Differences Between PITAKA Phone Cases, Wireless Chargers, and Other Accessories
Jul 21, 2022 By Claire

Differences Between PITAKA Phone Cases, Wireless Chargers, and Other Accessories

It’s been some years since PITAKA was founded. Our technology keeps advancing. We have developed more and more high-tech and eco-friendly materials. And of course, the number and category of our products keep growing.

We figure that some of you may find it difficult to understand the upgrades we’ve made and the difference between two similar products before placing your order. This article will walk you through the main differences between our products.

  1. Phone Cases
  2. iPad Cases
  3. Tablet Stands
  4. Wireless Chargers
  5. Car Phone Mounts
  6. Wallets


1. Phone Cases

Air Case

Air Case is for people who want a minimalist case for grip and slight protection.

Air Case is the lightest and thinnest of all three types of PITAKA phone cases. It’s crafted from 600D aramid fiber, which is more difficult to produce than 1500D aramid fiber.

The obvious difference we can see is that the warp and weft tows on the Air Case are smaller, so the pattern looks a bit different than that on the MagEZ Case and MagEZ Case Pro.

Air Case has not metal plates or any magnet inside. In other words, it's not magnetic, so it doesn't work with PITAKA's magnetic product system.

pitaka air case

Fusion Weaving Air Case is identical to Air Case, except it has a different style.

MagEZ Case

    If you want stronger protection and take advantage of the PITAKA magnetic product system, this should be your pick.

    MagEZ Case has built-in metal plates, so it’s a little heavier and thicker than the Air Case. However, those plates make the case magnetic to attach to our magnetic chargers, car mounts, phone stands, etc., so as to simplify your life to a great extent.

    pitaka magez case for iphone 12

    MagEZ Case for iPhone 12

    MagEZ Case 2 was released in 2021 to embrace the MagSafe technology. Compared to the first version, the new case is embedded with MagSafe magnets instead of metal plates. The change of what’s inside the case means that the MagEZ Case 2 doesn’t work with our old magnetic accessories that have dedicated magnets embedded to work with MagEZ Case.

    pitaka magez case 2 for iphone 13

    MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 13 Series

    MagEZ Case 2 is currently available for iPhone 13 series and Galaxy S22 and probably will be available for the upcoming new iPhones or Android phones.

    Click here to learn more about the difference between the new and old MagEZ Cases and systems.

    MagEZ Case series usually come in various colors and comes with the Fusion Weaving version.

    MagEZ Case Pro

    This is the most protective phone case for people who often drop their phones or work at construction sites.

    pitaka magez case pro for iphone xs series

    MagEZ Case Pro for iPhone Xs

    MagEZ Case Pro also has built-in metal plates, but it features a reinforced frame, air pockets around all corners, and more layers to provide excellent all-round protection. No doubt, it’s the heaviest case of all three types; that said, it’s slimmer than most protective phone cases out there. The case is available for iPhone 11 or older models.

    pitaka magez case pro 2 for iphone 12

    MagEZ Case Pro 2 is only available for iPhone 12 series. There are two main differences. First, it has built-in metal plates and MagSafe magnets, so it works with the old and new magnetic product systems. Second, the MagEZ Case Pro features round edges while the MagEZ Case Pro 2 is flat-edged.

    pitaka new magez case pro for iphone 13

    New MagEZ Case Pro (or the upcoming MagEZ Case Pro 3) uses new technology, 3D Injection Molding Labeling. Previously, the sides of the case, where your hands hold, are formed using TPU only. But with the new technology, part of the sides of the new case are covered by aramid fiber which is more comfortable to hold and provides more substantial protection. Another significant difference is that the newest version only has MagSafe magnets, so it's only compatible with our new magnetic product system MagEZ 2.0.


    2. iPad Cases

    MagEZ Case

    pitaka magez case for iPad pro and ipad air

    Look no further if you’re looking for a slim case to protect your tablet that works with the Magic Keyboard.

    This case is for iPad Pro 2018/2020 and iPad Air 2020/2022. It’s an ultra-slim case made from aramid fiber and plastic to work seamlessly with Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which means you don't need to remove the case every time you attach the tablet to the keyboard. The case has metal plates, so it still easily attaches to the Magic Keyboard.

    MagEZ Case 2

    pitaka magez case 2 for ipad

    This case is an indispensable part of PITAKA’s magnetic product system that helps improve your efficiency.

    This case is compatible with iPad Pro 2018/2020/2021 and iPad Air 2020/2022. The only difference is that the new iPad case features built-in magnets to work with our magnetic iPad stand and folio. Together, these magnetic accessories consist of the PitaFlow for Tablets system.

    MagEZ Case Pro

    pitaka magez case pro for ipad mini 6

    MagEZ Case Pro “wirelessly” charges iPad mini 6.

    You can tell by the look that this case is thicker and more protective. In addition, it has a detachable clip for the Apple Pencil. Most importantly, the case offers a way to “wirelessly” charge your iPad mini 6 using with the included MagSafe-like charger.

    We will release MagEZ Case Pro for the newest iPad Pro 2022.


    3. Tablet Stands

    MagEZ Stand

    pitaka magez stand marble for ipad

    Use this stand to elevate your tablet to a comfortable viewing level. It’s compatible with iPad using the MagEZ Case 2 or any tablet weighing 2.2lbs and using the metal sticker.

    MagEZ Stand was released along with the MagEZ Case 2 for iPads. To mount your iPad to the stand, you need to use the compatible case or use the included metal sticker, which can be applied to any tablet weighing 2.2lbs or below. The stand easily turns your tablet into a monitor or second screen at a comfortable viewing level. You still need to plug a cable into the tablet to charge. But the base supports wireless charging, which can handle Qi-enabled mobile phones and earbuds.

    MagEZ Stand is available in two styles, aramid fiber, and marble, to fit different needs.

    MagEZ Charging Stand

    The MagEZ Charging Stand can “wirelessly” charge your iPad mini 6 using with the MagEZ Case Pro.

    This stand is for iPad mini 6 only. Snap your tablet to the stand, and charging begins. No need to pull a cable. Aside from that, it works the same as the MagEZ Stand.


    4. Wireless Chargers

    Air Omni

    Air Omni is a 6-in-1 charging station to charge your phone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and other devices.

    Air Omni is a powerful 6-in-1 charging station released in 2020. It can charge six devices at the same, be it Android or iOS devices or other devices with USB-A or USB-C charging ports. It’s the ultimate charging station for people who own multiple devices to get rid of cable mess and unnecessary adapters.

    pitaka air omni

    Air Omni Lite

    Air Omni Lite can charge six devices simultaneously too, but you need to install your own Apple Watch charger.

    Compared with Air Omni, Air Omni Lite doesn’t include an Apple Watch charger because we soon realized that customers who own an Apple Watch could install their charger with the Air Omni Lite. For people who do not need an extra Apple Watch charger, choosing the lite version can save a few bucks and also reduce waste.

    On top of that, Air Omni Lite comes in two other colors besides black/grey aramid fiber.

    MagEZ Juice & MagEZ Juice 2

    Launched in 2019, the MagEZ Juice is a wireless charging power bank that can work as a phone stand.

    We called it a revolutionary power bank in the industry because it’s a power bank that you won’t forget to charge. With traditional power banks, you probably throw them in the drawer to eat dirt and forget to charge them the night before your business trip. But with the MagEZ Juice, slide it in the dedicated charging dock and let it sit there to charge when you don't use the power bank. So when you need extra juice on the go, slide the power bank out, and rest assured that it’s fully charged.

    Soon, we upgraded the power bank to have more capacity and color options, which is MagEZ Juice 2.

    pitaka magez juice 2 vs. magez slider

    Both power banks are discontinued. But there’s an alternative - the MagEZ Slider, a multi-device wireless charger with a MagSafe power bank. It’s more powerful and versatile.


    5. Car Phone Mounts

    MagEZ Mount Qi & MagEZ Mount

    If you want to mount your iPhone 11, S21 or older phones while driving, use the MagEZ Mount (Qi).

    MagEZ Mount Qi is the very first magnetic accessory we built. Back then, all the car phone mounts out there used claws or things alike to secure mobile phones. We thought that’s too much hassle, and we put magnets inside our car mount to make things easier.

    Snap your phone using a MagEZ case to the MagEZ Mount Qi, and they attach magnetically in a split second. Grab your phone and go with a single hand when you get off the car instead of unlocking those tiny claws with both hands.

    MagEZ Mount doesn’t support wireless charging. Other than that, these two car mounts are identical.

    pitaka magez mount qi vs. magez car mount pro

    MagEZ Car Mount Pro & MagEZ Car Mount Lite

    If you use an iPhone 12, iPhone 13, or phone with a MagSafe case, the MagEZ Car Mount Pro is for you.

    MagEZ Car Mount Pro also securely holds your phone while you drive. With MagSafe magnets embedded, the new car mount is designed to work with phones with MagSafe. Also, we give the new car mount a new look with a more streamlined aesthetic.

    Compared to MagEZ Car Mount Pro, the MagEZ Car Mount Lite doesn’t support wireless charging.


    6. Wallets

    MagEZ Wallet

    MagEZ Wallet is the world’s first modular carbon fiber wallet.

    It consists of three magnetic modules that can attach together. The modular and magnetic design allow you to flick open the wallet with a single hand and slide out the card. It’s lightweight yet durable and holds six cards, not including magnetic stripe cards.

    pitaka magez wallet ue

    MagEZ Wallet UE

    MagEZ Wallet UE can be used to hold your magnetic stripe cards.

    The MagEZ Wallet UE, on the other hand, includes an anti-degaussing module to protect your magnetic stripe cards against the erasing of data. And it’s a bit larger and heavier than the standard MagEZ Wallet.



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