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Can a PinButton perform multiple functions?

Unfortunately, no, it cannot. Each PinButton is restricted to a single function. However, with three PinButtons available on the phone case, you can assign three distinct routines to cater to your needs.

Is charging required for the PinButton to function?

No, charging is not necessary. The PinButton Case operates without the need for charging, ensuring you can activate your daily routines without worrying about battery life.

Can I customize all three PinButtons?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to customize all three PinButtons according to your preferences. Assign functions based on your most-used apps or secondary app features to personalize your phone experience.

Will PinButton scratch the phone?

No, it won’t. PinButton is installed on the surface of the phone case and does not directly contact the phone. Also, the button area of the phone case’s inner side is made of soft rubber material, which will not damage the metal frame of the phone.

Can it be used with a screen protector?

Yes, the PinButton Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra is compatible with a screen protector that fits within the screen’s edge. Due to the moderate curvature of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen, our protective case works well with standard screen protectors without any issues.

Will the metal buttons scratch the phone buttons?

No, the metal buttons are equipped with an anti-scratch sheet to prevent direct contact with the phone’s buttons, ensuring they do not cause any damage.

Can it be magnetically attracted? Will it affect wireless charging?

The PinButton Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra features a MagSafe ring magnet that allows it to magnetically connect to other devices with MagSafe ring magnets without interfering with wireless charging functionality.

Which products from the PITAKA MagEZ series can be used together with the MagEZ Case 4?

Our MagEZ Case 4, designed for the Galaxy S24 series, features a built-in circular magnetic ring and is compatible with our MagEZ 2.0 ecosystem. It can be used together with the following products: MagEZ Slider 2, MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2, MagEZ Grip 2, and MagEZ Card Sleeve 2. However, if you are using a magnetic card holder or ring buckle with MagSafe magnets at the same time, the magnetic force of these products may interfere with the normal operation of your S Pen.

Can the S24 series phone case protect the phone well? Is it strong in anti-fall performance?

This slim and lightweight case aims to offer a near-naked phone experience for those who prefer not to use a case. Based on our usage tests, the MagEZ Case 4 provides everyday protection for your Galaxy S24 series phone, it can effectively protect your phone and prevent scratches from knocks and bumps.

Is the S24 series phone case is fully edge-cover?

MagEZ Case 4 for the Galaxy S24 series is not fully edge-cover. The S24 and S24+ have the left and right sides covered, with partially covered top and bottom.The S24 Ultra covers the top and bottom, but not the full metal frame. This design allows for easy access to quick operations, like sliding from the curved screen edges. Due to the strength of aramid fiber, achieving a full edge cover is currently not possible as it would make installation and removal difficult and potentially scratch the phone. Thus, we opted for the classic semi-enclosed design for the MagEZ Case 4, providing a minimalist, lightweight, and protective solution.


Is the phone case easy to install and remove?

Since our MagEZ Case 4 phone case is ultra-lightweight and slim, it requires some techniques for installation and removal. We have provided step-by-step instructions for installation and removal in the product packaging. You can follow the instructions demonstrated in the video. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service, and we will provide you with personalized guidance and instructions.

Is it prone to fingerprint marks?

Our MagEZ Case 4 phone case is woven from aramid fiber, and to enhance its exquisite feel and prevent fuzziness, a special coating is applied to the outer layer, followed by a 3-layer spray process, creating a soft and skin-friendly texture. The likelihood of leaving fingerprint marks on the case varies depending on individual factors, such as dry or sweaty hands. If your phone case does acquire fingerprint marks, you can easily remove them by using an alcohol wipe.

Can the S24 series phone case be used with a screen protector?

Yes, our S24 series MagEZ Case 4 phone case features a half-wrap design and has undergone numerous experiments and tests in edge cutting, allowing it to be used with most screen protectors without raising the screen protector or impacting touch sensitivity.

Why do the patterns on the Sunset·Moonrise case have slight variations in alignment?

Our MagEZ Case 4 phone case is meticulously crafted using aramid fiber weaving. Throughout the manufacturing process, which includes weaving the yarn into fabric, cutting, shaping, and spraying, there may be slight deviations in the alignment of the patterns. These variations are a result of the naturally occurring and unavoidable uneven force applied during production. However, we want to assure you that our dedicated quality control team thoroughly inspects and handpicks the cases before shipping, ensuring that the patterns fall within a reasonable and aesthetically pleasing range of alignment.

Why does the magnetic attraction of the Sunset·Moonrise case feel weak?

The Sunset·Moonrise case adds a circular magnetic ring to enable magnetic attachment for Samsung users, as Galaxy S24 series phones don’t have built-in magnets.This case, part of our W+ series, features a unique large-area floating weaving technique and different colored yarns to create a gradient light effect resembling a sunset or moonrise. While this design may make the case slightly thicker compared to black and gray patterns, our testing confirms compatibility with magnetic wireless charging devices and successful performance when used with our MagEZ Car Mount Pro/Pro 2, even passing the 40-yard speed bump test.


Will the magnet in the MagEZ Case 4 affect the S Pen touch pen sensor?

The magnet in the MagEZ Case 4 will not affect the S Pen, but using additional magnetic accessories like card holders or ring buckles may interfere with its operation. Avoid attaching such accessories to the back of the phone case when using the S Pen.
S22 Ultra

Will the S23 Ultra case fit an S22 Ultra?

No, the S23 Ultra case is not compatible for the S22 Ultra, due to slight differences in the degree of screen curvature and the camera frame.

S23 Ultra

I was wondering if you were going to release the Pro Case for the Samsung S23/S23+/S23 Ultra soon?

Not at the present time. The new case for Galaxy S23 series is the thinnest and lightest case with MagSafe- Thin (0.95mm) and lightweight (max. 22.5g) for a more complete product experience, with the capability of working with our MagEZ Slider and MagEZ Car Mount (PitaFlow) - a delicate balance between thin & light aesthetics and protective features.
Air Case

I was wondering if you were going to release the Air Case for the Samsung S23/S23+/S23 Ultra soon?

Not at the present time. The new case for Galaxy S23 series is the thinnest and lightest case with MagSafe- Thin (0.95mm) and lightweight (max. 22.5g) for a more complete product experience, with the capability of working with our MagEZ Slider and MagEZ Car Mount (PitaFlow)
MagEZ Case 3

Will your Samsung S23/S23+/S23 Ultra with MagEZ Case 3 work with the MagEZ Battery Pack/MagEZ Slider?

The S23+ is compatible with MagEZ Battery Pack/ MagEZ Slider.

The battery pack will slightly obscure the lens area of S23 & S23 Ultra, but it won’t effect the wireless charging. The camera-raised ring also offers protection to the camera area.

MagEZ Case 3

Why do the magnets of S23/S23+/S23 Ultra MagEZ Case 3 seem weaker than Pitaka S22 Ultra MagEZ Case 2?

Strong magnets can interfere with wireless charging, particularly on Samsung phones. These phones aren’t very good at managing electromagnetic interference, so if the magnet is too strong, charging wirelessly can be disrupted. So we modify the magnets for S23/S23+/S23 Ultra MagEZ Case 3.
MagEZ Case 3

If I have a Dbrand skin on my S23 Ultra, does the MagEZ Case 3 For Samsung Galaxy S23 Series S23/S23+/S23 Ultra still fit?

The Dbrand Skin is as thin as 0.25mm, but the Pitaka phone case for the S23 ultra is only 0.95mm thick and fits like a glove. If the "Skin" is added, there may be a problem with fitment.
MagEZ Case 3

Can I use the MagEZ Case 3 for S23 Ultra with a screen protector?

Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 for S23U is extremely thin and light, so using a screen protector may not fit.

However, when tested, the official Samsung softscreen protector may work, but due to product tolerances, the possibility of fitment issues still exists.

MagEZ Case 3

Any of your cases for Samsung S23/S23+/S23 Ultra MagSafe compatible?

The MagEZ Case 3 For Samsung Galaxy S23 Series S23/S23+/S23 Ultra is compatible with MagEZ Slider, MagEZ Battery Pack(slightly covers the lens area of the S23 Ultra and S23), MagEZ Car Mount Lite/Pro, and MagEZ Card Sleeve(slightly covers the lens area of the S23 series).

It is not compatible with Apple MagSafe Charger or MagSafe Battery Pack.


What is the warranty period of a PITAKA MagEZ Case/MagEZ Case Pro/Air Case?

The warranty period for all PITAKA phone cases is 2 months from the day of delivery.

The warranty is valid only with an order number and matching email address. Our warranty policy will not cover the purchase of any PITAKA product via a third-party vendor (e.g. eBay, Amazon) under any circumstances.


Our warranty for cases does not extend to cover damage from abuse, damage on purpose, normal wear and tear, alteration or misuse, etc.

For more information, please refer to our warranty policy.


How do I file a claim?

Please email our aftersales team aftersales@ipitaka.com with your order number and a description of the fault or damage. Supportive photographs/videos and Serial # will help to expedite your claim.

What is the warranty time of my order?

For the cases, the warranty time is 2 month. For the car mount chargers, the warrany time is 1 year. Please refer to https://www.ipitaka.com/pages/shipping-warranty to get more information.
MagEZ Case 2

Why isn’t the MagEZ Case 2 for the S22 series compatible with Samsung wireless chargers?

The magnet in the MagEZ Case 2 can interfere with Samsung wireless charging, which operates using magnetic fields. When the wireless charger is in use, the magnetic field can be disrupted by the magnet in the case, causing abnormal charging and triggering foreign object protection.

Many companies, including Samsung, did not debug their foreign object protection parameters before the release of Apple’s wireless charger, resulting in chargers being unable to charge the phone when using the MagEZ Case 2. However, our wireless charging products have been debugged and adjusted to accommodate magnets around the coil, allowing for successful charging.

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