Power Banks Have Switched To The Wireless Era, But Are They Actually Better?

Most days, your phone battery is the least of your worries. You charge it at home or in the car, and in turn, it helps you keep up with the chaos of daily life. Every now and then, though, you need a little extra juice to get you through the day.

On these days, when you have to travel, forget to charge your phone at home, or lose your charging cables, a portable battery can become your savior. You pull your portable battery out of your drawers, throw it in your bag, and rush out the door just in time to catch the bus. As you take your seat, you pull out your power bank and plug it into your phone. And that’s when you realize that you haven’t charged your power bank in weeks.

There has to be a better way, right?


 1. Wireless Charging Era is Here

As more and more people are aware of the technological advancement like wireless charging, consumer electronics has moved toward a wireless era. A new phone model published by big brands is probably wireless charging enabled. Wireless chargers have become easy to find, so does wireless power banks. According to Allied Market Research, the size of wireless charging market worldwide was valued at $5.22 billion in 2017, and the number expects to rise to $71.21 billion by 2025, an increase of CAGR 38.7%.

Since the application of wireless chargers, people have been trying to invent a new type of product – a wireless charger and a traditional USB port power bank combined. A wireless power bank charges your phone without an input cord, just like a wireless charger. The difference is that a wireless charger is embedded with charging coils to produce energy, while a wireless power bank has a battery inside to store power, without it being plugged in.

So wireless power banks are popular among travelers, business people or regular selfie takers. It’s great to have a power bank to add juice to your phone when wall outlets are nowhere to see.


2. Are Wireless Power Banks The Ultimate Option

The most significant advantage of wireless power banks is that it cuts the cord. No more output port, so no cable needed. Also you can use one wireless power bank to charge different phones without limitation of the type of the port and cable. Keep in mind that a cordless world is a trend. The future is wireless, said Dan Riccio, Apple's senior vice president of Hardware Engineering. You’d better start to adapt to it.

However, problems still exist.


First and foremost, wireless power banks overheat very quickly. The charging process creates heat regardless of whether you're using wired or wireless charging. Wireless charging, however, creates far more heat.


Portable batteries also have the issue of being bulky, something that's plagued wired and wireless power banks alike. They add the convenience of power on the go but take up a lot of space in your pockets or bag.

Limited mobility

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of wireless power banks is that they limit your movement. Unlike a wired power bank, where you simply plug in your phone and use it like normal, your phone has to be resting on top of a portable wireless charger or pushed up beside it in your bag. And if your phone loses contact without you realizing it, you're going to end up finding out the hard way.

Never ready when you need it

Finally, most portable wireless batteries are rarely prepared when you need them to be. Since most people don’t use them daily, they end up sitting in drawers and bags for weeks on end without ever seeing the grace of a charging cable. Then, when you finally do need to use one, it doesn’t have enough charge left to give you the extra juice you need.

Fortunately, these disadvantages don't mean you should pass up on purchasing a wireless power bank. It's possible to find a wireless power bank that will meet all of your needs without creating any inconveniences.


3. How To Pick The Right Wireless Power Bank


The first thing you want to look for is reliability. Does it have a safe protection mechanism? Does it have CE or FC certification? You also want to make sure that the wireless power bank you choose is designed to dissipate heat, which can become extremely problematic. To figure out if a wireless power bank is reliable, read its reviews before purchasing it.


Next up is portability. If a wireless power bank isn't easily portable, then what's the point in using it? So you'll want to look at the size of the power bank.

The smaller a power bank is, the easier it's going to be to take it with you. Think about how you plan on carrying this power bank. Is it going to go in your pocket, backpack, or purse? How much space can it take up before it becomes inconvenient?


Third is flexibility. Picking a flexible wireless charger will save you a ton of headaches down the road. A wireless power bank that's flexible will allow you to charge your devices without worrying about how your phone is positioned. You'll be able to throw it in your bag and use it throughout the day without having to think about your battery life.


Last but not least is affordability. Wireless power banks (and anything wireless, for that matter) can quickly become expensive. To avoid spending too much on a wireless power bank, set up a budget before you start looking for one and make sure that the one you choose gives you the most bang for your buck.

4. Why The MagEZ Juice Is The Better Choice

If you're looking for a wireless power bank that meets all of your needs, the MagEZ Juice is the one for you. It solves all of the problems of most wireless power banks while still being affordable, convenient, and sleek.

Super Flexible

As the Contemporary Good Design Winner 2019, the MagEZ Juice combines a magnetic wireless charger and power bank. You can charge your phone with it wirelessly at home just like you would any other wireless charger. When you're ready to go, you can slide your phone off of the wireless charging stand, leaving the MagEZ Juice magnetic power bank attached to the back of your phone. It’s literally a dock-and-go charger.

Always Ready For On-the-Go

Because the MagEZ Juice is a magnetic wireless charger, you never have to worry about charging your power bank before you leave. It supports pass-through charging, with which you can keep the portable battery charged while it charges your phone.

Auto Attach & Easy to Carry

And thanks to its slim, magnetic design, you can use your phone while it's charging. Easily hold both the phone and the power bank in one hand, and you don’t need to worry about the Juice slipping away.  

Safe & Reliable

Made from military-grade aramid fiber and aerospace-grade zinc alloy, it’s super strong, and it also has an excellent capacity to dissipate heat, in addition to multiple protection mechanisms.

A power bank is an excellent solution for low battery anxiety. With a magnetic wireless charger like the MagEZ Juice, you can have all-day battery life without the hassle of cables and bulky portable batteries. If you're interested in more quality wireless charging products, check out the rest of what we have to offer at PITAKA.



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