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PitaTag for Cable

Is PitaTag for Cable waterproof?

No. Please keep the product away from water or other liquids.
PitaTag for Cable

Can you make a longer cable?

PitaTag for Cable is not just a cable but also an AirTag accessory. It’s designed to be portable, so it can be attached to other things and taken with you wherever you go. And it’s mainly for urgent needs. For example, when you forget to take your cable with you when you travel or when it’s buried deep down in your bag, and your phone is dying, PitaTag for Cable can come in handy. In this sense, a quality cable with a length of 190mm should suffice.
PitaTag for Cable

The magnetic fastener doesn’t have a strong force. Why?

Once your AirTag is put in, the interior structure will hold it in place. The fastener is mainly used to close the leather cover to protect your AirTag from scratches.
PitaTag for Cable

Will I break the sticker if I pull it with force?

The sticker should be attached to your AirTag. When the AirTag is put in the holder, just slightly pull the sticker to take the device out. Using too much force might break the sticker.
PitaTag for Cable

Why do you make a Lightning to USB-C cable?

The Lightning to USB-C cable is mainly for people who own iOS devices, particularly iPhones and iPads with Lightning connector. The cable will help them charge or sync their devices in urgent situations.
PitaTag for Cable

Can I bend the cable as I do with other cables or ropes?

The nylon-braided cable is stiffer than cables made using plastic. Therefore, we suggest you not overly bend it or hang heavy stuff to it.
PitaTag for Cable

Will the magnetic fastener get rusty over time?

No. The magnetic fastener is coated with a piece of black PC plate to prevent rust.
PitaTag for Cable

What’s the charging and syncing speed of the cable?

The MFi-certified Lightning to USB-C cable can fast charge your iPhone (8 or newer) up to 50% in 3o minutes when used with Apple’s 18W (or above) power adapters or other USB PD adapters.

The maximum transfer speed of the cable is 480Mbps. It can handle a maximum current of 3A and voltage of 5V~20V.

PitaTag for Multi-tool

How to install AirTag to PitaTag for Multi-tool?

PitaTag for Multi-tool

What is PitaTag for Multi-tool made of?

Mainly, PitaTag for Multi-tool is made of stainless steel. The frame and the keyring are made of 316L stainless steel and those tools are grade 420 stainless steel.
PitaTag for Multi-tool

How much impact can PitaTag for Multi-tool withstand?

Generally speaking, PitaTag for Multi-tool can well protect AirTag from getting dropped from 1.5m or stepped on by a person weighing 200kg.
PitaTag for Multi-tool

How much tension can PitaTag for Multi-tool withstand?

PitaTag for Multi-tool can handle pull force up to 10kg.
PitaTag for Multi-tool

Why not use aramid fiber or carbon fiber on this product?

Carbon fiber can block signals, and it’s hard not to get the material in the way of AirTag in such a small tool. As for aramid fiber, we’ve tried it, but it didn’t look good in such a design.
PitaTag for Multi-tool

Would the product get rusty after using it for a while?

We’ve tested it with kinds of liquids. It won’t get rusty.

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PitaTag for Cable and Multi-tool

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