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MagSafe in iPad Pro 2024? Best Wireless Charging Options for iPad Pro
Jan 11, 2024 By Lily
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MagSafe in iPad Pro 2024? Best Wireless Charging Options for iPad Pro

Last year, Apple left many fans disappointed when they did not release a new iPad. However, rumors are starting to circulate that the Cupertino tech giant will be updating their iPad lineup in 2024.

According to MacRumors, the next iPad Pro in 2024 might support MagSafe charging. While this information comes from a source who is "familiar with companies that manufacture magnets for Apple products", it is essential to delve into how MagSafe technology would work in the iPad Pro lineup.

What Is MagSafe and How Does It Work?

MagSafe is a charging feature developed by Apple that uses magnets to connect and secure a charger to a device. It was initially introduced with MacBook computers and was reintroduced with iPhone 12 models in 2020.

MagSafe employs a ring of magnets integrated into the charging pad and a corresponding set of magnets embedded in the device. When the charging pad is brought close to the device, the magnetic force automatically aligns and connects them. This ensures a secure and reliable charging connection.

Besides, MagSafe also enables easy attachment to various accessories, such as magnetic cases and wallets, providing a convenient way to enhance the functionality of the iPhone.

Why Hasn't MagSafe Been Incorporated into the iPad?

The introduction of MagSafe into iPhones has undoubtedly enhanced the functionality of these devices, so why did Apple not incorporate MagSafe charging into iPads like they did with iPhones? The reason might lie in the differences between the two types of devices.

iPad Has Bigger Size and Weight than iPhone

The iPad is considerably larger and heavier than the iPhone, which means the former requires more magnets and a stronger magnetic field to support the MagSafe connection. This might pose challenges in terms of design and functionality.

iPad Features Aluminum Backing

Unlike iPhones, the iPad is designed with an aluminum back instead of a glass back. Aluminum is not naturally conducive to magnetic attachments, which might interfere with the required magnetic field for MagSafe technology. This presents a unique challenge for Apple – finding a way to establish a strong magnetic connection without compromising the device's design and aesthetics.

iPad Pro's aluminum backing

How Would a MagSafe iPad Pro Work?

If Apple were to introduce MagSafe support for the iPad Pro 2024, certain modifications might be necessary.

Introduction of Charging Coil and Larger MagSafe Ring

To enable effective MagSafe functionality on the iPad Pro, the device would need to be equipped with a charging coil. Given the iPad Pro's larger weight and size, a bigger MagSafe ring might be required to ensure secure attachment and wireless charging. Apple needs to optimize the hardware design to accommodate the iPad Pro's larger dimensions and weight while also guaranteeing a reliable and efficient charging experience.

Potential Changes to the Back Material

Since the current aluminum back presents interference with MagSafe technology, the back material of the iPad Pro might require reconsideration to ensure seamless wireless charging.

Previous reports from Bloomberg in 2021 suggested that Apple planned to release a new iPad Pro in 2022 with a glass back to support wireless charging. However, Apple did not introduce these features in 2022, possibly due to concerns about the device's durability and vulnerability to accidental drops. Finding the right balance between implementing a glass back for wireless charging and sustaining the iPad Pro's durability is pivotal in Apple's decision-making process.

Possible Types of MagSafe Charger

If the new iPad Pro finally embraces MagSafe charging, will it work with the current MagSafe Charger for iPhones? Considering the compact size and magnetic force of the current MagSafe charger, it might not be strong enough to hold the bigger and heavier iPad Pro. However, it is probable that Apple would develop a larger MagSafe charger to ensure compatibility with both devices.

Of course, given that the iPad Pro is a high-performance device, Apple might also introduce a dedicated MagSafe charger specifically designed for the iPad Pro or even for all later iPad models.

MagSafe Wireless Charging Solutions for iPad Pro

Despite the persistent rumors surrounding MagSafe integration in the iPad Pro 2024, it is essential to note that Apple has not officially confirmed this information. However, if you want MagSafe wireless charging options on your iPad Pro, some third-party options can meet your demands.

PITAKA's seamless wireless charging ecosystem makes it effortless to charge your iPad Pro. The MagEZ Case Pro is a protective case designed for the iPad Pro 2021/2022 models, providing a shield against scratches and damage. Wait! You may wonder what the case is related to MagSafe charging. The reason lies in the clever inclusion of X-pin magnetic connectors on the case's back, allowing you to easily attach your iPad Pro to the PitaFlow Charger.

The PitaFlow Charger, designed with the same X-pin magnetic connectors, acts as a MagSafe charging pad exclusively tailored for the MagEZ Case Pro. This ingenious pairing enables wireless charging for your iPad Pro, providing a lot of convenience when you are gaming.

Additionally, PITAKA offers the MagEZ Charging Stand as another MagSafe charging option. With its top pad equipped with X-pin magnetic connectors, the wireless charging stand securely holds your iPad Pro adorned with the MagEZ Case Pro, delivering stable wireless charging. Furthermore, the stand supports 360° rotation or vertical adjustment by 32.5°/-5°, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle for your tablet.

The versatility of the MagEZ Charging Stand extends beyond just the iPad Pro. It provides wireless charging support up to 15W for various Qi-enabled devices, including Android phones, iPhones, and earbuds. This makes it a practical choice for simultaneously charging multiple devices.

Whether you're setting up your iPad Pro for work or simply want the convenience of MagSafe charging, the MagEZ Charging Stand from PITAKA is an exceptional accessory. Its sleek design, adjustable angle, and compatibility with a range of devices make it a functional and reliable choice for your charging needs.


The advent of MagSafe technology has significantly enhanced the user experience of iPhone and MacBook. Although Apple has not yet indicated when they will incorporate this technology into the iPad, we remain optimistic that the tech giant will eventually overcome any obstacles and introduce wireless charging for the iPad. Until this technology becomes a reality, there are alternative gadgets available, like PITAKA's, that can fulfill our desire for iPad wireless charging.

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