PitaFlow for Phones

Simplify Your Life

PitaFlow for Phones is an ecosystem of magnetic products that help you use your mobile literally anytime and anywhere to streamline your life. It is built on MagEZ 2.0 technology.

PitaFlow for Phones

Boost the Performance of your Phone

Connecting Your Phone with the PITAKA MagEZ System

To let your phone effortlessly flow from one place to another, firstly, you need a MagEZ 2.0 Case. With a strong MagSafe magnet array embedded, the case allows your phone to connect to various magnetic accessories to enjoy the convenience of PITAKA's Magnetic System. Of course, an iPhone with MagSafe capacity will do without the case.

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PitaFlow for Phones

At your desk

Effortlessly Keep Your Phone
Energized with PITAKA Magnetic Wireless Chargers

Snap your phone onto the compact wireless charger MagEZ Slider to power it up at your desk. And slide it out with the MagSafe power bank to charge on the go when needed.

PitaFlow for Phones

On the Road

Reliable Mounting and
Charging on the Road

Attach your mobile to the MagEZ Car Mount Pro with a single hand, and rest assured that it's firmly held in place even on the bumpiest road while charging. Your phone will always be ready for your next adventure.

PitaFlow for Phones


Everyday Carrying Simplified

Need to carry your cards but don't want to take your fat wallet with you? Snap the MagEZ Card Sleeve 3 to the back of your phone, and you can easily access your cards while you're on the go.

PitaFlow for Phones

About MagEZ 2.0

Discover PITAKA MagEZ 2.0

The New Tech Employed on PitaFlow for Phones.

Since 2017, we have been building a MagEZ system based on magnets, consisting of magnetic car mounts, magnetic wallets, magnetic power banks and magnetic iPad stands. Our goal is to offer you the convenience of magnetic connectivity through a seamless ecosystem of products to simplify your life.

We used metal plates and magnets to create magnetic items at the beginning. After Apple released the new MagSafe, we decided to upgrade our system to MagEZ 2.0 to embrace the MagSafe technology as we think MagSafe will become the dominant trend and a unified system will benefit us all.

PitaFlow for Phones

MagEZ 1.0 Series

PitaFlow for Phones

MagEZ 2.0 Series

The MagEZ 2.0 system includes MagSafe compatible phone cases, wireless chargers, car mounts, and wallets, which not only work with iPhones with MagSafe capacity but also the Samsung phones like the newest Galaxy S22 Series. And we will continue to create more ingenious designs and bring unparalleled experience to your everyday life.

Click here to view the compatibility of MagEZ 1.0 and 2.0 systems.

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PitaFlow for Phones

Full Bundle

Includes: 1x iPhone Case for iPhone 13 Series 1x MagEZ Slider 1x MagEZ Car Mount Pro/Lite 1x MagEZ Card Sleeve 3

PitaFlow for Phones

Full Bundle

Includes: 1x Android Case for Galaxy S22 Series 1x MagEZ Slider 1x MagEZ Car Mount Pro/Lite 1x MagEZ Card Sleeve 3