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Carbon Fiber Phone Case and Aramid Phone Case, Which Is Better?

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There’re a lot of carbon phone cases (karbon phone case) in the market. They look very similar to Aramid phone cases. Due to the misleading of the manufacturers, a lot of users or even some wholesalers are confusing carbon phone cases with Aramid phone cases. In fact, they are absolutely two different things. Keep reading on and you will get the clear idea for these two materials through the features comparison and phone case performances.

What Is Aramid ?

Aramid is short for “aromatic polyamide”. It is a class of man-made strong synthetic fibers with high performance. They were originally developed for and used in aerospace or military applications. Molecules of those fibers are featured by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. Aramid fiber is thinner than the average of human hair, and it has a distinctive yellow color. It can be weaved and colored for different patterns.

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Carbon Fiber VS Aramid Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Aramid Fiber


Pure carbon fiber

Man-made strong synthetic fiber


Low strength

High strength

Resistance to abrasion



Resistance to solvents






Melting point


No melting point






Light golden color


Can’t be colored

Can be colored

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What Are the Benefits of Aramid Fiber Phone Case?

  1. Stiffness & Elasticity

    Carbon fiber is extremely strong in tension and compression and is by far the stiffest of the fibers, but it’s brittle. The carbon fibers are not as tough as Aramid fibers, and a carbon phone case will be also brittle of course. At the extent, an Aramid phone case is more tough and flexible.

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  2. Electrical Conductivity

    Due to the easy conductivity of carbon fiber, a carbon phone case by no means will have interruption to your phone signals. While the Aramid phone cases won’t have interruptions at all to WiFi, GPS or your phone signals. Thus you can enjoy a good internet surfing experience.

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  3. Color

    Aramid in its natural state is a light golden color. It can be colored and many wonderful hues are now available. Carbon fiber is always black and by itself it cannot be colored. This is the easiest way to tell whether it is a carbon (karbon) phone case or an Aramid phone case. Carbon (karbon) phone cases are always black. However, the Aramid phone cases could have different colors.

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Aramid phone case honors the lightest and thinnest phone case ever. At the meanwhile, it remains the stylish design and elegance of the original phone and that will give you a 3D silky touch experience you never feel before. Thanks to the special characteristic of aramid, the phone case made by this material is robust and bullet-proof. Aramid phone case is built with the extraodinary scratch resistant coating, which enables it’s a durable phone cover.


For more specific features for Aramid phone case, the article Top 10 Reasons to Choose PITAKA Aramid Phone Case will give you the contented answer in detail.

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