Carbon Fiber Galaxy Watch Band from PITAKA
Carbon Fiber Galaxy Watch Band from PITAKA
Mar 15, 2023 By Claire
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Carbon Fiber Galaxy Watch Band from PITAKA

Samsung Galaxy Watch accounts for about 10% of the global smartwatch market, ranking second. A lot of people choose Galaxy Watch for its distinctive flat display, durability, and superior battery life compared to Apple Watch. But there aren’t a lot of Galaxy Watch bands to choose from. 

PITAKA introduced the world’s first carbon fiber watch band for Apple Watch two years ago. Ever since then, many Galaxy Watch users have asked for the same stylish carbon fiber band. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Bands

Samsung offers a few basic types of watch bands for the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 series in three different materials: silicone, leather, and fabric. 

samsung galaxy watch5 series

Silicone galaxy watch band is water resistant, and thus it’s better for athletic and active lifestyles. But silicone attracts lint, which could be hard to clean thus annoying. Leather has a soft, comfortable feel against your skin and a versatile look; however, it tends to get a bit sticky on the wrist in heat and humidity. Fabric, on the other hand, does not get sticky and dry quickly. And it’s rugged and durable. That said, some people may find fabric watch bands unattractive. 

Samsung has metal bands for Galaxy Watch4 Classic and Galaxy Watch5 Pro but not the basic models since the Korean tech giant confirmed that metal bands might cause interference with the Galaxy Watch4. 

We should set great store by materials when choosing watch bands. Compared to smartphones, a smartwatch is something we put on our skin and wear all day. And it’s easier to get wet. So comfort comes as a priority when it comes to choosing watch bands. And materials play a significant role in offering comfort. 

Why Does PITAKA Choose Carbon Fiber?

Most Galaxy Watch bands are made of silicone or leather. They can be light weight and scratch-resistant. But there are better choices. And PITAKA choose carbon fiber, the high-tech material in the new century. 

formula 1 car with carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a high-end chemical fiber that’s high-performance, high-modulus, and resistant to high temperatures. It has a diameter of about five to ten micrometers and is extremely strong in strength and stiffer than aluminum. Yet, it’s exceptionally lightweight. As a matter of fact, carbon fiber is stronger, lighter, and built to last longer than steel. That explains why carbon fiber is widely used in the military and racing industries.

Also, carbon fiber has different looks based on the particular fabric used, and it always comes with this fabulous black and grey appearance that many people find attractive and unique with an understated style. 

Additionally, PITAKA used 1K carbon fiber. K means the amount of carbon fiber filaments in one bundle. 1K means there are 1000 filaments; 3K means 3000; you get the idea. The smaller the K, the smaller the weave pattern and lighter but also more expensive. 1K carbon fiber is the smoothest and most expensive as it has a higher requirement on weaving technology.

pitaka carbon fiber watch band for apple watch ultra

Ever since its debut, PITAKA’s Carbon Fiber Watch Band for Apple Watch has been well received. And we’ve made some improvements over these years to perfect it. Today, we’re glad to showcase the Carbon Fiber Watch Band for Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 series. 

Carbon Fiber Galaxy Watch Band from PITAKA

The Carbon Fiber Watch Band for Galaxy Watch will be available on March 22 on the PITAKA official website. Here’s the detail of the product:

Lightweight and Skin-friendly

The PITAKA carbon fiber galaxy watch band weighs about 30g, adding little bulk to your fashion timepiece. And it’s water-resistant. If you sweat or spill a drink, you can easily clean the carbon fiber galaxy watch band by wiping it with some cloth. And rest assured that it won’t absorb liquids like leather watch bands. 

Additionally, while carbon fiber is stronger than steel, it doesn’t carry heat away as metal does. That means you won’t feel cold when putting on a carbon fiber watch band. 

Modern and Sophisticated

Smartwatches offer many excellent features that traditional watches don’t. And they could be as cool as those luxurious, beautiful Swedish watches if you use the right classy accessories and watch faces. 

Our carbon fiber watch band for Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 has this black and grey twill that slightly shifts tone under different light conditions. Crafted with a minimalist style, the watch band adds a touch of understated luxury to your wrist game. It easily goes with your outfit of business or casual styles. 

Easy to Install and Remove

Watch bands with holes sometimes could be difficult to fasten, especially in a hurry or in dim light. Installing a butterfly watch clasp is less hassle. And PITAKA designed a patented magnetic fastener on the carbon fiber galaxy watch band, making things much easier.

When the ends of two straps meet, they magnetically connect and automatically fasten. So don’t even bother fiddle with the leather buckle or metal fastener. And to take it down, click the buttons on the magnetic fastener. 

Adjustable Length

You may wonder how to adjust the length since carbon fiber is not stretchable. The total length of the carbon fiber galaxy watch band is about 178mm, which is the average men’s wrist size. If you have a smaller wrist, simply use the provided pin to remove links. So you don’t need to carry those redundant links on your wrist. 

Compatible with Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5

The carbon fiber galaxy watch band is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Watch4 Classic, Watch 5, and Watch5 Pro of different case sizes of 40/42/44/45/46mm. 

If you want to refresh your Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch5 series, the PITAKA Galaxy Watch band is a nice pick. 


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