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iPhone Wireless Charging Case: Your New Favorite Accessory
Jun 25, 2024 By Lily

iPhone Wireless Charging Case: Your New Favorite Accessory

Our smartphones are more than just gadgets; they're essential companions. And what could make our iPhone experience even better? Of course, it's a wireless charging case that combines style, convenience, and top-notch protection. Among the leading options, PITAKA's MagSafe cases stand out for their superior quality and thoughtful engineering. Let’s explore why these cases are your new best friend.

Why Choose PITAKA's iPhone Wireless Charging Cases?

PITAKA's wireless charging case is more than just another iPhone accessory; it’s crafted with your needs in mind. Here are some features you’ll love:

  • MagSafe Compatible: Say goodbye to tangled cords. Just snap on the case and enjoy hassle-free wireless charging.
  • Aerospace-Grade Aramid Fiber: This is not your typical case material. It’s strong yet incredibly light, giving your phone solid protection without added bulk.
  • Strong Yet Slim and Light: Strikes the perfect balance between durability and sleekness.
  • Raised Camera Lip: Protects your camera lens from scratches and drops, so you can capture moments worry-free.
  • NFC Functionality: Helps you verify your case's authenticity and know your case is real.

Which iPhone Wireless Charging Case Fits You Best?

PITAKA offers a diverse range of styles and designs, ensuring there's a perfect match for everyone. Whether you prioritize protection, slimness, or minimalism, there's a PITAKA case for you:

MagEZ Case Pro 4
If you drop your phone, the MagEZ Case Pro 4 is for you. It’s passed military-grade drop tests, so your iPhone will be safe from almost anything life throws. Plus, it’s MagSafe compatible, making charging super easy.

protective iphone wireless charging case

StarPeak MagEZ Case 4
Prefer something slim? The StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 is a thin, light designer case that offers excellent protection. It’s perfect if you want a sleek profile without sacrificing safety.

slim iphone wireless charging case

Sunset Moonrise MagEZ Case 5
If you're an ultimate minimalist, the Sunset Moonrise MagEZ Case 5 is absolutely the thinnest and lightest option available. It’s almost like a second skin for your phone, offering essential protection with barely-there thickness.

thinnest iphone wireless charging case

Best of Both Worlds - Style & Convenience

Convenient, Clutter - Free Charging

Say goodbye to the mess of tangled cables and worn-out charging ports. With PITAKA’s wireless charging cases, you’ll enjoy:

Strong Magnetism without Signal Interference: Powerful magnets built inside the cases ensure your phone stays securely attached to the charger without disrupting your connectivity.

Automatic Fit: No more fiddling to get the charger in the right spot. Just place your phone down and let the case do the work. Enjoy a reliable charge without the hassle.

MagSafe Compatibility: These iPhone wireless charging cases are fully compatible with MagSafe accessories. This not only makes charging more efficient but also allows you to use other MagSafe accessories like wallets and mounts seamlessly.

compatible with magsafe accessories

Keep Your iPhone Safe and Sound

Your phone goes everywhere with you, so it needs to be tough. PITAKA's iPhone wireless charging cases are built to provide excellent protection while keeping a sleek look:

Everyday Protection: Made from aerospace-grade aramid fiber, these cases provide unparalleled defense against daily wear and tear. This resilient material safeguards your phone from scratches, bumps, and drops, keeping it pristine in everyday life.

Anti-Discoloration: Another standout feature is the resistance to discoloration. Unlike other cases that may yellow or fade over time, these wireless charging cases maintain their original look even after extended use. This ensures your case will look as good as new, years down the line.

As Pretty As It Is Practical

Why settle for just functionality when you can have style too? The MagSafe cases offer a perfect balance of elegance and practicality:

Super Thin and Light: Despite their robust protection, these cases are super slim and lightweight, making it easy to slip your iPhone into your pocket or bag without extra bulk.

Unique Textured Finish: Featuring a textured finish, these cases not only look great but also provide a secure grip. Feel confident knowing your phone is less likely to slip from your hands while enjoying a touch of luxury in every touch.

iphone wireless charging case

Built-in NFC Chips: For authenticity assurance, these cases are built with NFC chips. This feature allows you to verify the genuine PITAKA product, ensuring you receive the quality and performance you expect. You can also get access to wallpapers, music, games, and other services from PITAKA.


Struggling to decide? Listen to what the customers say!

MagEZ Case Pro 4
"MagEZ Case Pro 4 for iPhone 15 series offers a sleek and durable design that provides excellent protection for my device. The high-quality materials used make it both lightweight and sturdy. Its slim profile adds minimal bulk while still ensuring a secure grip. The inclusion of advanced materials like aramid fiber not only enhances protection but also adds a touch of sophistication to the case. Overall, a reliable and stylish choice for safeguarding my phone!"

StarPeak MagEZ Case 4
"I bought this after a lot of thinking and research online, where the product was really appreciated and people across the globe like it. I bought it and am so impressed with the level of engineering, detailing, and looks this product gives to your iPhone, this is an all-new level ... Thanks for making such desirable cases that stand out from the bulky mass-produced cases."

Sunset Moonrise MagEZ Case 5
"I have used many Aramid Fiber cases over the years. This is the best one. The feel of the case is great and the color patterns created with woven fibers look amazing. The case feels very premium."


What iPhone models are these cases compatible with?
The MagEZ Case Pro 4 and StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 are compatible with all iPhone 15 models, including iPhone 15/15 Plus/15 Pro/15 Pro Max, while the Sunset Moonrise MagEZ Case 5 is compatible with iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max.

Are these iPhone wireless charging cases anti-fingerprint?
These cases are made from aramid fiber and treated with a triple-layer painting process to ensure it's both skin-friendly and non-slip. Whether fingerprints are left depends on the moisture level of your hands. Dry hands are less likely to leave marks, while sweaty hands may leave slight prints that are easily cleaned with a cloth, Nano cotton, eraser, or alcohol pad.

Can I use third-party wireless chargers with these cases?
The cases are equipped with MagSafe magnets that align precisely with the magnetic ring inside the iPhone 15 series. If your iPhone 15 can charge on third-party wireless chargers, it should also charge with these cases on.

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