How Does PITAKA Add Wireless Charging to iPad Pro
Dec 14, 2022 By Tom
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How Does PITAKA Add Wireless Charging to iPad Pro

In 2021, PITAKA introduced a magnetic charging case for iPad mini 6. This case for iPad mini 6 features a great protection while making iPad capable of wireless charging. And this year, we launched a similar case for iPad Pro, known as MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro which is fully compatible with the Apple Magic Keyboard and comes with a more powerful wireless charging feature for iPad.

Today, we'll talk about how PITAKA add wireless charging capability to iPad Pro.

Why do We Need iPad Pro with Wireless Charging?

iPad Pro is perfect for us to work and entertainment. The larger screen improves productivity, is good for movies and gaming is a lot more enjoyable. But wireless charging technology, particularly Qi, has been quite common these days. And it's still not available for tablets. The reason why we need wireless charging for iPad Pro is that we can benefit from a cable-free charging experience to help us improve efficiency.

iPad Pro with Wireless Charging is Convenient

If we make it possible to charge the iPad Pro by just putting it down, we will be getting a better iPad use experience. We can waste less time finding the correct cable and plugging and unplugging the cable. And without frequent plugging and unplugging, the cable won't be frayed easily. There will be less cables-related waste.

And if we can get rid of the cable in the USB-C port, we might be able to use our iPad Pro while it's charging. Think about the Apple MagSafe Charger for iPhone. Although the cable is not totally got rid of, it allows for more space to move your device while using.

How Did PITAKA Bring iPad Wireless Chargers to the World?

PITAKA had started exploring wireless charger including magnetic wireless charging car mounts and 6-in-1 wireless charging stations and so forth since several years ago. We believe that a wireless world is the future because it truly makes our lives simpler.

iPad with Wireless Charging Began with iPad mini 6

magez case pro for ipad

iPad mini 6 does not support wireless charging or MagSafe charging. To make it capable of "wireless charging", we had to find a way to deal with the cable and the charging port.

Starting at iPad mini 6, PITAKA put an “X” wireless charging contact in the middle of the back of the iPad mini 6 case. The charging port was covered by a lid that is capable of transferring electricity from the bottom of the iPad to the middle part of the case which will receive electricity from specially-made chargers through magnetic attachement.

Pitaflow charger for ipad mini 6

The PitaFlow Charger that comes with the case looks and works like the Apple MagSafe Charger. With the case, we can just snap the charger to the iPad mini 6 to enjoy fast and stable wireless charging without plugging and unplugging the charging cable into the C port.

To best tailor the iPad mini 6 one-handed use, this MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6 features all-around TPU protective material for accidental drop, durable aramid fiber for luxurious grip, and impact-resistant airbags around all corners. It features a detachable Apple Pencil clip to secure your stylus.

An iPad Stand that Wirelessly Charges Your iPad

ipad pro wireless charging

We made iPad wireless charging come true through the charging case and the PitaFlow Charger. But we also wanted to enable the iPad to charge while working comfortably. So we came up with a stand capable of wirelessly charging the iPad, the MagEZ Charging Stand. This iPad wireless charger serves as a stand allowing you to change your iPad into a second screen or a desktop. In addition, the bottom base part serves as a wireless charging station for Qi-enabled devices including iPhones and AirPods.

An Upgraded Wireless Charging Solution for iPad Pro

On the other hand, many people use iPad Pro for work instead of using iPad mini 6. It is because the iPad Pro has more powerful features designed for work productivity. We believe adding wireless charging to iPad Pro could unleash the full potential of it to make work simpler and more productive. Unfortunately, Apple still hasn't introduced iPad Pro with wireless charging in 2022. So we thought, why not try it on iPad Pro?

ipad wireless charging case

We used the same technique but with a better design to make the MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro 2022. The iPad Pro charging case is also compatible with the PitaFlow Charger and the MagEZ Charging Stand. You can magnetically attach your iPad Pro to those chargers to enjoy cable-free charging.

Compared with iPad mini 6, iPad Pro is compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard which is a great tool for professionals. And we think it's very important to ensure that the iPad Pro case is still compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard. The new iPad Pro case is ultra slim and lightweight. Also, the covered charging USB-C port can be easily removed for data transmission. When you don't need it, just cover it, so wireless charging works and it can also keep the port from dust.


What we did is not truly wireless charging but we believe our solution allows people to maximize the potential of how iPad accessories can be used in different scenarios while giving a glimpe of how wireless charging iPad looks like. 

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