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MagEZ Wallet RFID-Blocking Wallet (for chip cards only)

A modular carbon fiber wallet that offers fast and easy access to your cards. Read More



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7-Day Returns

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Modular Life

Secure Card Storage

Not only do magnets hold the carbon wallet layers together, but each layer is designed to hold a card securely, even when dropped or turned upside down.

Fast, Easy Access to Cards

Simply flick open the carbon fiber wallet with a single hand and slide out the card.

Add extra layers

Customise this modular wallet with extra layers whenever you need them. Add and remove modules such as the box layer to store keys and sim cards, or the money clip to hold your cash.

Compact, Lightweight and Durable

Crafted with carbon fiber and weighing a little over 50g, the MagEZ Wallet is not only extremely lightweight but also longlasting. The carbon fiber wallet is compact and slim enough to fit comfortably into your pocket.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Blocking

This carbon fiber RFID blocking wallet disrupts signals from RFID readers, preventing card skimming, and ensuring personal card data safety.

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  • Add card, box, and money clip layers to the MagEZ Wallet.
  • MagEZ Wallet layers are only compatible with the standard MagEZ Wallet.
  • Attaches to the MagEZ Mount and MagEZ Bar.



Standard 6 Card Holder Length: 4in (101.5mm) Width: 2.7in (67.5mm) Thickness: 0.47in (12mm)

Extra Layer Length: 4in (101.5mm) Width: 2.7in (67.5mm) Thickness: 0.15in (3.7mm)

Money Clip Length: 4in (101.5mm) Width: 2.7in (67.5mm) Thickness: 0.15in (3.7mm)

Box Layer Length: 4in (101.5mm) Width: 2.7in (67.5mm) Thickness: 0.18in (4.5mm)


Standard 6 Card Holder 1.9oz (54g)

Extra Layer 0.53oz (15g)

Money Clip 0.64oz (18.1g)

Box Layer 0.8oz (23g)

Materials and Tech

Carbon fiber


Lifetime warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x MagEZ Wallet - Standard 6 Card Holder (holds 6 chip & PIN cards)


Q1. How many cards can the standard carbon fiber wallet hold?

A1. The standard PITAKA MagEZ Wallet holds 6 cards, but additional layers can be purchased to store coins, keys, and other small items.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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PITAKA Wallets

Lightweight, modular wallets made from durable carbon fiber.

Product Summary

4 layered wallet for 6 Chip & PIN cards.

3 layered wallet for 4 Chip & PIN and 2 magnetic strip cards.

A compact kit for electronic essentials and 3 Chip & PIN cards.

MagEZ Case Compatible

Not Compatible

Not Compatible

Not Compatible

MagSafe Compatible

Not Compatible

Not Compatible

Not Compatible

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Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Zaki Boule
Please bring it back

This is the best wallet of all time. Why did they stop it. I still have mine but I need more layers!

minyeop kim
lucky shot

Around 2019, I bought and used the UE version of my wallet in Korea, and I accidentally lost it and tried to make it again,
but I heard that it was discontinued.
Desperate to get it again, I looked it up and found out that there was a standard model in stock that could only be shipped to Australia.
I ordered it to Korea right away through the delivery agency, and when I went to the website to write a review,
even the standard model was discontinued.
I'm so happy to think that I snatched the last one in stock.
It's a shame why Pitaka doesn't make any more wallet products, but it's the best wallet of my life

Wish they would bring it back!

I've had my wallet for a long time now and I love it. I mean I love this thing. So easy to use and so near and clean. But it's been discontinued and I am dreading the day something happens and I need a new one. Nothing else out there that compares to this wallet. Is there ANY way I could get an extra wallet or at least an extra card sleeve?

Ralf Behrend

Please make it available in Switzerland/Europe. Thanks!!!

Fahad Alblooshi
Quality, durability and look, all

Quality, durability and look, all are amazing, good job :+1::skin-tone-3: