Best Apple AirTag Holders You Need to Know About
Aug 18, 2022 By Ruby

Best Apple AirTag Holders You Need to Know About

In the past, searching for keys or other everyday carry items was annoying when we were in a hurry to go out. But, since trackers were invented, keeping track of our stuff has become super easy. And Apple entered the ring in 2021 by introducing the AirTag. 

Trackers like the AirTag dramatically make our life more convenient. Attach the AirTag to our keys or put it in our backpack, and then they are on our radar in the Find My app, where we can also track down our Apple devices and keep up with friends and family.

But the AirTag is not without its problems. More and more people complained that Apple’s AirTag does not come with a hole or any attachment method. Thus, we will need some keyring, adhesive mount, or holder to attach the AirTag to various items. But which are the best AirTag holders for our needs? Today, we'll share our thoughts on some of the best AirTag holders.

Apple AirTag Holder

apple airtag holders

Apple always wants to bring better products to its customers. So it makes its series of AirTag holders, which are available in either silicone or leather to make AirTag better serve its customers, and there are several high-end Hermès AirTag holders. 

Most Apple AirTag holders are made primarily of European leather and stainless steel, which makes the holder look premium and delicate. On the other hand, the high-end Hermès AirTag holders is more luxurious and might come with better quality. And Apple’s AirTag case fits snugly over the device, so worrying about it falling out is unnecessary.

If you have an adequate budget and want to show your taste while keeping your AirTag in good condition to prevent loss, Apple’s AirTag holder will be an excellent choice.

Belkin Secure Holder for AirTag

belkin airtag holder

If you find the Apple’s AirTag holders mentioned above are too expensive, Belkin’s AirTag holders will be an affordable alternative. 

The Secure Holder is made of plastic and available in four stylish colors—white, pink, black, and blue. Unlike Apple’s AirTag holder, Belkin’s one leaves both sides of the AirTag exposed. It has an innovative twist-and-lock design, which securely holds your AirTag. And the raised edge protects it against scratches to some extent; however, if you are looking for more protection, this is not the pick.

You can easily attach the AirTag to your keys, car remote, luggage, pet, and more with its convenient, sturdy, and secure key ring or strap. 

elago W5 Case Keychain for AirTag

elago airtag holder

If you think the AirTag holders mentioned earlier are too ordinary and boring, the elago W5 Case Keychain will undoubtedly interest you. 

Unlike the ordinary and similar design of AirTag holders, elago W5 Case Keychain was created to give you a sense of nostalgia with an old gaming design that is a blast from the past. The case not only holds your tracking device securely, protecting it from everyday use and drops, but also serves as a decorative item that adds fun to your daily routine.

As for material, the W5 Case is made of non-recycled silicone, which on the one hand, prevents it from cracking easily like hard plastic, and on the other hand, is safer to use for everyone –adults, children, and pets!

The only real quibble is that the silicone case is quite a lot bigger than the AirTag itself, requiring more room in our pockets. However, if you want a cuter design, elago has other unique designs for you to choose from.

PITAKA AirTag Holders

An AirTag holder can provide protection, convenience, or maybe style and fun. But could it be more?

PITAKA’s AirTag holders, the PitaTag series, is a collection of Everyday Carry (EDC) essentials integrated with the AirTag case, including the PitaTag for Multi-tool, PitaTag for Cable, and more. Each AirTag holder provides all-round protection for the device while offering tools that help make your day go smoothly.  

pitaka airtag holder pitatag for multi-tool

PitaTag for Multi-tool is a versatile AirTag holder with a unique pentagon structure. Your AirTag will be fully covered by metal, and on the inside, the soft silicone gel will protect it from scratches. With the key ring, you can hang it to your keys or bags to track your belongings, just like any AirTag holder does. But the difference is that this holder includes four hidden tools, a pocket knife, a 2.0-Caliber Allen Key, a cross screwdriver, and a slot-type screwdriver. So anywhere you go, you have those tiny tools at hand to fix some gear or cut open some packages. And integrated with the tracker, you’ll never lose those tools. 

pitaka airtag holder pitatag for cable

PitaTag for Cable, as its name suggest, it’s an AirTag holder with a cable. Most of us might have encountered such a situation where our electronic device is about to run out of battery, but we forgot to take the charging cable or lost it. That’s where the PitaTag for Cable comes into the picture. 

Put your AirTag in the leather compartment and close it with the magnetic fastener to keep it secure in place. Then attach it to your stuff using the lanyard. When you need a cable to charge your dying iPhone, twist open the lid of the holder, then you get an MFi-certified Lightning to USB-C cable. 

In addition, PitaTag for Cable is made of vegan leather, aramid fiber and metal in an exclusive, timelessly stylish design.

It’s more than an AirTag holder.

Caseology Vault AirTag Holder

caseology airtag holder

If you want a simple but premium AirTag holder, you might want to take a look at Caseology Vault

The primary material of Caseology Vault is sandstone textured TPU, which makes it a rugged and durable AirTag holder. And the convenient carabiner allows you to clip on and go. So you can easily clip your AirTag on anything valuable and keep your everyday essentials close. Besides, the Vault is available in three colors—black, dark blue and gray, which means the Vault does not get dirty easily.

However, the Vault is open on both sides, so you are not sure whether your AirTag will have the risk of popping out easily and losing it.

Final Word

All in all, there is a wide range of AirTag holders on the market, and we all want a protective, versatile and stylish holder. We hope this article could give you an idea when choosing your AirTag holder.

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