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Why there is no MagSafe charging animation?

Apple MagSafe charging animation is a feature designed for Apple MagSafe products. Although this animation is found in third party MagSafe products, the animation may not approved by Apple to be used on these products. If a MagSafe charger that is not deisgned by Apple has this animation without MFi certication, the animation code has been tampered with. We do not include this animation in our products because we want to protect user privacy & mobile phone security in order to pay more attention to the actual needs of our customers.
Slider 2

Can I use the MagEZ Battery Pack on MagEZ Slider 1 and 2?

The MagEZ Battery Pack can be used with MagEZ Slider 1(st) and 2(nd)-gen docks.
MagEZ Battery Pack

What’s the sound when the power pack attaches to and detaches from the phone?

Actually, that’s our design “dynamic magnets”, which means the magnets inside the device are not fixed. They will be attached only when the device detects magnetic forces. Through this design, the power pack safely charges phones, MagSafe or not. You will hear the mechanical sound the moment when the device attaches to your phone, which tells you that the device is well attached and aligned.

May I know the warranty time of the 2nd generation MagEZ Slider?

The warranty time of this MagEZ Slider 2 is 1 year.
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Can my iPhone 11 be charged by this MagEZ Slider 2?

No, the MagEZ Slider 2 cannot be compatible with the iPhone 11 or even older models of iPhones. It compatible with iPhone 12/13/14 series without a case or with a MagSafe case and Samsung Galaxy S22/S23 Series with a MagEZ Cases.
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Can this MagEZ Slider 2 charge my Samsung Watch?

No, the power dongle of the MagEZ Slider 2 can’t charge Samsung Watches, but it can charge Apple Watches.
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What is the capability of the battery on this MagEZ Slider 2?

The power of the battery is 4000mAH.
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Can this MagEZ Slider 2 charge my other earbuds, except the Airpods?

Yes, it can charge the Qi-enabled earbuds.
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What is the external material of the MagEZ Slider 2 battery?

The material of the Slider charging dock is Zinc alloy, and the battery is 1500D Aramid fiber and plastic.
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Why my iPhone 13 Pro Max is getting hot while charging in the MagEZ Sldier 2 gen?

It is normal that it can be getting hot during wireless charging. However, we have tested that the temperature is controllable as the MagEZ Slider 2 outputs 7.5W power at most to extend the lifespan and reduce the battery aging. Also, we suggest that customers open the set of optimized charging modes on the iPhone.
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How much output power of the adapter for the MagEZ Slider 2 that you recommend?

We recommend that customers use the over 20W adapter to recharge the MagEZ Slider 2 to provide the chargers with enough power.
Slider 2

Can the MagEZ Slider Gen 2 charge my Samsung S22?

Yes, the Slider 2 can charge the Samsung S22 series and S23 series with the MagEZ cases.
MagEZ Slider&Battery

Whether MagEZ Slider is fast charging?

No,it offers 5W charging. After numerous tests, we found that compared with faster speeds, 5W can help slow down the battery aging process, expand its lifespan.
MagEZ Slider&Battery

If the battery has been inserted to the base of the slider all the time, will it keep charging status when it has charged fully? Also, will the battery cause the damage?

The battery pack itself has an overheating and overcurrent protection mechanism.

When fully charged, the charging will be automatically turned off, and the indicator light will always be on to indicate that the charging has been turned off. No need to plug or unplug.

MagEZ Slider&Battery

MagEZ Slider is compatible with what kind of phone cases?

The MagEZ Slider supports the entire iPhone 12 series models when charging without a case.

If you prefer using a case with your iPhone 13/14 series, MagEZ Slider supports the Apple MagSafe® cases, Pitaka’s MagEZ® 2.0 Cases and third-party* MagSafe® cases. And other phones with PITAKA MagEZ Case 2/3.

For more information about the compatibility HERE

*We cannot guarantee that all third-party MagSafe® cases is compatible with the MagEZ Slider.

Work with S23

How does the Battery Pack fit on the Samsung S23 6.1?

The battery pack is compatible, but the camera lens will be a little bit obscured.

The area where the camera lens and battery pack come into contact is soft silicone with smooth edges.

MagEZ Slider&Battery

Can I charge the Slider power bank via cable?

Yes, a Type-C cable it’s able to charge the MagEZ Battery Pack.
MagEZ Slider&Battery

How do you check the battery/power pack level?

To check, turn on the indicator to see the indicator lights; when the battery pack is recharging your device, the indicators flash, and the quantity of lighting indicators is based on the exact battery level.
Move Slider

How do I move my Slider when I stuck it on my desk?

A reusable gel pad allows you to adjust the placement of the dock. Please slowly and gently pull if off the surface. Do Not force it off the surface quickly, pulling the dock from the surface might cause peeling paint and it may damage the charging dock.

After shipping, how long does it take to receive the package?

Due to the battery contained in this product, it requires a special flight for international shipping, which may take up to 5~20 days in most countries and areas. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@ipitaka.com.
Battery Safety

Will the power bank keep charging after it’s fully charged and damage the battery?

Rest assured, our Battery Pack includes overheating, overcurrent, and overcharge protection. Once fully charged, the charging process will automatically turn off, and the indicator light will remain illuminated to signal completion.

What is the warranty period of my Case and PITAKA Wireless Chargers?

For cases, the warranty time is 2 months. For PITAKA Single Device and Multi-Device Wireless Chargers, the warrany time is 1 year. Please refer to https://www.ipitaka.com/pages/shipping-warranty to get more information.

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