PitaTag for Lighter: The Best Lighter for Everyday Carry
Jun 19, 2023 By Claire

PitaTag for Lighter: The Best Lighter for Everyday Carry

What people carry in their pockets varies from one and another. But a few items are commonly seen in numerous loadouts, such as smartphones, keys, wallets, chargers, and lighters. 

Some people may think lighters are only for smokers and survivalists. Actually, a lighter can do more than light up a cigarette or a campfire. It can be used to sterilize something in a pinch when you don’t have access to alcohol or sterilizers alike. Also, a lighter can provide illumination when a flashlight or something similar is not by your side. 

Lighters come in a wide price range with different functions and forms. What makes a lighter unique and ideal? Here’s our recommendation for the best lighter for everyday carry – PitaTag for Lighter.

The best lighter should be refillable

pitaka refillable lighter

Disposable lighters are cheaper but usually low-quality compared with refillable lighters. Critically speaking, refillable lighters can save you money from a long term perspective. When it runs out of fuel, just refill the lighter and you can use it for another month. We can say that one charger of fuel is the equivalent of buying a new disposable lighter. But fuel is much cheaper. 

The PitaTag for Lighter is a refillable butane lighter with a 1.4g fuel capacity. If you ignite the lighter 28 times a day, then one fuel charge can last about 30 days as 1.4g fuel can be ignited 850 times. How to know when to refill? There’s a display window on the lighter for you to check the fuel level. 

The best lighter should be windproof

pitaka lighter refillable windproof

Some lighters are designed to be waterproof or survive in high altitudes, so they still work in extreme and unusual conditions. In daily life, you don’t need that kind of lighters. But at least get a windproof lighter.

Windproof is one of the essential and indispensable features of a nice lighter. A breeze or wind is expected when you light up something outdoors. A lighter that can survive moderate breeze can save you the hassle of hitting the button again and again before successfully igniting a cigarette or something else. 

PitaTag for Lighter has a patented pyramid-shaped flame design with windproof standards.

The best lighter should be made premium and stylish 

premium lighter from pitaka

In today’s society, a lighter is more than a personal tool. It can be a symbol of your status or style. We are not unfamiliar with the scenes where people gather around, passing and lighting up cigarettes to start socializing or break the ice of a discussion for serious business. 

If you send someone a lighter as a gift, the look and quality of the lighter will hint to the receiver how well you value them. 

The black version of PitaTag for Lighter is made of military-grade aramid fiber and premium zinc alloy. Zinc alloy has this metallic finish that makes the lighter look luxurious. And aramid fiber offers an excellent grip with a classic black and grey carbon weave. The combination of these two high-performance materials gives a sophisticated and modern style. 

The silver version is crafted from fiberglass and zinc alloy in the same minimalist and modern design. 

The best lighter should be with customization

pitaka personalized lighter with engraving

Everyone is unique. Consciously or unconsciously, you show your personality or express yourself through things you use and carry, like the phone case you use, the ring or bracelet you wear, etc. One of the most common ways to make the item personalized is to engrave something unique to you. 

You can have your initials engraved on the PitaTag for Lighter to make it uniquely yours. If you’re sending the lighter a gift, then engrave something unique to the receiver to create a wow moment.

The best lighter should last

We all want the nice things to last and that they can hold up for years, which depends on how well the product is made and how strong it is and also how you use or preserve it.

Like other EDC, a lighter is usually small, hence easy to get lost. If you’re a regular smoker, bet you’ve had times rummaging the drawer or sofa for that tiny lighter. 

pitaka lighter can hold AirTag

How to make sure you won’t lose your lighter? PITAKA offers a solution by integrating the PitaTag for Lighter with an AirTag case. With the built-in compartment, you can hide your AirTag in the lighter, so you can track it when it’s misplaced. The silicone ring with the lighter can protect the AirTag from scratches when installing or removing the device. And the compartment is perfectly blended with the lighter, so if you don’t tell, other people may not realize there’s an AirTag in the lighter.

The best lighter should be easy and safe to carry

pitatag for lighter for everyday carry

Understandably, EDC items should be portable and easy to carry. A cigarette lighter is small enough to put into your pocket. But it would be best if you also considered safety. Would you accidentally ignite it when it’s in your pocket or bag with other items?

The PitaTag for Lighter features an ignition button that can be pressed to create a flame. After releasing the button, the flame goes out. The built-in gravity lock pin ensures the lighter can’t be pressed to create a flame when upside down.

Additionally, the PitaTag for Lighter lets you adjust the flame height using the provided tool. PITAKA provides a tool to handle the refill valve and flame adjuster, which work as one knob to keep the device as simple as possible. PITAKA also has provided a detailed tutorial to guide you through releasing air, refilling gas, checking gas level, installing the AirTag, etc. 


PitaTag for Lighter is a refillable and windproof lighter with an AirTag compartment to store the AirTag. And PITAKA offers engraving service, making the lighter to a nice gift option for everyday carry. It's available in black (carbon fiber) and silver (fiberglass) colors.


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