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iPad Pro 7th Gen (2024): Should You Buy It?
Jan 30, 2024 By Claire

iPad Pro 7th Gen (2024): Should You Buy It?

Apple's iPad Pro series has long been the epitome of innovation and performance in the tablet market. With the release of the iPad Pro 2024, Apple continues its tradition of pushing boundaries and setting new standards. But amidst the hype and excitement, the crucial question remains: Should you buy it?

In this article, we'll explore the impressive upgrades and improvements that the iPad Pro 2024 offers, helping you determine if it's worth your investment.

Key Features of the iPad Pro 2024

Size and Design

The iPad Pro 2024 comes in two sizes: 11-inch and 13-inch, with the 12.9-inch variant notably absent from this year's lineup. This departure from the previous iteration reflects Apple's commitment to refining its product offerings to better suit the needs of its users.

Both models boast significant improvements in weight and thickness compared to their predecessors. The 13-inch model, in particular, is astonishingly thin, measuring just 0.2 inches thick and weighing a mere 1.28 lbs. Similarly, the 11-inch variant follows suit with a slim and lightweight profile, measuring only 0.21 inches thick and weighing just 0.98 lbs. These enhancements result in a sleeker, more refined design and contribute to a more comfortable and ergonomic user experience.

OLED Display

One of the most striking features of the iPad Pro 2024 is its stunning OLED display. Both the 11-inch and 13-inch models boast Tandem OLED technology, which delivers exceptional clarity, deep blacks, and vibrant colors. This improvement represents a significant leap forward in display technology, providing users with an unparalleled viewing experience. Whether you're streaming videos, editing photos, or creating digital art, the OLED display of the iPad Pro 2024 ensures that every detail is rendered with precision and accuracy.

Landscape Front-facing Camera

While the camera specifications of the iPad Pro 2024 remain 12MP, there is a notable change in its placement. In landscape orientation, the front-facing camera is now positioned at the top-center of the device, deviating from the 2022 model, which had the camera centered above the screen in portrait mode. While this may seem like a minor adjustment, it has the potential to significantly enhance the user experience, particularly during video calls and content creation.

ipad pro case

M4 Chip

The most exciting news is the introduction of the M4 chip in the iPad Pro 2024. This chip features up to a 10-core CPU configuration, delivering 1.5 times faster performance compared to the M2 chip found in the previous model.

Additionally, different chip variants are available based on storage capacity, with higher-tier models boasting a 10-core GPU with hardware-accelerated ray tracing, a 16-core neural engine, 120GB/s memory bandwidth, and 16GB of RAM. These improvements ensure that the iPad Pro 2024 can effortlessly handle even the most demanding tasks, from video editing to 3D rendering, with ease and efficiency.

New Accessories for iPad Pro 2024

In addition to software and hardware advancements, the iPad Pro 2024 comes with new accessories that further enhance its versatility and productivity.

Upgraded Magic Keyboard
The Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro, has received a significant upgrade, featuring a larger trackpad with haptic feedback, similar to that found on modern MacBooks. This new trackpad provides users with a more intuitive and responsive typing experience, allowing for greater precision and control.

Apple Pencil Pro
This year, Apple introduced the Apple Pencil Pro, an exclusive accessory for the iPad Pro 2024 and iPad Air. With a new sensor in its barrel, the Apple Pencil Pro allows users to squeeze it to bring up tool palettes or activate shortcuts, streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency.

Prices of iPad Pro 7th Gen (2024)

The iPad Pro 2024 comes with advanced features and capabilities, resulting in a price increase. The 11-inch model starts at $999, while the 13-inch model starts at $1,299. These prices are $200 higher compared to the starting prices of the 2022 models. While the price hike may discourage some potential buyers, it's crucial to consider the value provided by the numerous enhancements and upgrades offered by the iPad Pro 2024.

Should You Wait for the iPad Pro 7th Gen (2024)?

Undoubtedly, the iPad Pro 2024 represents a significant leap forward in terms of innovation and performance. With its sleek design, stunning OLED displays, powerful M4 chip, and enhanced accessories, it offers a compelling proposition for both casual users and professionals. However, whether you should buy it ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

If you prioritize cutting-edge technology, seamless performance, and a premium user experience, investing in the iPad Pro 2024 could be a worthwhile decision. Its advanced features and capabilities are sure to elevate your productivity and creativity to new heights.

On the other hand, if you merely require a tablet for note-taking, entertainment, reading, and basic tasks, the iPad Pro 2022 will suffice.

In conclusion, while the iPad Pro 2024 sets a new standard for tablet innovation, the decision to purchase one should be based on careful consideration of your requirements and preferences.

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