Best MagSafe Phone Cases for Your Smartphone
Aug 8, 2022 By Claire

Best MagSafe Phone Cases for Your Smartphone

Apple introduced the new MagSafe to iPhones in 2020 and released a series of MagSafe compatible accessories, including iPhone cases with MagSafe magnets.  

Is a phone case with MagSafe capability necessary? If yes, what’s the best MagSafe phone case?

Do You Need A MagSafe Phone Case?

Not only does Apple makes MagSafe cases, third-party gadget makers upgraded their iPhone cases soon after Apple announced its new magnetic technology. They embedded a similar magnet array in their cases, inevitably adding weight and thickness. But it seems there’s no other choice. 

With MagSafe capability, you can snap your iPhone to a bunch of accessories, including MagSafe chargers, MagSafe wallets, and MagSafe car mounts, to enjoy easy charging and carrying. Moreover, MagSafe technology has enabled Apple to charge its iPhones faster with certified MagSafe chargers only. 

A magnetic system like Apple’s MagSafe does bring a lot of conveniences using your iPhone in everyday life. So if you want that kind of experience, get yourself a MagSafe phone case. 

Are MagSafe Phone Cases Only for iPhones?

MagSafe phone cases are not just for iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 models. There are MagSafe cases available for older iPhones or even Android phones. For example, the PITAKA MagEZ Case 2 for Galaxy S22 has built-in MagSafe magnets, so it’s compatible with MagSafe accessories such as the MagEZ Slider. 

Galaxy s22 magsafe csae

Using a MagSafe phone case for non-MagSafe-enabled smartphones allows you to magnetically attach your phone to accessories with a similar magnet array. As a result, you can enjoy easy and stable wireless charging or carrying unless some parts, such as the camera bump on the phone and a lifted camera ring on the phone case, overlap with the accessory, preventing the phone from staying attached. 

Best MagSafe Phone Cases

Let’s look at some of the best MagSafe phone cases in different categories based on materials, functions, styles, etc.

Best Protective MagSafe Phone Cases

Spigen Mag Armor

Spigen’s Mag Armor, its first case designed for MagSafe, is made of flexible TPU with a raised lip to protect the screen and camera. And their Air Cushion technology protects the phone from drops too. It looks sleek and minimalist. But the case may show circular imprints from magnet charger compression over time, like Apple’s leather MagSafe phone cases do. 


PITAKA has protective MagSafe cases of different designs for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. Both MagSafe cases are made using aramid fiber and TPU. And they are extremely protective with airbags around the corners, reinforced bumps, and interior soft cloth. The iPhone 12 MagSafe case features flat edges while the iPhone 13 one features round edges. Another big difference is that the sides of the iPhone 13 case are half covered by aramid fiber which means it’s more comfortable to hold. 

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox’s defender case series is designed with MagSafe technology. The case is built with two layers of protection and raised edges for camera and screen protection. Moreover, the MagSafe case features some lasting antimicrobial protection that helps protect the exterior against many common bacteria. And some people may find the built-in lanyard attachment useful.

Best Slim MagSafe Phone Cases

MagSafe Case from Bare Case 

bare case magsafe phone case

Bare Case believes that some people want to enjoy our smartphone's original design and ergonomics. They’ve been making slim phone cases for years. Some cases are so thin that you barely realize it’s on your phone. 

They also make very thin and minimalist MagSafe phone cases. They did no list the accurate number, but they claimed that it’s less than 1mm, which is rarely seen but it’s possible with materials like plastic. 


PITAKA always makes phone cases from aramid fiber, which is durable, scratch-resistant, yet lightweight. And they’ve been making magnetic phone cases since five years ago. In 2020, they started to upgrade their magnetic phone case to be MagSafe compatible, replacing built-in metal plates with magnets. This year, PITAKA upgraded their cases again for the iPhone 14 models. 

They’ve managed to reduce 27% of the thickness of the MagSafe magnet array in the phone case. It will be the thinnest aramid fiber phone case with MagSafe capability, and it’s less than 1mm. Stay tuned!

Totallee Hybrid MagSafe

Totallee is another brand known for making slim phone cases. According to their data, your phone is just 0.04’’ thicker after wearing their Hybrid MagSafe phone case, showing that the case is indeed ultra-slim. On the other hand, it features rugged protection with a shock-absorbing TPU bumper. And it’s a clear MagSafe case made using flexible TPU, which doesn’t turn yellow easily like cheap and hard plastic. 

Best Leather MagSafe Phone Cases

Nomad Modern Leather Case 

Nomad’s leather MagSafe case is made using their signature Horween leather which is minimally treated to preserve many of the natural features of the hide and will develop a beautiful patina over time. And with reinforced speaker ports, bumper, and raised edges, the case can protect your phone from drops up to 10ft. 

But like Apple’s leather MagSafe phone case, if you charge your phone in a leather case with MagSafe chargers, the case might show a circle mark after some time. 

Apple Leather Case

Apple doesn’t reveal which brand or manufacturer its leather comes from. We just know that it’s specially tanned and finished leather which also develops a natural patina over time. Apple offers leather MagSafe cases of different colors. All look sleek with a minimalist style and are built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops. But, again, interaction with MagSafe accessories will leave slight imprints.

Best Clear MagSafe Phone Cases

Mous Infinity Clear MagSafe Phone case

The clear MagSafe case from Mous is designed with an N45 MagSafe magnet array which is visible like Apple’s clear case. It has a slim polycarbonate backplate, which helps prevent damaging twists when your phone hits the ground. And the polycarbonate is treated with an anti-scratch and UV resistant coating, so the case won’t yellow over time. 

Case Mate Pelican Range Clear Case

Case Mate’s clear MagSafe phone case seems to be more protective. The reinforced back panel, cushioned corners, and impact absorbing ridges can protect your phone from drops up to 15ft. In addition, it features MicroPel® antimicrobial case protection. And it’s made using plant-based materials though we’re not sure which kind.

Best Wallet MagSafe Phone Cases

Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet

bellroy magsafe case and wallet

Bellroy has an excellent lineup of wallets and covers. The Mod Case + Wallet is actually two separate products. 

The case is crafted from slim leather and lined with microfiber inside to protect the glass back of the iPhone. And it features the ring of magnets and the alignment magnet, so you can snap your phone to MagSafe accessories, including MagSafe wallets. 

But that may not be necessary as the case comes with a companion wallet that is not MagSafe-enabled. And it doesn’t work the same as MagSafe wallets either. To secure the wallet in place, Bellroy places two ModRails above and below, together with magnets, so the wallet will not slide off or rotate as easily as Apple’s MagSafe wallets. 

Case Mate Wallet Folio (Works with MagSafe)

If you want a case integrated with a wallet as one piece, then take a look at the MagSafe wallet case from Case Mate.

The exterior looks like a normal case crafted from premium pebbled genuine leather. But flip it over, and you can see slots to hold cards and separate pockets for cash. Also, you can bend the case to use it as a stand. 

There are built-in magnets in the case to work with Apple MagSafe. But you need to remove any magnetic stripe cards from the case when using wireless charging; otherwise, those cards could be damaged. 


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