MagEZ Case For Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra

A magnetic and protective aramid fiber case for Ga... Read More

  • Embedded with metal plates to work with MagEZ 1.0 magnetic accessories
  • Wireless charging friendly
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Textured surface that improves grip and offers comfort
  • Made using durable and scratch-resistant aramid fiber
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Seamless Style

Aramid Fiber: Slim, Lightweight and Durable

With a thickness of only 0.85mm, the aerospace-grade aramid fiber offers protection against daily wear and tear without the bulk.

3D GripTM Technology

Our unique vacuum forming process retains the raw and original characteristics of aramid, creating a nonslip texture that improves grip while also feeling soft to the touch.

Learn More About 3D Grip

Magnetic Functionality

With built-in metal strips, the MagEZ Case attaches easily to the MagEZ Series magnetic wireless chargers for an uninterrupted charging experience.

Wireless Charging Friendly

The metal strips are specifically placed to work alongside your mobile’s wireless charging function.




Thickness: 0.03in (0.85mm)


0.53oz (15g)

Materials and Tech

Aramid fiber 3D Grip™ Technology Provides a smooth surface texture that improves grip.


2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x MagEZ Case for Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra


Q1. Are there magnets in the phone case, and will they affect my phone?

A1. There are no magnets in the phone case; only metal strips placed so as not to affect the wireless charging function of your phone.

Q2. Can I use the MagEZ Case with another wireless charger?

A2. You can use the MagEZ Case with any wireless charger, however, to take advantage of the magnetic function, use it with another MagEZ product. Please note, MagEZ Case for S20U/Note20 U/S21U/P40 Pro does not work with MagEZ Juice (2).

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Galaxy S20 cases that are ultra-slim and protective, made from aerospace-grade aramid fiber.


A durable, protective case that works seamlessly with MagEZ wireless chargers.

A lightweight and ultra-thin case, crafted using premium fine-weave aramid fiber.

Metal Plates for MagEZ Charger Compatibility
(See metal plates placement)


Not Compatible
(Without Metal Plates)




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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Dmitry Bocharov
very nice case

very nice case

It is similar to the

It is similar to the unboxed therapy latercase but the pitake case provides a little more protection of the phone and feels better. And this pitaka case is my daily driver phone case for my phone

Kevin Kerg
Efficient magnetic attachment. NO PROTECTION

Looks decent. Barely noticeable weight. Offers less protection than a wet tissue. I wouldnt feel like this case could protect my phone in my pocket let alone for every day use. If you have no issues replacing your phone every 3 months because it's basically covered in razor thin cardboard then this is the case for you. Charges well and good magnetic attachment. Overpriced scrap of construction paper that just invites a shattered screen. Even a screen protector leaves the device mostly unprotected.

Peter Sorzano
Strong phone case

Good quality product.
I will recommend it to all my friends.

Afeef Pt
Superb quality

Really thanks PITAKA

Hello Afeef: Thank you for your video sharing and review with 5 rating stars. It is very helpful for other customers to know PITAKA cases better. PITAKA values minimalism and practicability as we wants to provide users with seamless tech-life experience. We will continually researching, planning and designing new technologies for our ever-expanding line of products. Welcome to share with us your feedback again.