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Watch Band

The watch band I bought was easy to loosen and would open with the slightest pressure. Is this a glitch?

If your watch band is easy to loosen, please check whether the clasp is fully closed. After magnetic adsorption, the buckles will interact to form a locking structure.

If your watch band’s clasp is not fully closed, it may open. When the clasp is fully buckled, the space between the clasp and the band is flat with no bulges. Please refer to the picture below.



Watch Band

When my watch is on my wrist, the clasp is squeezed and unlatched in sports training. Can I make it more difficult to unlock?

Yes! First of all, please ensure you lock the clasp correctly. When the clasp is locked, pressing a button on one side will not unlock it.

If your training will squeeze both side buttons, please adjust the clasp position according to your habits. The below photos are for your reference.


What’s the compaitibility of the new Rhapsody watch band?

It compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/7/6/SE/5/4/3/2/1 and Apple Watch Ultra.

Can I wear the strap for swimming or sports?

Yes, you can wear the strap while swimming or exercising. The strap is made of aramid fiber and carbon fiber, which are waterproof. To improve its durability and aesthetics, the strap has been treated on its surface. However, exposure to chlorinated water in pools or sea water may damage the protective paint and decrease its lifespan. For everyday waterproof use and regular activity, the strap is suitable, but high-intensity and intense exercise is not recommended. Ensure to keep it dry and clean.

Are the colorful Aramid Carbon Fiber Bands 100% pure carbon fiber?

The colorful Aramid Carbon Fiber Band (Rhapsody, Dreamland ChromaCarbon) is not entirely made of carbon fiber. Its surface is composed of aramid fiber, and the rest is made of carbon fiber. Moreover, the spring bars, magnetic clasp, and connectors are made from stainless metal.


Can the watchband be waterproof and sweatproof?

The buckle is made of magnets and some stainless steel. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, thus it is recommended to dry with a soft cloth after exposure.

Will the carbon fiber watch band affect the watch’s sphygmomanometer function?

No, it should not affect the Apple Watch’s sphygmomanometer function.
Watch Band

Is the watch band compatible with the 38mm/40mm Apple Watch?

The current carbon-fiber strap is compatible with a 44mm/45mm/49mm watch, and we have a connector that supports 38mm/40mm. So it supports more models of Apple Watches.

How to adjust the strap length?

The watch band’s length can be adjusted to 209mm (Retro) and 205mm (modern).

* Does not include the length of the Apple Watch body.

The length of the frame is as follows:Retro: 10mm (accessory 11.86mm) 2 linksModern: 7.85mm (connected frame 9.85mm) 2 links

Depending on your wrist size, you can adjust the length by disassembling the table link. Please click HERE to see how to adjust it.

Watch Band

Will the magnet of this product affect the compass?

Magnets can little affect the accuracy of a compass. After some testing, the Pitaka Carbon Band’s small built-in magnet appears to have little impact on electronic compass products utilized in everyday life.
Watch Band

How do I attach and release the watch?

Just hold the magnets close to each other, and it locks automatically. When removing it, you can easily release it by simultaneously clamping the small buttons on both sides of the belt and separating the fasteners.
Watch Band

What is the maximum band length range?

Exluding the Apple Watch module, the band can be adjusted to 209mm (Retro) and 205mm (Modern), wrist sizes between 200mm and 210mm.
Watch Band

Is it possible to remove the attachment from the strap to the Apple Watch and use it as a regular watch strap?

This Carbon Fiber watch strap is specifically designed for the Apple Watch, so it is not recommended to use it on other watches.
Watch Band

Does the strap catch on the sleeve?

This has not been an issue we have come across. Of the two styles, Modern and Retro, the edges of Retro style is more "rounded" and may get caught less on any long sleeve.
Watch Band

How do I adjust and extend the watch band?

The length of the watch band can be adjusted, we designed it with this in mind. Each package includes two special watch links, located in the bottom of the box.

What is the warranty period of a PITAKA MagEZ Case/MagEZ Case Pro/Air Case?

The warranty period for all PITAKA cases is 2 months from the day of delivery.

The warranty is valid only with an order number and matching email address. Our warranty policy will not cover the purchase of any PITAKA product via a third party vendor (e.g. eBay, Amazon) under any circumstances.


Our warranty for cases does not extend to cover damage from abuse, damage on purpose, normal wear and tear, alteration or misuse, etc.

For more information, please refer to our warranty policy.


How do I file a claim on my PITAKA warranty?

To file a warranty claim or, if your shipment has arrived damaged or defective, please contact us at aftersales@ipitaka.com for the quickest resolution.
Apple Watch Band

I don’t see an option to select the size, how do I make sure I order the right size for my Apple Watch?

No worries, the box of the watch band includes different size connectors to ensure compatibility with different Apple Watch.

To make sure you choose the right size connectors for your Apple Watch, you can check the back of your Apple Watch or the original packaging to confirm the size of your device. Once you know your Apple Watch size, you can match it with the appropriate connector included in the box and attach your new band or strap to your Apple Watch. The below picture is for your reference.

Apple Watch Band in general version: https://www.ipitaka.com/products/air-case-for-apple-watch-series.

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