PITAKA Trade-in Program

Trade In

Give Your Device A New Life.

Trade in your MagEZ Mount Qi and purchase the new charging car mount to earn your cash back. We will divert the recycled devices from landfills and turn them into useful gadgets. Together, we can do something good for the planet.

PITAKA Trade-in Program
MagEZ Mount Qi MagEZ Mount Qi MagEZ Mount Qi

MagEZ Mount Qi

Trade In Your Device for A New One.

Please make sure your product: 1. Has no obvious damage on the surface; 2. Has never been disassembled; 3. Still charges phones.

Note: Please enter the code at checkout; otherwise, your order is not eligible for this trade-in program.


10% Cash Back + $1 for Shipping

=$2.9 Cash Back

Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2
for iPhone 13 Series

$41.99 $69.99
iPhone 13 Pro (6.1) / Concerto

12% Cash Back + $5 for Shipping

=$20.6 Cash Back

MagEZ Slider 2 & 1

Slider 1-Rhapsody

15% Cash Back + $5 for Shipping

=$33.35 Cash Back

MagEZ Slider 2 & 1

Slider 1-Rhapsody

Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2
for iPhone 13 Series

$41.99 $69.99
iPhone 13 Pro (6.1) / Concerto

15% Cash Back + $5 for Shipping

=$43.7 Cash Back

How Does It Work

We will partner with STEM to turn the recycled items into gadgets that our customers and some institutions can use.

PITAKA Trade-in Program


Add the new device to your cart.

PITAKA Trade-in Program


Enter the code TRADEIN at checkout.

PITAKA Trade-in Program


Ensure the new device works; pack the old device with the package we sent; send it to us by April 30 with the email address you used to order the new device.

PITAKA Trade-in Program


We will check whether your old device is eligible for this program.

PITAKA Trade-in Program


We will send the mentioned cashback amount to your original account 14 days after receiving your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What products can I trade in?

Currently, you can only trade in the MagEZ Mount Qi.

2. How can I participate in this program?

Add your desired device to the cart by using buttons on this site and enter code TRADEIN. If you use any other codes at checkout, you can’t participate in this trade-in program.

3. How to enter the code at checkout?

For PC users, click the Chekout button, then click Apply at the next page, enter the code. For mobile users, enter the code at the Payment section.

4. What if I forgot to enter the code TRADEIN at checkout?

If you did not use any codes, please send your order number to our support team and let us know you want to participate in the program.

5. How to know if my device is too damaged for trade-in?

Your device should wear no obvious damage on the surface, have never been disassembled, and still charge phones. Also, we will check whether the device can be reused after receiving it.

6. What if my device is not eligible for the program after sending it?

If your device is not eligible for recycling, we will do proper disposal of it and give back US$5 as compensation for the shipping fee.

7. How much should I pay for shipping my old device?

It depends on the service you choose and the distance. You will need to pay for the shipping fee, and we will give back $5 after receiving your device.

8. When should I ship my device back?

Please send your old car mount back to us by April 30, 2022, and reply with the tracking number.

9. When will I receive the cashback?

You will receive the cashback 14 days after we receive your device.

10. Can I cancel a trade-in?

Once your new device is shipped, you can’t cancel your trade-in.

11. Can I bring my device to your office instead of shipping it?

No, the tracking number will be the only valid proof for a later transaction.

12. Do I have to use the package for the new device to pack my old device?

To reduce as much waste as possible, please pack your old device with the package you received. Of course, that will be fine if you use other old packages.

13. Do I have to include accessories like cables?

You do not need to include the charging cable, but please include other accessories that come with the MagEZ Mount Qi.