PITAKA Ecosystem Event: Unveiling Pita!Tag, FlipBook Case and More
Jun 22, 2022 By Claire

PITAKA Ecosystem Event: Unveiling Pita!Tag, FlipBook Case and More


On June 21, PITAKA held a live event themed PITAKA Ecosystem to launch their new products, reveal what they will release later this year, and also talk about their mission – to simplify your life by building product ecosystems in a sustainable way.

ASI Program

At the very beginning of the event, James, CEO of PITAKA, thanked ASI members for their support and trust. Accompany Small Innovators, or ASI program started in May, aiming to gather people who are enthusiastic about innovation and willing to support PITAKA for their continuous innovations.

pitaka asi program

ASI members can enjoy a lot of benefits, such as priority to purchase new products, opportunities to create new products with PITAKA, etc. PITAKA invites people to join and work with them to make something brilliant together.


Pita!Tag is a new product ecosystem PITAKA released. It's a series of everyday essentials integrated with the AirTag case, designed to be portable and compact to travel with you. And by attaching the Pita!Tag gear to your keychain, bag, and so on, you have easy access to those everyday items wherever you go. Moreover, you'll never lose them by using your AirTag for tracking.

By far, PITAKA has released three products in the category: Pita!Tag for Multi-tool, Pita!Tag for Cable, and Pita!Tag for Lighter.

Pita!Tag for Multi-tool is a minimalist multi-tool for everyday carry. Just the size of a car key, this multi-tool has four tools hidden inside, a slot-type screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a 2.0-caliber Allen key, and a pocket knife.

pitaka pita!tag for multi-tool

Pita!Tag for Cable has an MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable embedded and works as a lanyard when not used. Just attach it to your bag or whatever you have. And by using your AirTag, you will never lose your the cable again. It will be available in August.

pitaka pita!tag for cable

Pita!Tag for Lighter is a lighter and AirTag case combined, available later this year.

FlipBook Case for iPad

Two years ago, PITAKA built a product ecosystem for iPads – Pita!Flow for Tablets, which contains magnetic accessories that fully integrate with iPads to help people work more efficiently, whether at home, the office, or a café. And they just announced a new member to the system – FlipBook Case for iPad.

pitaka flipbook case for ipad

PITAKA's bag for Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro looks like no other bags out there. You need to stick your Magic Keyboard to the bag, and once done, the bag and your device will work as one piece. The Magic Keyboard will be opened like a book when you open the bag. And when you close it, everything is folded together. That means you don't need to unzip to take the device out and open it or close it, then put it in the bag, saving you time and hassle.

FlipBook Case for iPad only works with Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9. PITAKA will release the bag for 11 inch in July, and they will offer the white color as an option.


Pita!Go is another new product ecosystem PITAKA is working on. It includes a series of carbon fiber suitcases designed with a specific traveler's needs in mind - for example, short-time business trips, recreational travel, weekend trips, etc. In addition, those suitcases will be modular for easy part replacement and recycling. We will hear more about this series in the winter.

pitaka pita!go carbon fiber suitcases

PITAKA Ecosystem

PITAKA stressed its new mission at the event: to simplify your life by building product ecosystems in smarter, sustainable ways and by using, and reusing, the finest materials. To make it a reality, they have designed a three-step plan:

  • Eco Living: re-think and design our products in a way of ecosystems.
  • Eco Production: recycle PITAKA products and re-produce them into new products that enrich the product ecosystems and simplify our daily lives.
  • Eco Development: eliminate the obstacles of reusing the composite materials in the physical world while improving technology and efficiency.


Progress on Materials Science

PITAKA is known for working with composite materials. Actually, they're building its materials' sustainability lab. It's still in the initial phases of research and development. But PITAKA engineers are making great progress. They have made it possible to separate resins from fibers, and they demonstrated it at the live event.

pitaka separates resins from fibers

The recovered resins can be formulated to produce new resins, the recovered carbon fibers can be used for reproduction. 

More product ecosystems and recycling programs can be expected in the future. PITAKA will put all their efforts into the sustainability project to make the smallest footprint. 

If you missed the live event, you can watch it here: 



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