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Top iPad Pro Carrying Cases Compatible with Magic Keyboard
Jul 1, 2022 By Claire
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Top iPad Pro Carrying Cases Compatible with Magic Keyboard

The new Magic Keyboard is a must-have to get the most out of the iPad Pro, particularly if you want to use it to replace your laptop. If you own the Apple Magic Keyboard, you’d better take it into consideration when purchasing iPad Pro accessories. You don’t want to buy a case to protect your iPad Pro when naked and remove it when you attach the tablet to the keyboard. 

Regarding protective cases, PITAKA has an iPad Pro case compatible with Magic Keyboard. As for carrying cases or sleeves to hold your iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard, we’ve picked up a few for your reference.

CITYSHEEP Slim Fit iPad Case Compatible with Magic Keyboard

citysheep slim fit ipad pro case compatible with magic keyboard

Made of full-grain leather combined with vegetable-tanned leather and 100% natural merino wool felt, the CITYSLEEP Slim Fit iPad Pro Magic Keyboard case is a well-crafted luxury piece with a minimal look. 

The leather is said to be processed by hands of the Italian Tuscan master tanners using an environmentally friendly leather dyeing technique. The material could age beautifully over time to add patina, making the case more aesthetically pleasing. And the way how the dark and light leather is framed together adds a bit of contrast, giving the case a youthful vibe. 

The internal natural felt can protect from bumps and scratches. Also, there’s a pencil holder, a business card slot, a big pocket on the back, and a small pocket in the front to store your phone and many other small accessories. 

Comfyable Sleeve for iPad Pro 12.9 with Magic Keyboard

comfyable ipad pro case

If you don't have the budget, the Comfyable iPad Pro case compatible with Magic Keyboard would be an alternative for a minimal leather case with pockets. 

Similarly, this case is made using leather, so you will never have to worry about spilling a drink or walking through the rain with your tablet in the Comfyable iPad case. In addition, the soft interior fleece prevents your iPad from getting scratched. 

There aren’t too many pockets, but the big front panel accessory pocket is enough to hold all you need on your travels. And I guess with a size like that and stuff inside, it also helps protect your iPad from damage. 

The case fits iPad Pro 12.9 inch 3rd gen, 4th & 5th gen with Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard.

Dodocase Magic Keyboard Case 

dodocase magic keyboard case for ipad pro

Nine out of ten Magic Keyboard cases actually work like bags or briefcases. That means you have to put the iPad and keyboard inside and lock it, and unzip or unfasten to take them out when you need them again. But it’s a different case (no pun intended) for the Dodocase’s Magic Keyboard case for iPad Pro. 

The leather-bound Magic Keyboard Case is made with over 30 magnets, enabling it magnetically attach to the back of Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It’s like wearing a cover for the keyboard. The Magic Keyboard works as a protective cover to some extent, but when using a $1000 tablet plus the $300 keyboard, you can’t be too careful. And what’s great about those magnets is that it allows you to easily install the Magic Keyboard and grab and hold it to go mobile in a second, without the hassle of zipping, packing, etc. 

The case is crafted from library-grade Buckram, stiff cotton cloth with a loose weave that offers grip. But you may still find it hard to carry the bundle around. Because the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard are quite a hefty pair. If there’s no handle or anything alike, you have to handle the thickness with your hands or tuck it under your arms.

And the case comes with a braided elastic loop to help secure your Apple Pencil.

However, if you want to carry more items apart from the basic, afraid that you need to find a pocket or bag. 

PITAKA Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

PITAKA’s FlipBook Case for iPad is designed similarly to the Dodocase’s but features a more stylish look and additional function.

The minimalist iPad Pro Magic Keyboard case is specially designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch (available soon). You have to peel off the protective films on the case and stick it with the Magic Keyboard to make them one piece. So when you open the case, your Magic Keyboard opens too, and everything folds together when closed, saving you time and a lot of trouble setting up your workstation. 

The case features magnetic handles, which automatically attach when put close for you to hold to easily carry on the go. In addition, a pocket made of carbon fiber textile on the side can be used to store your small accessories. 

By the way, the case doesn’t fully cover the Magic Keyboard. The device combo is already heavy. Some people would prefer not to add any unnecessary bulk. 

MacCase Magic Keyboard Sleeve for iPad Pro 12.9

maccase magic keyboard sleeve for ipad pro

Leather cases for Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro are very common. Made using vegetable-dyed and ultra “soft hand” ethically sourced leather, the MacCase’s Magic Keyboard sleeve costs quite a lot. Compared to the leather cases above, the brown MacCase case looks like it already ages and patinas quite well (not all leather does that). Besides the vintage brown, they also offer the color satin black. 

The look aside, the MacCase Magic Keyboard case offers solid protection. Fully padded and lined layers, air-filled tubular, and perimeter bumper piping helps absorb impacts and protect the edges and corners of the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. Also, it has an integrated, center storage pocket that fully covers the Apple Pencil.

Last but not least, MacCase allows you to create your personalized leather iPad Pro Magic Keyboard case. You can select the leather finish and the color, the thread color, and the interior fabric color. And the coolest thing is that you can add a three-letter embossed monogram to make the case uniquely yours.


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