Tips on Picking the Best Car Phone Mount for iPhone and Android
Nov 9, 2023 By Claire

Tips on Picking the Best Car Phone Mount for iPhone and Android

Car phone mounts are seen and used everywhere nowadays. Instead of putting your phone into a storage slot or the front passenger seat, having your phone mounted at eye level and arm’s length makes driving a lot more convenient and enjoyable. 

Phone mounts for car come in various designs and serve different purposes. If you’re new to car phone mounts or considering buying a new one, we’re here to help make your decision-making easier. This guide will give the specifics and tips on picking the best phone mount for whatever vehicle you use and give our recommendations.

Does the Car Phone Mount Work on Your Vehicle?

Basically, car phone mounts can be installed either on car vents or the dashboard/windscreen.

Car mounts for vents are the most-used type, probably because installing them on vents won’t block the line of sight. They usually come with some hooks or screws to stay fixed, depending on what kind of vents your car uses - vertical, horizontal or round. Some car mounts can only work on certain vents, so be careful when buying a vent mount. 

different car vents

Dash car mounts have wide compatibility for cars. Some attach via a suction base, and others use adhesives. Just clean the dashboard and stick it where you want it. But be aware that adhesives may leave a sticky mark on the dashboard and may break down over time.

pitaka magnetic phone mounts for car

Windscreen car mounts are less seen nowadays as some regions prohibit people from installing anything on the windscreen for safety concerns. So, better check the local regulations and rules before purchasing a windscreen car mount.  

How Does the Car Phone Mount Hold Your Phone?

Car phone mounts can be categorized into two types regarding how they hold the phone. 

Magnetic phone mounts for car use magnets (obviously) to fix your phone in place. These car mounts have magnets embedded. If your phone is also magnetic or you’re using a magnetic phone case, then you can just hold the phone over the car mount and it will just click into place. When you’re ready to remove your phone, just grab and pull with a single hand. There’s no need to fiddle with clamps or brackets. 

pitaka magsafe car mount

Ever since Apple introduced MagSafe in 2020, magnetic phone mounts quickly dominated the market, particularly MagSafe car mounts. MagSafe and non-MagSafe car mounts both use magnets to do the magic. The difference is the placement of built-in magnets. For those using the iPhone 12 or newer models, you don’t need a magnetic phone case, let alone a sticker or metal plate to snap your phone on the MagSafe car mount.  

car mount with clamps

The other type of car mount uses brackets or clamps to clip your phone into place. Some obsolete car mounts require manual fixing the phone in place with clamps. Some advanced car mounts let you slide your phone into the mount, and the clamps automatically clip into place and tap a button to release the clamps, which is also quite convenient. 

Can A Car Mount Wirelessly Charge Your Phone?

You can always use the charging ports in your car to charge your phone. But a Qi wireless charging car mount would save you the trouble of plugging in your phone every time you hop in the car. 

Think about it. Your phone is mounted over the vents, and you notice that the battery drops to 20% while you drive. What do you do? Reach for the cable and plug it right in that tiny hole on the phone while you drive? Or do you pull over? 

You won’t need to worry about battery issues or do anything risky if you use wireless charging magnetic car mounts. Snap on. And wireless charging begins. Some car mounts support a charging speed of up to 15W. By the time you get off your car, your phone will be ready. 

Best Wireless Charging Car Mount Recommended

PITAKA has had produced magnetic car mounts before Apple introduced MagSafe in 2020. Over the years, they keep upgrading the design and technology to provide the best magnetic car mount solution. 

MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 is their latest car mount, released in September 2023. Why it’s one of the best magnetic phone mounts for car? 

First of all, it’s MagSafe compatible and works with iPhone 15 series with or without a MagSafe phone and other phones like Samsung S23 series with a MagSafe case. Strong magnets deliver a magnetic attachment of about 1.2kg, which guarantees that your phone will be kept firmly in place even on the bumpiest road. Also, it supports up to 15W wireless charging. Moreover, it has built-in NFC chips and three switchable buttons that let you use your phone to tap and instantly open a pre-set App. 

Versatility aside, the PITAKA MagSafe car mount has a minimalist and sleek design. Crafted with aramid fiber, a strong yet light aerospace-grade material, it features a textured surface with excellent feel and durability. 

It comes in two different versions; one works on vertical vents and the other on Tesla 3 or Y, which is great news for Tesla owners as there aren’t too many options for them to install a wireless charging car mount in their vehicle. 

If you need a car mount that affixes to your dashboard or windshield, look at the MagEZ Car Mount Pro - stylish, easy to use, and MagSafe compatible. 


Will magnetic car mounts affect phones?

Magnetic car mounts or MagSafe car mounts use small magnets and are placed in a designated position to avoid posing any harm to your phone. Click here to learn more. 

Will wireless charging car mounts get warm?

Car mounts will generate a certain amount of heat during wireless charging but it shouldn’t harm your phone. Some wireless charging car mounts have built-in cooling fans to dissipate heat when charging. And some are designed with a construction that enables good air ventilation. 



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