10 Best Productivity Tools for Designers
Dec 30, 2022 By Tom

10 Best Productivity Tools for Designers

Whether you are a graphic, 3D modeling or interior designer, you would definitely need different design tools to do complex tasks. But choosing the right tools to improve your productivity isn’t that easy. To help make your decision easier, we’ve selected the best design tools that will help increase your productivity. These selections range from workstations to home office items. And some tools for designers might cost you a lot. But the investment will be worth the value in the long run and you can benefit greatly from it.

iPad Pro 12.9, the Best Tablet for Designers

ipad pro design tool

You won't miss out on iPad Pro if you are a digital nomad. iPad Pro is a perfect device for digital drawing and content editing. The mini-LED-powered XDR display gives you color accuracy, contrast and brightness for professional results. And outstanding creative applications on iPad Pro like Davici Resolve and Procreate for iPad Pro bring you a laptop-like content creation experience, thanks to an M2 chip.

If you need more powerful features, you might use some essential iPad accessories. The Apple Magic Keyboard allows you to transform the iPad Pro into a laptop on the move. And you can get a superb drawing experience on iPad Pro with the new Apple Pencil. The new Pencil Hover function will make the drawing more intriguing.

There are many other useful tools to work with the mighty iPad Pro too. And some tools could make a big difference in productivity when using the iPad. An easy-to-use iPad stand is one of them.

Magnetic Charging Stand for iPad

magez charging stand

If you use the iPad a lot, particularly for designing or editing work, getting an iPad stand is highly recommended. An iPad stand allows you to elevate your iPad for your comfort and hands-free viewing angle.

Designed ergonomically for improving your posture, PITAKA MagEZ Charging Stand is a magnetic stand that allows you to comfortably work on or view your iPad in the perfect position. With MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro, you can magnetically snap your iPad Pro on this charging stand and get a unique iPad Pro wireless charging experience. And you don't have to pay extra time charging your iPad when you need to go about your business. So you don't have to deal with battery anxiety and get more focused on your work.

Additionally, the magnetic iPad stand is 360-degree rotatable and can be tilted up and down at a certain level. You can easily set up your workstation with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for work or as a second screen for project management.

Portable Bluetooth Keyboards for Graphic Designers

designer bluetooth keyboard

image: Logitech

Sometimes you will need to type something for your content editing for half a day. So a useful Bluetooth keyboard will be an essential design tool. A wireless keyboard for multi-device can be space-saving. Usually, it can pair up to three different devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and you can change which device to use with a single toggle. So you can immediately switch to a different device with less effort. Besides, compared with regular keyboards, some Bluetooth keyboards have additional keys that function differently for full productivity.

Editing Controller for Higher Productivity

editing controller

image: TourBox

An editing controller is an excellent design tool to boost content creation like photo and video editing, animation, graphic design and so forth. It provides wide compatibility with most creative applications. At this point, you can configure hundreds of functions in just one preset. You can customize every button as you like to get different functionalities, from double clicks to various combos. So when you jump among different creative applications, this kind of editing controller will automatically switch certain presets. On the other hand, the buttons in different shapes are easy to recognize so you don't have to look down to search for buttons anymore. So editing controllers for graphic designers are friendly for one-handed use. And you can free the other hand to edit the content simultaneously.

Essential Hi-res Monitor with Accurate Color for Designers

designer monitor

For a graphic designer who uses a laptop, an excellent second screen is a true design tool to boost his productivity.

BenQ PD2725U monitor is a 4K monitor in 27 inches. And it features 100% sRGB, 95% P3 color spaces, 100% Rec.709 color spaces and has Delta E≤ 3 to ensure absolute color accuracy with professional results. Also, this monitor has a Hotkey Puck G2, a controller below the screen where your hand can reach easily to adjust the display setting. This monitor comes with USB-C ports for Thunderbolt 3HDMI ports, DisplayPort and a USB hub which allows for quick dual monitor setup. Best of all, the ergonomically friendly stand and the industry-leading eye-care technology will offer you a healthy workspace.

Computer Monitor Arm for Precise Positioning

monitor arm

image: Ergotron

A computer monitor arm makes your monitor become highly flexible. And it can be the most valuable design tool for your monitor. With many repositioning options on this monitor arm, you will always find an appropriate way to work and better organize your workplace. You can lift it up for your comfort, which can also save workspace, or rotate the screen upwards in landscape position for graphic design. Plus, you can move it to the left or right side to best work with your laptop as a second screen. So it won't be easier to get tired of messing around with your desktop setup.

External Portable Hard Drive for Backing Up Your Design Work

external storage for designer

Most of the time, you may need extra storage to back up massive content from your laptop or desktop. And a hard drive is the best design tool for content storage and digital editing. Modern hard drives are much smaller than they were in the past, which are easily portable to be carried around so that you can edit your content directly from the drive wherever you have a computer. Just plug in one cable and instantly start your design tasks, which brings you massive convenience. Plus, this can help with data sharing to communicate with your colleagues to present your design results.

Wireless Navigation Mouse for Immersive Design

wireless navigation mouse

When building a new model through a CAD or 3D application, you will need to thoroughly review every detail and angle of it. The navigation mouse is a flexible design tool that’s designed to manipulate 3D content. This means you can simply twist, push, pull and rotate the mouse controller cap to freely overview the model, which assists your other hand to simultaneously select and edit the model.

Electric Standing Desk for Professional Designers

design tool standing desk

image: Maidisite

As a designer, maybe you always hunch over your desk building complex model. Probably you won’t have any time in the middle of your busy work to get outdoors and recharge yourself. So you may need an electric standing desk that helps maintain fitness. An electric standing desk is a reliable design tool for the home office, bedroom, living room and anywhere you like. With just a simple touch, you can switch yourself from sitting to standing. It improves your posture and reduces back pain, boosting your mood and focus.

Ergonomic Chair for Comfortable Designing ergonomic desk

image: Herman Miller

You would be spending a long time on your chair when you are into design tasks. If so, think of getting an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair can be the most valuable design tool that's worthy your biggest investment given that you will spend most of the time on it whether you are working or having rest. It improves your sitting posture, making you continuously energetic while sitting and further maintaining wellness at work, thus increasing productivity. Most ergonomic chairs support the natural curve of your spine and are high enough to support your full back. So you will feel continuous comfort that other types of chairs can not provide even when you sit for a long time.

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