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iPhone 15 with USB-C Port: What to Expect
Mar 30, 2023 By Claire

iPhone 15 with USB-C Port: What to Expect

This year might see a new iPhone with a significant upgrade in recent years. Thinner bezels, a more rounded design, Dynamic Island, and the long-rumored USB-C port, all these features will make the iPhone 15 a big hit if it’s priced reasonably. 

We have discussed several times the possibility of Apple switching to USB-C port phones. Well, seemingly the long-haul fight between USB-C and Lightning finally comes to an end.

The Possibility of iPhone 15 with USB-C

After years of effort, EU lawmakers have come out with a new law that forces manufacturers to adopt the USB-C open standard for their devices. EU Commission put up this law to harmonize the charging port and fast charging technology for the sake of consumers and the environment. Similar bills or documents pushing manufacturers to do the same had been proposed before, but they didn’t get passed back then. Now, there’s no way to ignore the regulation, or manufacturers will be fined a large sum of money.

iphone 15 with usb c port

Credit: MacRumors

On the other hand, the USB-C standard has become more and more universal. The iPad models released in recent years use USB-C ports. Just a few days ago, Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is going to release a USB-C charging case for the AirPods Pro 2. All those moves indicate that Apple is not against the USB-C standard and is slowly swapping the Lightning port.

iPhone 15 with USB-C Port: MFi Certification

Even if the new iPhone features a USB-C port, it doesn’t mean Apple can’t make its proprietary standard.

When Apple introduced the Lightning port in 2012, they also came out with the MFi (Made for iPhone) certification program, which assigns authorized manufacturers to produce peripheral accessories for Apple devices. It kind of improves the standard of Lightning cables to ensure performance and safety when using iPhones and other Lightning-port devices. But undeniably, the proprietary MFi standard has helped Apple rank in a considerable amount of revenue. 

So it makes sense if Apple implements its MFi certification process on the USB-C iPhone 15 to minimize its loss by ditching the Lightning port on iPhone. After all, a fair number of people would happily pay a bit extra for an MFi cable for peace of mind and perhaps faster speed too. 

Charging Speed of iPhone 15 with USB-C Port

The EU Commission has made it clear that “Mobile phones and similar radio devices, if they are capable to be recharged via wired charging, are equipped with USB Type-C receptacle and, if they also require charging at voltages higher than 5 volts or currents higher than 3 amperes or powers higher than 15 watts, incorporate the USB Power Delivery charging communication protocol.”

In other words, if the iPhone 15 does come with a USB-C charging port, it has to comply with the USB PD fast-charging standard, of which the minimum speed is 15W. Apple can’t limit the speed of iPhones with USB-C port under 15W using an MFi-certified program or not. 

That said, the Cupertino tech giant might still implement the MFi certification process to activate the higher speed, say 27W, of the iPhone 15. Although it’s against the point “unjustifiably limiting charging speed”, considering the benefits it will bring to Apple, they may not care too much the fines for breaking the law. 

In that case, buying MFi cables could mean more than buying peace of mind.

Do You Need New USB-C Cables to Charge iPhone 15?

Apple stopped shipping its iPhones with power adapters back in 2020. If you were to buy the iPhone 15, do you need to pay extra for USB-C cables and power adapters? What should you pay attention to if you intend to buy the iPhone 15? 

macbook with usb c port

Well, if you have multiple Apple devices, you probably own at least one USB-C cable and C-to-C or C-to-A power adapter. So even if Apple doesn’t ship the charger and cable with the new iPhone, you would be fine using that cable and charger you use to charge your iPad, MacBook or other devices.

You don't need to worry if you have a charging station that features USB-C and Lightning connectors, such as the Air Omni

If you’re using a MagSafe charger, it should charge the iPhone 15 too. It’s quite impossible that Apple would get rid of MagSafe on the upcoming iPhone. Likewise, Qi wireless chargers can wirelessly charge the device too. 

pitaka magsafe charger for iphone 12, iphone 13, iphone 14, iphone 15

In fact, if you use a Galaxy or Huawei smartphone, the USB-C cable and charger you have should work with the iPhone 15. 

iPhone 15 Will Have MagSafe and Wireless Charging

Literally, if you use wireless chargers, there’s nothing to worry about whether the iPhone adopts the USB-C port or uses none. Rumors about port-less iPhones have also been circulating starting a few years ago. 

MagSafe is a proven success. The magnetic design of phones, phone cases, and other accessories has brought tremendous convenience to our lives despite its slower charging speed. In fact, wireless charging technology is developing so fast that it could catch up with wired charging in the near future. 

Wrapping Up

The odds of iPhone 15 with USB-C port are quite high. But we can’t rule out the possibility of a port-less iPhone or that Apple sells iPhones with USB-C port in the EU and the Lightning version in other areas.  

Anyway, from a long-term perspective, iPhones with USB-C port are welcomed. As the most sold smartphone in the world, if they use the USB-C port just like almost every other smartphone (not to mention many other devices), that will make a huge impact in reducing electronic waste and achieving “harmonization” at home and in the office when you share your charging accessories with others or borrow from others or simply charging your multiple devices. We are all too familiar with the mess various cables and power adapters could cause and how annoying it is when you grab the wrong cable. 



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