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What’s the difference between MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4?

Apart from the slim and lightweight construction, MagEZ Case Pro 4 provides military-grade all-around protection for your iPhone 15. It is built with the seamless integration of aramid fiber and TPU material, soft microfiber lining, and added protectors for the buttons and cameras, etc., providing extra protection against impacts.

The size of the iPhone 15 is the same as iPhone 15 Pro. Can I apply my iPhone 15 Pro case to iPhone 15?

Although the iPhone 15 is of the same size as the iPhone 15 Pro, there are still some differences in the details of the camera. IPhone 15 is designed with 2 camera lenses, while iPhone 15 Pro with 3 camera lenses, so the phone cases are not universal for the two different models.

Why did you build an NFC chip in an iPhone 15 case?

We integrated an NFC chip in the iPhone 15 case for two main reasons: to enable convenient verification of the case’s authenticity and to provide access to exclusive content from PITAKA. By tapping your NFC-enabled iPhone on the case, you can easily check if it’s genuine, and also enjoy games, wallpapers, and music from PITAKA. To apply this function, please activate the NFC function on your iPhone and align the top of your phone with the NFC chip in the case to access these features.

Can I customize the function of the NFC chip in the iPhone 15 case?

No, it is not possible to customize the function of the NFC chip in the phone case. Its primary purpose is to support checking the case’s authenticity using your NFC-enabled iPhone and providing access to games, wallpapers, music, support service from PITAKA.

Can PITAKA’s iPhone 15 case work with Apple’s MagSafe accessories?

Yes, PITAKA MagEZ case 4 series are compatible with Apple Official MagSafe accessories.

Is the case anti-fingerprint?

Our iPhone 15 case is made with aramid fiber and processed with 3 layers of painting to ensure it’s skin-friendly and non-slip. Whether a fingerprint mark will be left depends on your hand conditions. It is not easy to leave a fingerprint if the hand is dry. For sweaty hands, fingerprint marks may be left, but it is very easy to clean with a cloth.

With this case, can I charge my iPhone 15 on third-party wireless chargers?

PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 series are embedded with magnetic rings that do not cover the wireless charging area and highly fit with the magnetic ring built in the iPhone 15 series. Plus, it’s super slim. So if your iPhone 15 can be charged on third-party wireless chargers, it should work even with the case on.

Does this product support a camera protector?

he compatibility of our products with camera protectors cannot be guaranteed. If you think this is necessary, we recommend purchasing a standalone camera protector, not a full-cover edition.

Does the camera of this product have effective protection?

Yes. Our products are designed with camera protection in mind. The camera lip on the housing is relatively high and provides effective protection.

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