Watch Band
Carbon Fiber Watch Band
Carbon Fiber Watch Band
Carbon Fiber Watch Band
Carbon Fiber Watch Band

Define Your Appearance

Why You Need This

Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band


Carbon Fiber

Comfortable: can wear to bed

Lightweight: lighter than you think

Lasts long: no need to change the band even if you get another Apple Watch

Easy to install


Easy to break down

Make your skin warm or cool in extreme temperatures

Easy to collect dust and dirt


Causes skin issues when bands get wet

Show scratches over time

Simple style

May loosen over time


Not durable enough

Get filthy easily

Simple style

Not suitable for formal occasions

Testimonials and Recommendations

Pitaka, known for its lightweight and durable aramid fiber cases, is breaking new ground with innovative aramid and carbon fiber blends, offering unique, colorful cases and expanding compatibility with various non-MagSafe devices.

Stylische PITAKA-Armbänder für die Apple Watch im Test [Anzeige]

Pitaka's Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band impresses with its rugged yet lightweight construction, complementing the latest Apple Watch with a sleek, minimalist look.

Best Apple Watch bands you can buy right now

Included in box

  • 1 x Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band (42/44/45/49mm & 38/40/41mm)
  • Modern: 1 x 0.39in (9.85mm) Links
  • Retro: 2 x 0.47in (11.86mm) Links
  • 1 x Link Tool

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  • Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/7/6/SE/5/4/3/2/1, Apple Watch Band of different case sizes including 42/44/45/49mm, 38/40/41mm.
  • Seawater may cause stainless steel pins to erode over time.
  • Modern fits a wrist size of up to 8.1in/205mm with extra links (not including Apple Watch).
  • Retro fits a wrist size of up to 7.5in/190mm with extra links (not including Apple Watch).



Modern Length: 7.3in (185.4mm) Width: 0.87in (22mm) 20 links Weight: 1.1oz (32.4g)

Retro Length: 7.3in (185.4mm) Width: 0.87in (22mm) 16 links Weight: 1.1oz (32.6g)

Materials and Tech

Carbon Fiber Stainless Steel


1 year warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band 40mm/44mm Modern: 2 x 0.39in (9.85mm) Links Retro: 2 x 0.47in (11.86mm) Links 1 x Link Tool

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Q1. How do I adjust the size of the wristband?

A1. To change the watch size, please read the Quick Guide included with your band.

Q2. Will the magnetic Apple Watch band affect my smartwatch?

A2. The magnets are only in the strap connector and so should not affect the workings of the Apple Watch.

Q3. How to install and add/remove links?

Q4. How to change the Apple Watch band bracelet?

A4. The link band attaches to your Apple Watch as other straps, but please follow the Quick Guide or video for more information.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



Rather than a mission, PitaCare is a sustainability journey put in place to protect and care for what matters the most to us - the world and the people around us. We care for people, their feelings, and their everyday life. We make what people can use and enjoy to simplify their lives.

Learn more about PITAKA and the environment

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Customer Reviews

Based on 530 reviews
Justin Rozon
Couldn’t resist buying one

Very high quality look. I was debating but I pulled the trigger. Ended up having some issues with the one I got from the warehouse sale but Pitaka fixed my issue straight away. Great customer service and great products! Thanks Pitaka!

jungtae sun
it’s good and sad.

It's lightweight and fits perfectly on my wrist. It's satisfying. But the watch connection is broken. I'm glad I have spare parts.

Facebook | Peter PM

Pitaka ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Okba Alkhalaf
It's really high quality and comfortable

One of the best products I have ever gotten for watches and phones. Also, after-sales service. Polly has always been in contact with me to solve some shipping problems. Thank you all. I want to get more wonderful accessories.

Hans Shellehamer
Modern CF band and case for Ultra 2

Absolutely love the Carbon Fiber case and Modern Carbon Fiber band for my Apple Watch Ultra 2. I received them as Christmas presents and could not have been more intrigued and excited to receive them.
The case is very lightweight and I like knowing my investment is better protected and looks fabulous.
The band took a bit of adjustment getting the right fitting for my wrist. But, that was an easy process and I’ve gotten the fit right for me which is just a little on the snug side. It stays locked on and secure all day and night.
My only thoughts are have y’all considered using Kevlar fibers to give a different color scheme in a Bone type coloring, or even UMWHEPE fibers? I’d love to be able to mix and match and create more options with the exotic natural colored fibers