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MagEZ Stand for Tablets

A magnetic stand that allows you to comfortably work on or view your screen at the perfect position. Read More





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Snap On Your iPad
& Work Like A Pro

Streamlining Productivity

Adjust For Your Comfort

Featuring an adjustable vertical +32.5°/-5° angle, the MagEZ Stand for Tablet will always give you the best viewing angle. And you can comfortably use your tablet in landscape or portrait mode as you wish.

MagEZ Stand for Tablets

Instantly Set Up Your Workstation

Set up your tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for work or as a second screen for project management or video meetings. Designed ergonomically for eye level, the MagEZ Stand allows you to comfortably work on or view your tablet screen at the perfect position, improving your posture and reducing back and neck strain.

Charge Your Device
While Working

Charge your mobile with speeds of up to 15W* using the aramid fiber wireless charging base. (The charging base function is available for Charging and Non-Charging version) *Android 15W/iPhone 7.5W/earbuds 5W

MagEZ Stand for Tablets

Elevate Your
Tablet Anywhere

Not only mount your tablet at the office but at home, like elevating your tablet in the kitchen, keeping it safe from food splashes while you follow a recipe.

MagEZ Stand for Tablets

Experience For Your Tablets

With the "X" pin connectors on the back, the MagEZ Case Pro attaches to the stand with built-in sophisticiately designed magnets. No more fiddling with the cable. Just snap and charge and enjoy. Currently, the charging version of MagEZ Stand is only available for iPad mini 6 and iPad Pro 2021/2022.

Seamlessly Magnetic Connection

Effortlessly snap your tablet on the stand by using the magnetic sticker. Or better, use it with the MagEZ Case 2 to enjoy seamless functionality between your devices. With your tablet securely mounted at the perfect position, you can work like a pro now.

MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro 2022/2021


MagEZ Charging Stand


MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro 2022/2021

$55.99 $69.99

MagEZ Stand for Tablets

$89.10 $99.00

MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6


MagEZ Charging Stand


A Sleek Minimalist Design With Different Colors

MagEZ Stand for Tablets

Classic Version

With sleek steel aesthetics, the classic PITAKA style stand is minimalistic and sturdy enough to hold even the largest tablet.

MagEZ Stand for Tablets

Marble Version

Marble is highly durable and resistant to shattering. Moreover, it reflects light, offering a timeless charm to the luxe and minimalistic stand.

Luxury Marble (Only for MagEZ Stand Version)

The marble version suits better to various interior styles, especially modern and contemporary styles. Make this marble stand part of the decor of your home. No matter where it is placed, not only can it hold your iPad, but make your home more elegant.

MagEZ Stand for Tablets

PitaFlow for Tablets

Experience Seamless Magnetic With Your iPad

Apart from MagEZ Stand and MagEZ Case for iPad, there is a series of magnetic products that work seamlessly with your iPad Pro/Air to help you work more efficiently, whether you’re at home, the office, or a cafe.

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MagEZ Stand for Tablets


This stand was my first iPad stand and it met most requirements, I like that they have an actual case that attaches directly to the stand as well. But if you don’t have the case, they give you a magnetic sticker to stick to the back of your iPad. The iPad is so secure when mounted, it’s definitely not going to fall. I can safely and confidently caRead more about review stating This stand was my firstrry the stand with the iPad attached without any worries.

Dhara D.

I had a question about compatibility and it was answered in less than 24 hours. Fast Shipping. I use this to hold my 2021 iPad Pro next to my monitor as a second monitor. So elegant! And being able to charge my phone or AirPods Pro at the same time is wonderful.

Michael A.

I love pitaka. Always evolving improving and changing for the better.I own a number of things starting with my wallet that is going probably close to 4 years strong now or so.

konstantinos k.


MagEZ Stand:

  • Compatible with all tablets using the metal sticker. If using a case, the metal sticker must be attached to the outside of the case.
  • Compatible with all tablets no more than 1kg (2.2lbs) using the metal sticker. If using a case, the metal sticker must be attached to the outside of the case.
  • Works best with the MagEZ Case 2 (no metal sticker necessary).
  • Not compatible with MagEZ Case without a sticker.
  • Wireless charge any Qi-enabled device (iPhone 7.5W/Android up to 15W/earbuds 5W).

MagEZ Charging Stand:

  • Works with the iPad mini 6 and iPad Pro 2021/2022 equipped with MagEZ Case Pro.
  • The charging base is suitable for all Qi-enabled devices.



MagEZ Stand: Height: 9.6in (244.6mm) Base Length: 5.3in (133.5mm) Base Width: 4.9in (124mm) Weight: 1lb (466g)

MagEZ Charging Stand: Height: 9.7in (245.17mm) Base Length: 5.3in (133.97mm) Base Width: 4.9in (123.97mm) Weight: 23.5oz (665g)


MagEZ Stand: Type-C Input: DC 5V/2A/9V/2A/12V/1.5A Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W +32.5° up & -5° down adjustable view

MagEZ Charging Stand: Type-C Input: Supports 20W or higher chargers (45W PD fast charger is highly recommended) Magnetic Charging Pad Output: DC 5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A Wireless Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W Adjustable View: Tilts forward 32.5° & backward -5° Other Function: Foreign Object Detection, Temperature Protection, Overcurrent Protection and Short Circuit Protection

Materials and Tech

MagEZ Stand (Black/Grey Twill): Zinc Aluminum Alloy Aramid Fiber Polyurethane (PU)

MagEZ Stand (Marble White): Marble

MagEZ Charging Stand (Black/Grey Twill): Aluminum Alloy Zinc Alloy Aramid Fiber


MagEZ Stand: 1 year warranty MagEZ Charging Stand: 6 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

MagEZ Stand: 1 x MagEZ Stand 1 x Metal Sticker 1 x Type A-C Charging Cable (Length: 1m) 1 x Setup Tool Kit

MagEZ Charging Stand: 1 x MagEZ Charging Stand (Available for iPad mini 6 & iPad Pro 2022/2021) 1 x Type C-C Charging Cable 1 x Allen Wrench 1 x Quick Guide


Q1. Does the MagEZ Stand wireless charge my tablet?

A1. No, the wireless charging function is only for Qi-enabled smartphones and earbuds.

Q2. Can I attach my Samsung Galaxy Tab?

A2. Yes, you can attach a Galaxy Tab using the magnetic sticker.

Q3.Does the magnetic charging stand charge other iPads or tablets except for the iPad mini 6?

A3. No, the magnetic charging function is only for the iPad mini 6 with the MagEZ Case Pro.

Q4. Can I charge my iPad and smartphone at the same time?

A4. Yes, you can charge your iPad mini 6 and Qi-enabled device simultaneously

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Justin Rozon

What a quality product. Was showing a close friend as he has the same case as I do and first thing he said was wow

Jerry B.
Charging Stand, folio and case

I love this charging stand. It works perfectly with the Pitaka charging case. This device ecosystem is exactly what I needed for my 6th gen iPad 12.9". Quality is top notch and there is ease of use. Read the directions before assembling the charging stand, but it is a snap. Finding where to plug in the device end of the charging cord requires a light and good eyes. But, it works great and is secure. I love that I can charge other devices on the base of the charging stand. The case is beautiful, solid and very practical. One should pay attention to opening the charging port on the bottom of the case, but there is a tab on the upper side that makes it easy once you know where it is. The magnets are strong, as you would want them to be. A bonus with the case is that it fits the Apple Magic Keyboard perfectly. Lastly, the folio is light, thin, and foldable for portrait or landscape orientations. The tab that closes over the pencil keeps it secure. I have just ordered a second charging stand for my remote office. Thanks Pitaka!

perfect desk setup!

the stand is well-built and elegant. perfect complement for my work desk. great job, Pitaka team. keep it up =]

Max Schlecht
The perfect work desk setup!

This stand is perfect to have at work as a second screen. It’s sturdy and the built quality is great. The wirless charging works flawlessly and the added bonus of the phone charger is great. It looks very clean with the iPad pro and charges surprisingly fast. Overall I love this setup and use it every day.

Wow Wow !! I finally have this stand with charging!!

My main job is meeting customers and presenting.
So I always have IPad and stand in my office.
But one day there was one chance to make a good contract with big customer. So I started presentation to them and suddenly IPad’s power is down. At the end I can’t make that contract success.

I always think about easy way for charging but there’s not easy way to give power all in the market and I found this best item.

I already have old version of stand. There’s slightly different between those two.
1. Everybody knows it - Charging function.
Old version stand has wireless charging pad however this new version has ( as you can see ) charging function at the top magnetic part. Yes that’s big difference.
2. Comes with separated usb-c charging pad with magnetic function.

So In my back I put the magnetic cable in my bag and use just like IPhone Mag Safe function.
When I come back to office, I attach IPad to the stand.

Yes that’s what I want have function.
I just want to give continuous power to IPad.

Only one Cons in this stand.
That is price! But I think it worth to buy it like my type of business man.
Or If you usually see the YouTube in your desk, Just go get it!

Again Thank you PITAKA for extending my company live YouTube video placeholder