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Everything You Need to Know About iPad Wireless Charging
Feb 1, 2024 By Lily
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Everything You Need to Know About iPad Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has brought great convenience to power up our devices. From smartphones to smartwatches, many gadgets now offer the convenience of charging without the hassle of wires. But what about the iPad? Does any iPad model support wireless charging? Can you charge your iPads wirelessly?

In this article, we will discuss everything you may be interested in regarding iPad wireless charging.

Does iPad Have Wireless Charging?

When it comes to wireless charging, the iPad does not have built-in capabilities like iPhones and Apple Watches do. There are a couple of reasons behind this limitation.

Firstly, iPads lack the necessary coils inside the device that are crucial for wireless charging. Secondly, the aluminum alloy back of iPads interferes with the wireless charging process, making it difficult for the device to receive electricity wirelessly. Thirdly, the larger size and heavier weight of iPads than iPhones might be another challenge to overcome regarding wireless charging.

Will iPad Have Wireless Charging?

While wireless charging is not currently available on iPads, the possibility of its implementation in future models remains open.

On the one hand, considering the immense popularity and utility of iPads, it would be logical for Apple to explore wireless charging options, keeping pace with the evolving consumer expectations. On the other hand, as technology advances in wireless charging efficiency, coupled with design innovations, Apple may eventually find its way to introducing wireless charging to iPads.

In recent months, there have been rumors circulating that Apple is working on bringing MagSafe to the iPad Pro by 2024, indicating that wireless charging for iPads could become a reality in the near future. Even though the Cupertino giant has not made any official confirmation yet, it is still reasonable to expect the day when an iPad comes with wireless charging, sooner or later.

What Would Be the Benefits of iPad Wireless Charging?

If iPads were to adopt wireless charging capabilities, it would undoubtedly bring numerous benefits to users. Let's explore some of the advantages:


Wireless charging eliminates the need for cables, making it incredibly convenient for iPad users. With wireless charging, you can simply place your iPad on a charging pad or stand, allowing for effortless charging. This convenience is particularly valuable for individuals who rely heavily on their iPads, whether for work, travel, or leisure.


The introduction of wireless charging could potentially improve the overall durability of iPads. Without the need for constant plugging and unplugging of charging cables, the charging port is less susceptible to wear and tear. This reduction in physical stress on the charging port could contribute to an extended lifespan for the device.

What Can You Do to Charge Your iPad Wirelessly?

Although iPads do not come with built-in wireless charging capabilities, there are viable options available in the market for us to charge your devices wirelessly.

PitaFlow Charger: Wireless Charger for iPad

One such option is the PITAKA's PitaFlow Charger, designed specifically for the MagEZ Case Pro which is compatible with iPad Pro and iPad Mini 6 (We'll talk about the MagEZ Case Pro later).

ipad wireless charger

At first glance, the PitaFlow Charger appears to be a typical wireless charging pad for phones. However, what sets it apart is the presence of five pins in the center. These pins facilitate the transfer of electricity to the iPad case and subsequently to the iPad itself. This innovative design allows for wireless charging, overcoming the limitations posed by the absence of coils and the interference caused by the aluminum alloy back of iPads.

To utilize this wireless charging method, we need to have the MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro 2022/2021 or iPad Mini 6. These cases are specifically designed with X contacts in the middle of the back, built-in charging wires, and a cap in the Type-C port. The X contacts allow you to securely snap your iPads onto the wireless charging pad, which then transfers electricity to the iPad through the built-in charging wires and the cap in the Type-C port.
iPad wireless charging case
In addition to wireless charging, the MagEZ Case Pro offers reliable protection for iPads. Made from aramid fiber, a lightweight yet robust material used in spacecraft and bulletproof vests, the iPad charging case offers optimal device protection while maintaining a slim and lightweight profile, preserving the original design of the iPad.

Moreover, the MagEZ Case Pro enables a magnetic attachment from the Apple Pencil, enabling you to attach and charge your Apple Pencil with ease. Additionally, the iPad case is compatible with the Apple Magic Keyboard, transforming the iPad into a versatile laptop-like device for enhanced productivity.

MagEZ Charging Stand: Wireless Charging Stand for iPad

If you prefer a more versatile charging solution, PITAKA also provides the MagEZ Charging Stand. This charging stand functions on the same principle as the PitaFlow Charger. By attaching the MagEZ Case for iPad Pro or iPad Mini to the top panel of the charging stand, users can wirelessly transfer electricity to the iPad case and subsequently charge their iPads.
ipad wireless charging stand
Beyond charging your iPad wirelessly, the MagEZ Charging Stand features a Qi-enabled charging base that supports up to 15W wireless charging speeds for smartphones.

With an adjustable vertical angle range of +32.5°/-5°, the MagEZ Charging Stand allows users to achieve the optimal viewing angle for their iPads. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode, this stand provides the flexibility to meet your preferences.

What Do People Say About PITAKA's Solutions for iPad Wireless Charging?

Customer Reviews on PITAKA Official Website

I was looking forward to getting this and being able to use the iPad Pro in a different way. Safe to say this has surpassed expectations and allows me to fully utilize the full functionality of the iPad Pro. Being able to swap between the iPad Pro and Mini on the Mag charging stand with ease is without doubt the best on the market.

Love my stand and ipad mini 6 case. I can charge and display ipad mini 6 at the same time with the stand. And charge my iphone on the base.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

Adding wireless charging in such a slim case is a game changer. This is a great product with solid protection all around. I definitely recommend it.

This has been an extremely convenient way to keep my iPad charged when using it for work from my truck. I mounted the charging brick to a tablet holder in my truck, and the magnet in the charge is strong enough to hold my iPad mini even when driving.


While the iPad does not currently feature built-in wireless charging capabilities, it is likely that future iPad models will incorporate wireless charging, presenting more convenient ways to power up your devices. Before this technology comes true, options such as PITAKA's PitaFlow Charger and MagEZ Charging Stand offer viable alternatives for wirelessly charging your iPad.

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