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Juice/Juice 2

Why is Juice 2 charging slowly?

The Juice 2 comes with a 2800mAH battery and has a Wireless Charging Speed Output of 5W and a Power Bank Wired Charging Speed Output of 10W- standard desktop charging, not designed as a lightening charger.
MagEZ Mount Qi

Is the Car Mount Qi charger fast charging?

No, MagEZ Mount Qi supports 7.5W charging for the iPhone series and 10W charging for the Samsung series.
MagEZ Mount Qi

Is the MagEZ Mount Qi is compatible with third-party phone cases?

While the MagEZ Mount Qi may work with a third-party magnetic phone case, we can’t guarantee its effectiveness. We strongly recommend using our compatible magnetic cases.

Our MagEZ Mount Qi is specially designed to match the metal plate placement in our MagEZ® 1.0 cases, and this may not be the case with other phone cases.

With the MagEZ® 1.0 cases, you simply attach your device using the MagEZ Mount Qi to experience secure, uninterrupted charging.


What is the warranty period of my Case and PITAKA Wireless Chargers?

For cases, the warranty time is 2 months. For PITAKA Single Device and Multi-Device Wireless Chargers, the warrany time is 1 year. Please refer to https://www.ipitaka.com/pages/shipping-warranty to get more information.

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MagEZ Juice & Juice 2 & Mount Qi

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