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iPhone Charging Slowly? 8 Tips to Make Your Phone Charge Faster
Nov 30, 2023 By Lily

iPhone Charging Slowly? 8 Tips to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Are you tired of the sluggish charging speed of your iPhone? Well, you're not alone. We've all been there, anxiously staring at our devices, hoping they will charge faster. This is especially frustrating when we're pressed for time and need a fully charged phone.

But worry not, we will explore several tips and tricks to help you charge your iPhone faster. By implementing these strategies, you'll be able to enjoy a significantly improved charging experience.

How to Make Your iPhone Charge Faster?

1. Use a Wall Plug
Have you ever experienced this? Your iPhone battery is at a low 20%, and you need to give it a quick boost. In an attempt to charge your phone, you connect it to a computer. Quite convenient, indeed.

However, after waiting for half a freaking day, the battery meter only reads 40%. It won't last much longer, and you'll have to charge it again soon. And now you're left wondering, why is my iPhone charging so damn slow?

Well, here's a hot tip: When charging your iPhone, it is always best to opt for a wall plug instead of USB ports on computers or laptops. Wall plugs provide a direct and consistent power supply, enabling your device to charge at its optimal speed. On the other hand, USB ports typically deliver a lower charging current, resulting in longer charge times.

Wall charger

2. Try a Fast Charger
If you're serious about reducing your charging time, it might be worth considering investing in a fast charger. Faster chargers are specifically made to deliver a higher power output, powering your device at a much faster rate compared to standard chargers. With a fast charger, you can bid farewell to those never-ending charging sessions.

So, what should be a fast charger for iPhone? According to Apple, it is best to use a charger with an output of at least 20W for fast charging an iPhone. However, it's important to note that a higher wattage adapter does not necessarily mean a faster charging speed, as fast charging your iPhone depends on several important factors.

Plus, the iPhone's charging port can handle a maximum of around 25W. It's probably best to stick with a charger around that wattage, like a 30W charger. Going for a 60W charger won't necessarily give you any extra benefits because of the limitations of the iPhone's charging port.

PITAKA's USB C GaN Charger, featured with 30W output, can significantly improve the charging speed. It can effortlessly fully charge the iPhone 14 and above in an astonishing 50 minutes, leaving you amazed at its high efficiency. Compatible with PD and other fast charging protocols, this fast charger can charge an extensive range of devices, including Apple, Android, Switch, and other USB-C devices.

PITAKA 30W USB C GaN charger
Additionally, the fast charger is built with an aramid fiber shell, providing exceptional durability and adding a touch of sleek elegance. Despite its formidable capabilities, the GaN charger boasts a smaller size than traditional chargers and fits easily within any pocket or travel bag, making it your perfect travel companion.

3. Upgrade to a Fast Charging Cable
The culprit behind slow charging often lies in an outdated or subpar charging cable. If you are still using the same cable that came with your iPhone years ago, it is time for an upgrade. Fast charging cables are specifically engineered to handle higher power outputs, facilitating faster charging speed. To guarantee optimal compatibility and safety, seek out cables certified by Apple or trustworthy third-party manufacturers.

PITAKA's USB C to C Cable, with its impressive 60W charging speed, ensures your devices are ready to go in no time. Not only that, but it also boasts a 480Mbps data transfer rate, making file transfers and syncing a breeze. Say goodbye to the woes of tangled cables, as this cable is skillfully crafted with an anti-tangle design. Its braided surface offers durability against daily wear and tear.

PITAKA USB C to USB C cableFurthermore, this charging cable is compatible with any device equipped with a USB-C port, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. If you have the latest iPhone 15, this charging cable will be your right choice.

4. Put Your iPhone Down
I know it's tempting to scroll through social media, watch your favorite shows, or battle in the games, even when it's charging. But using your iPhone while it's plugged in will divert some of the charging power to support ongoing activities, thus significantly slowing down the charging process. If you want your iPhone to charge faster, resist the urge to use it and let it charge in peace.

5. Restrict Background Processes
Well, if you are itching to use your iPhone while charging, you can try to disable the background processes you're not actively using. These sneaky processes can hog valuable battery and CPU resources, leading to slower charging speed.

To prevent this unnecessary power drain, go to Settings, select General, and tap on Background App Refresh. Here, you can selectively disable background refresh for apps that don't need to fetch data continuously. This will not only help charge your iPhone faster but also save battery life in the long run.

Background App Refresh
6. Enable Airplane Mode
Another effective method for boosting charging speed is putting your iPhone in Airplane mode. By activating Airplane mode, you disable various wireless connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data. This reduction in power consumption allows your iPhone to focus solely on charging since it doesn't spend energy searching for signals or syncing data.

So, the next time you're in a hurry and want to give your phone a quick boost, switch on Airplane Mode during charging and watch the battery percentage climb rapidly!

7. Charge in Optimal Environment
External factors such as temperature can affect your iPhone's charging speed. To ensure the fastest charging experience, keep your iPhone in an ideal environment while it charges, neither too hot nor too cold. If your device gets too hot or cold, it automatically slows down the charging process to prevent damage. To speed things up, make sure that your iPhone is charging in a suitable environment.

Besides, if you're using a bulky case, consider taking it off while charging. Some cases can trap heat and hinder the charging process, so it's better to go naked for a while or use a thin case to see if it makes a difference.

8. Charge Your Slow-charging iPhone on the Go
Despite following all the tips above, there may still be instances when your iPhone battery is far from enough or when you're on the go and need an emergency power boost, a portable power bank is the way to go. Whether you're traveling, attending conferences, or spending time outdoors, having a backup power source can be a lifesaver. Ensure the power bank you choose is MFi-certified to guarantee compatibility and safety.


Slow charging speed can be a frustrating issue. Fortunately, you can employ the methods mentioned above to make your iPhone charge faster. Next time you are anxiously waiting for your iPhone to charge, try out these suggestions and see the difference for yourself. Remember, not all solutions work for everyone. Try different combinations and find what works best for you.

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