Air Case
For Apple Watch Series 7/8

The thinnest and lightest iPhone 13 case made using Fusio... Read More

  • Unique styles created using Fusion Weaving technique
  • Lightweight and ultra-thin
  • Textured surface for exceptional grip and comfort
  • Precision cut for access to buttons, switches, and the charging port
  • Lifted camera ring
  • Free MagSafe Ring (to make the Air Case MagSafe compatible)



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Air Case for

Apple Watch Series 7 and 8

Up Your Wrist Game with This Minimalist Aramid Fiber Case.

Air Case for Apple Watch Series 7/8

Premium Aramid Fiber.

The PITAKA Air Case for Apple Watch is made using premium aerospace-grade aramid fiber that is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and highly durable.

Air Case for Apple Watch Series 7/8
MagEZ Car Mount Lite

Precision Crafted.

Designed to accentuate the shape and form of your Apple Watch, the smartwatch casing offers easy access to buttons while maintaining its sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Exclusive Luxury.

600D aramid fiber's delicate weave makes it difficult to produce and is reserved exclusively for PITAKA's premium luxury products. 600D has an extremely smooth-textured surface that is soft to the touch, ensuring all-day comfort against your skin.

Air Case for Apple Watch Series 7/8
Air Case for Apple Watch Series 7/8

Fits Your Lifestyle.

Our signature aramid fiber Apple Watch Case fits seamlessly into your on the go life.

Air Case for Apple Watch Series 7/8


  • Use with the Apple Watch Series 7 and 8.
  • Only compatible with a soft screen protector that is 0.2mm or thinner.



41mm: 0.7g (0.025oz) 45mm: 0.8g (0.028oz)


41mm: 42.05 x 35.77 x 8.83mm 45mm: 46.52 x 39.2 x 9mm

Materials and Tech

600D aramid fiber


2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x Air Case for Apple Watch Series 7/8


Q1. Does the Apple Watch Case work with a screen protector?

A1. Yes, you can use a soft screen protector with a measurement of 0.1mm or thinner.

Q2. Is the case compatible with Apple Watch 6?

A2. No. The case only works with Apple Watch 7 and 8.

Q1. Can I use the Air Case with other PITAKA products?

A1. Although the Air Case does not have magnetic functionality, this luxury phone case is wireless charging friendly and can be used with all wireless chargers, including our Air Series.

Q2. What is the difference between 600D aramid fiber and the 1500D that is used to craft other PITAKA products?

A2. The finer weave of the 600D means that the surface texture is more delicate and improves grip, reducing the chance of dropping your device. As the manufacturing process is more complex, PITAKA reserves 600D for its premium products, such as the (Fusion Weaving) Air Case and Apple Watch Air Case.

Q3. Is the Air Case compatible with Apple’s MagSafe System?

A3. Air Case for iPhone 13 Series does not have MagSafe magnets embedded but can attach through the case.

Q4. Why is the pattern of colored strands on the Fusion Weaving case different?

A4. Different colored aramid fiber strands have various ductility due to their characteristics. Thus, they show different shapes on the case. And even those tiny blocks of the same color are not exactly alike. The irregularity makes every case unique. In other words, what you’re holding is uniquely yours in the world.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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