Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Battery Replacement
Jul 21, 2022 By Claire

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Battery Replacement

A well-kept iPhone can last for years, but everyone knows how smartphone batteries degrade over time. Similarly, when it comes to iPhone batteries, there’s no exception. Eventually, you will need to consider a replacement. Fortunately, a weak battery does not mean you need a new iPhone - a simple iPhone battery replacement can do just the trick!

Apple users should know that replacing a battery is a no-brainer since the benefits will always outweigh the costs. The very first step is to check if you still fall under warranty with Apple. If yes, there are no additional charges for changing your battery - a good idea to go for it. So, let’s explore the options and conditions for replacing an iPhone’s battery.  

Is it worth replacing the battery of the iPhone?

Replacing batteries might be a good idea, considering how it will breathe new life into your device by improving its performance. It usually depends on how old your device is. If you feel like your Apple device takes too long to send a message or download files, there might be issues with its battery. 

Similarly, if your phone hangs up while looking at pictures, scrolling, or you keep it plugged into the charger to make a call - are clear signs that an iPhone battery replacement is required. Also, the much-needed mobility that comes with these smart devices is an obvious reason why replacing a battery is totally worth it.  

Given below are some signs telling your phone needs a battery replacement urgently:

iPhone running slower

Functions like uploading pictures, loading files and GIFs, and receiving or making calls are all affected due to an aging iPhone battery. Hence, as the battery efficiency declines, phone performance can degrade and make it slower. You can avoid this by replacing your battery as soon as possible.  

Powering down unexpectedly

Smart devices like iPhones tend to have a mind of their own. Users can experience this in the form of abrupt powering down. If the powering issue happens while you are working on a task, defragging only provides a temporary solution by increasing your device’s processing speed. Hence, opting for an iPhone battery replacement would be the best decision.

Prolonged charging period

If your battery performance is in top condition, it should take about two hours or less to charge fully. One of the most classic symptoms of a dying battery is taking longer or not charging at all after being plugged in for hours. 

Apple throttling older devices

Apple announced that it throttles older devices to avoid failing batteries. This has long-lasting implications since your phone’s health depends on how soon you notice a problem with it. You can see if you’re a victim of iPhone throttling by going to Settings > Battery > Battery health. Here you can get insights on battery conditions and turn off throttling anytime.  

How much does it cost to replace an old iPhone battery?

Replacing an iPhone screen is expensive, ranging between US$ 120 to US$ 329, while replacing the battery only costs between US$ 49 to US$ 69. It is obvious how this amount is only around 10% of your iPhone’s original price - helping you save on additional expenses. As intelligent buyers, one should bear in mind to always look at the phone’s battery status before purchasing an iPhone.

Generally speaking, replacing batteries for all iPhone models still falling under warranty with AppleCare+ is free. Out-of-warranty models require you to pay for an iPhone battery replacement. As mentioned earlier, for iPhone X and all models released afterward, the price is US$ 69, and for all the rest of the older versions, you are to pay US$ 49. 

Can I replace my iPhone Battery myself?

It is possible to replace your iPhone battery yourself but not one of the most desired solutions. These devices have strong glues attached to hold parts together and you may need to remove some of these to gain access to the battery.  

The task is time-consuming, and if you’re not well equipped, there is a high risk of damaging your phone. The self-replacement procedure will also void any warranties remaining on your iPhone. It may also affect the waterproof capabilities making it more vulnerable to harm in the future.  

If you have an in-store replacement facility within your reach, then it's better to seek help from them. Otherwise, numerous kits are available in the market with in-depth guides on replacing your iPhone’s battery. However, you need to remember that these guides do not guarantee success for battery replacement and if you damage your device in the process, purchasing a new one is the only option left.

PITAKA Naturally Charged Solution - MagEZ Slider

Battery replacement can be a hassle since it is an extra expenditure on phone costs. Also, it can be challenging if you do not have a proper replacement facility within your reach. So, to prolong its life, users are advised to utilize their device’s battery health efficiently. Here are some ways to help you achieve that:

  • Keep your battery from going to 0% or 100%
  • Do not charge beyond 100%
  • Avoid using fast chargers
  • Keep WiFi and Bluetooth off if you’re not using them
  • Let go of assistant features like Siri that further drain your batteries


Sounds easy, right? No one wants to let their battery drop to 0%. But sometimes you don't have access to power outlets for quite a long time, or you're just too busy with other stuff. That's why it's wise to carry a power bank. PITAKA has this MagSafe power bank that makes charging so much easier. 

The MagEZ Slider is a 3-in-1 wireless charger with a portable wireless charging power bank. It magnetically attaches to the back of your phone to juice up the battery while you travel. It's so portable and ergonomic that you can hold both devices comfortably. 

Most importantly, the power bank has a dedicated charging dock. When you don't use it, slide it into the dock, and it will charge. So the power bank is always ready when you need extra juice on the road. 

In addition, you can charge your iWatch and Airpods at the same time. And the charger works as a phone stand as well, freeing your hands from holding your phone constantly during long work-related meetings happening all day long. If you receive a notification while working on your laptop, you can quickly glance to check if it's something requiring your immediate attention. 

Final Words

There are many ways users can maintain their iPhone batteries so they do not have to go for a replacement too soon. And a power bank like the MagEZ slider can make things a lot easier. The MagEZ slider is an all-in-one packing deal for all your iPhone battery replacement concerns.

The slider looks quite different compared to other wireless chargers since it is designed specially keeping in mind the modern workspaces nowadays. It gives a clock-ticking sound while it rotates and some users even find it relaxing to their ears after a trying day at work.


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