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Welcome Aboard Beaglland
Jun 9, 2023 By Claire

Welcome Aboard Beaglland

From its first day of its inception, PITAKA has insisted on using its cutting-edge material technology to provide users with innovative and high-quality products and services. Last year at the PITAKA Ecosystem Event, we elevated our new mission; To simplify your life by building product ecosystems in a smarter and more sustainable way. To achieve this vision, we planned to expand our product line to recycle sizeable items like suitcases to reuse these materials in smaller sized products like phone cases and tablet production. Eventually achieving zero waste production. 

To make it a reality, we have designed a three-step plan:

1. Living eco-friendly: re-think and design our products in an eco-friendly ecosystem.

2. Producing eco-friendly: recycle PITAKA products and repurpose them into new products that enrich the product eco-systems and simplify our daily lives.

3. Developing eco-friendly: eliminating the obstacles of reusing composite materials in the physical world while improving technology and efficiency.

In a nutshell, we will continue to target our customers' needs and plan our products from the perspective of people's lives, connecting them to real-life scenarios, while minimizing waste. In doing so, we can recycle larger-sized goods, reuse the materials, and turn them into smaller-sized goods. Step by step, we can create a universe of unsurpassed lifestyles with zero waste.

Among them, the PitaGo project is a crucial part of this plan. As an inseparable product in people's lives, the suitcase guarantees the sustainability and feasibility of our three-step plan to the greatest extent.

After nearly 2 years of product research and development, we are happy to tell you today that the first luggage of our PitaGo series has officially entered the mass production stage. We cannot wait to share some of our details and progress with you and we look forward to your support.

How is the project going now?

Our first luggage has entered mass production and will be released in the near future.

What makes our luggage different from others?

When we started designing, we asked ourselves “what will the luggage of the future look like?” Based on a large number of market research, we believe that future luggage must be more personalized, easier to repair and maintain, and more environmentally friendly. Based on this vision, we finally decided to adopt a modular concept to design our luggage.

Therefore, compared to the integrated molding of traditional luggage, each part of our luggage is molded with a dedicated mold, and then sent to a professional electronic equipment assembly factory for assembly. In other words, for the first time, we produced a suitcase like we produced cars or iPhones.

Doing so will undoubtedly increase costs and R&D difficulty, but compared to its benefits, we think it is worth it. First of all, the result of precision mold production is its extremely high precision to meet the aesthetics of the design. The modular assembly method not only gives the main components the possibility of independent maintenance, repair, and replacement, but also returns the power of design to the customer, so that everyone has more to create for themselves. Through such a unique design, our suitcases are customizable, easy to repair, and easy to recycle, while setting our suitcase apart from all others in the market.

Why is it taking so long?

It took us over 2 years, from design to final mass production. Although it is only a suitcase, a large number of innovations and high-quality requirements make its research and development process full of challenges. From the selection of raw materials, the design of materials and structural mechanics, the treatment of surface effects, and even the development of exclusive assembly tools, we need to start everything from scratch. In addition, we have tested the luggage strictly according to the highest standards in the industry to ensure that the products we deliver to users have utterly reliable performance. We believe that users will be able to feel its uniqueness and unique value when they get started, and this is the value of time and enthusiasm.

New name. New journey.

In order to differentiate our current accessories business and not confuse our customers and partners, we finally decided to use a new brand name.

Why is the new brand called the Beaglland?

beagle ship

The name is inspired by Darwin's sailing ship on his first voyage.

In 1831, Charles Darwin embarked on a voyage aboard the HMS Beagle of the Royal Navy. Darwin's explorations and studies of various sites, especially the Galapagos Islands, led to his theory of evolution and the concept of natural selection.

We admire Darwin's spirit of daring to follow his inner call and sail for his love. Inspired by this, we named the new brand "Beaglland", which represents curiosity, exploration, and the fearless pursuit of dreams. Beaglland explores the future of travel storage. We hope it helps you explore the world or your life.

What is the relationship between Beaglland and PITAKA?

Beaglland is an affiliate brand of PITAKA. It is completely run by the same team of designers, engineers, marketing experts, etc. from China, the United States, France, and other regions.

What is the significance for PITAKA users?

Users of PITAKA will be our most important early users of BEAGLLAND. For the first batch of sales, we will also give priority to PITAKA supporters and will also give special benefits.

What can you expect next?

The first is offline events such as product launches, and we will invite our local supporters to participate. In fact, on the 20th of this month, we will hold our first luggage launch event in Paris, France. If you are interested in this event, please click here to pre-register. We will review according to the registration status of the event and confirm your participation eligibility.

Secondly, because the luggage is highly customizable, we will interact with our customers in the later stage to discuss and plan more activities about personalized customization.

Of course, we will prepare early user discounts, exclusive gifts, and more;

Thank you for witnessing our milestone

The above is a brief summary of some of the latest developments in our PitaGo luggage project.

Innovation luggage is an important part of our commitment to a sustainable ecosystem and a challenge to innovate. We need your support to keep innovating and provide you with better products and services. With your support, we can create a unique circular ecology together to make the world a better and greener place.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We are just getting started.

Welcome aboard.

PS: To discuss Beaglland and get the latest news, join our Facebook Group or Discord now!

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