PITAKA: Auto-Align Your Phone with Magnetic Accessories
Mar 7, 2022 By Claire

PITAKA: Auto-Align Your Phone with Magnetic Accessories

Like Apple, PITAKA believes in a future of wireless connectivity with auto-align. The outlook of a wireless world seems pretty bright after decades of development. But trust me when I say the wireless charging was not as good as it looks today, I'm saying the non-auto-align wireless charging.

The idea of wireless charging was just a fad for some people as they might find that wireless charging was not any more efficient than charging through a cable. Worse, sometimes when they come back to check their phone an hour later only to find that it is not charging at all.

One of the major drawbacks of wireless charging back in those days is that you have to manually align your phone with the charging coils on the wireless charger, which is an easy task when you own perspective eyes. That is where auto-align technology comes in.

Why Do We Need Auto-Align?

Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer power between the receiver and sender. The electromagnetic field is formed between two sets of copper wires or coils that are very close. That means you need to make sure the coil in the mobile aligns precisely with that in the charging pad to trigger wireless charging. The thing is, we cannot see those coils, making it challenging to find the sweet spot. Even if you find it, a notification vibration may be able to budge your phone away from the center position. Once the coils are not aligned correctly, the odds are that charging will be interrupted or slowed down due to overheating. Yup, wireless charging could be that annoying.

auto align wireless charging

To fix the problem, we need the auto-align design.

How Does Auto-Align Work?

How to make those two coils automatically connect? The magic is through magnets. PITAKA designers embedded a magnet array along the coil inside the phone and wireless chargers. When two magnets of the opposite poles are brought near each other, they automatically attract each other. That is how auto-align works.


Simple science. But placing those magnets inside the device is not simple. We have to make sure the magnets are not too strong to affect other components or too weak in case two devices come loose quickly. And of course, they cannot be in the way of those coils; otherwise, they would not connect and charge. So we made these magnets in crescent shape or arranged them in crescent order to avoid interference with anything that goes on between two devices.

Through numerous tests and trying different kinds of magnets, we have come up with slim magnetic phone cases, PITAKA MagEZ cases and magnetic wireless chargers, PITAKA MagEZ Slider that work perfectly together with auto-align.

Auto-Align Technology Upgraded

Thanks to auto-align technology, we have successfully built an ecosystem consisting of magnetic products for you to use your mobile phone more conveniently.

pitaka magnetic wireless charging car mount auto align with phones

The new MagSafe released by Apple in 2020 has proved again that auto-align technology is the way for wireless charging to develop. And accordingly, PITAKA upgraded the system by replacing crescent-shaped magnets with the Magsafe magnet array that performs stronger magnetic force than Apple's MagSafe.

Magnets not only make phones and chargers magnetically connect with each other but make mounting your phone easier.

What Is So Great About Magnetic Phone Mounts?

Alignment apart, another issue holding back those who are on the fence to try wireless charging is that you can only lay your phone flat on the wireless charging pad, which means you cannot use your phone while it is charging, at least not in the way that you can do when charging through a cable.

Things became different when people discovered how valuable magnets are. We can attach our phone to magnetic phone mounts with the magnetic design and have it held in place at various angles. Magnetic phone mounts allow you to charge and use your phone in portrait or landscape mode and free your hands more importantly.

PITAKA began to use auto-align and develop magnetic phone mounts as early as 2017.

PITAKA Magnetic Phone Mounts

With the magnetic design, phone cases are made more useful except for protecting and styling up your handset.

Five years ago, PITAKA released the MagEZ Mount Qi, a magnetic wireless charging phone mount used in the car. Coupled with the PITAKA MagEZ Case Series, simply snap and charge when you drive and grab and go with a single hand when you get off — no more fiddling with the clamps or stickers to keep your phone in place or remove it. And rest assured that charging is stable and safe thanks to auto-align from the magnetic design.

To mount your mobile at your desk or nightstand, we have the MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop. It allows you to attach a MagEZ Case for stable wireless charging while you work. And you can adjust the angle of your device to watch a movie or Facetime with the 360-degree ball joints. If you have iPhones with MagSafe capability or Galaxy S22 series with the MagEZ Case 2, the MagEZ Slider would be an ideal option. It works as a wireless charging phone holder for you to charge at home or office but also can be turned into a portable magnetic power bank for you to charge on the go.

If you fancy buying a wireless charger, choose magnetic ones that can auto-align to save you from a lot of hassle.


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