Samsung Galaxy S23 Case: Which is the Right Case for You?
Jan 17, 2023 By Tom

Samsung Galaxy S23 Case: Which is the Right Case for You?

Samsung Galaxy S23 is out now. Have you noticed the new things on this new phone? Maybe you've already pre-ordered for the new Galaxy S23. And good news is Samsung has also made new cases for Galaxy S23. Note that those cases are not simply copies of thoes cases for Galaxy S22 last year. They are basically new! So don’t forget to get your new phone with a nice case. Let's check out what new cases we got here and see which case is right for you.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Leather Cover Phone Case

galaxy s23 ultra leather case

The Galaxy S23 leather case looks good, and feels comfortable to hold the case for a long period of time. The fine-grained leather texture makes the rigid structure to provide some grip and great protection. And it’s still smooth enough to slide in or out of the pocket. The aluminum buttons are tactile, which lets you feel the original click of the phone.

Leather mostly means business on the phone. So you can use this case on many occasions, like offices and restaurants, to reinforce your business identity. And you can choose from Black, Green and Camel for your style.

Silicone Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

galaxy s23 ultra silicone case

Basically, like any silicone case, the Galaxy one feels much softer and smoother to the hand with more grip compared to leather cases. You can get better shock protection and water-resistant feature from it. But the silicone case collects dust easily. Luckily, you can wipe it off effortlessly with just a finger move.

On the other hand, this type of Galaxy S23 case often comes in beautiful colors and designs. It's best for those who love to have fun with their phone and use cases to match their personality and outfit.

Thinnest Galaxy S23 Ultra Case from PITAKA

PITAKA Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

Silicone cases are soft to the hand. And leather cases are durable. You can't get all the benefits from each of these. However, if you get an aramid fiber case, you may get all the benefits and more.

MagEZ Case 3 for Galaxy S23 Series from PITAKA is made using rare 600D aramid fiber, which is long-lastingly durable, preventing it from any scratch. Plus, with Fusion Weaving™ designs, the slim Galaxy S23 case gives off a unique feel with minimalist designs.

The case is as thin as 0.95mm and only reaches a maximum lightness of 22.5g, which's overall 32% thinner and 20% lighter than the MagEZ Case 2 for Galaxy S22. Thanks to powerful N52SH magnets, you can magnetically attach your phone to the 3-in-1 wireless charger or the MagSafe car mount to enjoy firm attachment and steady wireless charging.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Smart View Wallet Case

galaxy s23 ultra smart view wallet case

The galaxy smart view wallet case displays many things in just a extra small screen. Through the window on the right top of the cover, you can clearly see the date, the clock and the battery life percentage at the same time. Just a simple tap will do most everyday things. You can directly accept or reject the call and swipe right for music control to either play, pause, skip to the next track or turn back to the last track.

To pick different looks of the clock, you can long press the clock and get the menu. And choose the theme,cute character and animal as you like in different colors, which makes the case look more vivid overall. For more fun, choose the clock face in double balls. Everytime you tap on the screen, the balls will move a bit.

This case combinces protection, style and convenience available in Black, Green, Lavender and Cream colors. This case comes with a card slot to put in a card nicely for business.

Silicone Galaxy S23 Ultra Grip Case

galaxy s23 ultra grip case

By the way, it’s best not to neglect the silicone grip case. You can change the look by swapping out the strap in different graphic designs. So you can have your own collection of straps to style up differently every day. Plus, the strap, which can be adjusted at different lengths, keeps the phone securely in your hand. It's the best Galaxy S23 case for those who often hold their phone single-handedly.

Clear Gadget Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

galaxy s23 ultra clear gadget case

Here is the new member of clear Galaxy S23 case. Adding a phone grip while working as a built-in kickstand itself, the Clear Gadget Case works well with your one-handed use, hands-free landscape and portrait viewing angle. The crystal clear cover with the small gadget indicates the rigid structure. More essentially, what makes it new is the optimized anti-yellowing material to remain the clear slim body of your Galaxy S23 as long as possible.

The crystal clear cover with the small gadget indicates the rigid structure. More essentially, what makes it new is the optimized anti-yellowing and scratch-resistant material to remain the clear slim body of your Galaxy S23 as long as possible. And the grip is detachable. So you can swap it for some functional accessory to get more convenience. For example, get the Bluetooth remote control camera for your S23 to take a picture remotely.

Besides,don't forget to personalize your phone. Choose from diverse brand collaboration accessories to express yourself on the phone grip.

Ultra Rugged Gadget Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S23 Ultra Rugged Gadget Case

The heavy-duty and military-grade frame makes up secure protection. Being a ultra protective case doesn't sacrifice its functionality. It has a changeable kickstand and serves as a phone grip on the back for sturdy comfortable one-handed ues. And you can change the phone grip into a card slot to keep your card. If you want, try others stylish and functional accessories on it. 

Clear Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

galaxy s23 ultra clear case

A clear case is the best way to showcase the phone itself. Premium TPU bumper on the corners and the solid PC plate on the back ensure protective quality. And the material doesn't sacrifice thinness, letting you get the phone easily out of the pocket. Also, add stickers on the back panel of your case. The clear Galaxy S23 case can be a stage for your creativity if you want.

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