Why You Need An Apple Watch Case and What to Get
Jun 6, 2020 By Claire
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Why You Need An Apple Watch Case and What to Get

Unlike your smartphone that gets thrown into a bag or pocket, facing constant wear and tear, a smartwatch stays on your wrist all day, so many of us do not see the need to put a case or screen protector on our Apple watch.

A versatile smart system packed neatly in a small package, we expect the Apple Watch to be durable enough to protect its sensitive technology. Sadly however, the Apple Watch is just as prone to scuffs and scratches as our iPhone. Considering we pay hundreds of dollar for it and rely heavily on it in our daily life, perhaps it’s time we started to take more care of our smartwatch.

Apple Watch Can Scratch Easily

Apple Watch scratches more easily than you thought.

Apple Watch scratches easily Apple community
Apple Watch scratches easily iMore community

If you have ever asked someone with a cracked smartwatch screen or a dent on the edge of the Apple Watch, chances are they won’t know how it happened. Although we rarely think about it, smartwatches are just as exposed to hazards as a phone is: we often knock our hands on the desk when we type or hit objects when we play sports. Even small amounts of friction that occurs when we remove a jacket can cause considerable wear over time.

The Apple Watch Look

The mainstream appeal of Apple Watch is largely attributed to Jony Ive, the former design chief at Apple, who ‘saw the watch as a fashion accessory’. While the Apple Watch still features prominently as a piece of outstanding hardware design, its durability may not justify its price. Apple tends to focus on the aesthetics of a product but neglects to consider its longevity.

A Fragile Glass Screen

Apple Watch screen scratches Apple Watch drop test

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In September 2019, Apple launched a replacement program for users who experience screen cracking along the rounded edge of the aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 and 3. Although this may just be a design flaw specific to this model, screen cracking threatens almost every Apple Watch.

The more expensive range of Apple Watch offers a face made from Sapphire, the second strongest material after diamond. It rarely gets scratched, but it is not good at withstanding cracks and chips when subjected to direct impact.

Some Apple Watches are more susceptible to scratches.

Apple Watch models can be categorized into four types: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and ceramic, from least durable to most durable. However, in real life, stainless steel Apple Watch would seem the one scratches easiest, due to its distinguishing characteristics of different materials.

Apple Watch materials aluminum stainless steel Apple Watch

Aluminum is the softest material and costs the least. Although it is the weakest material, it does not seem to scratch as easily as the stainless steel version. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and harder and brighter than aluminum. However, its shiny surface means scratches are more noticeable. Despite being almost three times stronger than stainless steel, titanium can scratch too, and often becomes dull. The ceramic Apple Watch may be the most scratch-resistant, but it is brittle compared to metal, and it’s also the most expensive, at more than 3 times the price of the aluminum Apple Watch.

Tips to Get Rid of the Scratches on Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch scratches on the side

While scratches are almost impossible to remove from metals or ceramic, they can be polished to appear less obvious. Using a microfiber cloth, apply a small amount of polishing cream or toothpaste and wipe over the surface. If the scratch is not deep, it can be made almost invisible after polishing. If you are not comfortable trying out this DIY solution, take your Apple Watch to a watch repair shop, as Apple does not currently provide an Apple Watch polishing service or repair cosmetic scratches.

Maintain a scratch-free Apple Watch

If you want to look after your Apple Watch, then a case is a must. If you have an active job or play sports, an Apple Watch case and screen protector are the best way to protect your watch.

Use a screen protector

Apple Watch screen protectors

The Apple Watch face is made of tough material, but can still crack and get scratched. A screen protector made from tempered glass or plastic can keep the screen surface safe.

Use an Apple Watch case

Apple Watch cases

An Apple Watch case is essential, especially for the aluminum and stainless steel Apple Watch series, which are more susceptible to scratches. Most cases on the market protect the sides and the body of the watch while keeping the buttons and switches accessible.

Picking the best Apple Watch Case

Apple Watch cases

To start with, the Apple Watch case should be protective, although some offer more protection than others. Besides the design, the material also plays a vital part in the level of protection it offers your Apple Watch. Second, the case should not interfere with how you interact with your Apple Watch, such as touching the screen and pressing the side button. Additionally, the case should not accentuate both your style and the design of the Apple Watch.

PITAKA Apple Watch Case for Ultra, Series 9 and more

pitaka apple watch ultra case and band

The Air Case for Apple Watch is the protective case crafted from the military-grade aramid fiber. Used in the auto-motive industry and to make body armor, Aramid fiber is five times stronger than steel while remaining ultra-light. The case is precisely cut for a secure fit while protecting your watch from scuffs and scratches. You can press the button and tap the screen as if there is no case on it. More importantly, the Apple Watch case features a minimalist and refined style.

The case has sizes for all Apple Watch models, including the newest Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra. And the case is compatible with the Carbon Fiber Watch Band and Apple's bands.


Since your Apple Watch can get scratched and dented from time to time, it deserves the same, if not more protection than your phone. Start protecting your smartwatch with an Apple Watch Case and screen protector.

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