PITAKA x Carbitex: Flexible Carbon Fiber in the Minimalist iPad Bag
Sep 21, 2022 By Claire

PITAKA x Carbitex: Flexible Carbon Fiber in the Minimalist iPad Bag

PITAKA is an expert in material science. We mix elements to create materials that do amazing things. We understand chemistry and how molecules in a material can be trained to line up in such a way to create a new substance that is stronger, softer and reusable.

We’ve made phone cases and tablet cases from aramid fiber. We’ve crafted our wallets and Apple Watch bands from carbon fiber. And our carbon fiber luggage is coming.

We keep developing and using high-tech materials in our lab. That said, we are willing to work with third parties if they make excellent materials. It's all about what's best for the design and ultimately for our customers.

Recently, we used a flexible carbon fiber from Carbitex to create our FlipBook Case for iPad.

About Traditional Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber came into being in the 1950s, and soon its strength potential was realized. The composite material became more and more prevalent as time went by, mainly seen in the auto and aircraft industry.

carbon fiber car accessory

It is strong, light, and very stiff, over four times stiffer than glass-reinforced plastic and 2.5 times that of aluminum. It also has good tensile strength, the maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before necking or failing.

Carbon fiber fabrics usually come in a unique black twill weaving style which many people find pleasing to the eyes in a cool way. However, the manufacturing process of carbon fiber composites takes time and thus relatively costs more than those common materials. That explains why many companies sell carbon fiber accessories by embossing the material without actually using it.

What’s Great About Carbitex OmniFlex Carbon Fiber?

Carbitex is an American-born pioneer and manufacturer in flexible carbon fiber composites. It was founded a decade ago by Junus Khan, who worked in the high-end auto industry and was familiar with traditional carbon fiber and its application.

Junus believed possibilities of the advanced material were just starting, and there’s a way to harness its properties without compromising its advantages. After year-long tests, the Carbitex team created a new type of carbon fiber with high tensile strength and no-stretch characteristics while maintaining a lightweight form.

carbitex cx6 carbon fiber

In addition, Carbitex OmniFlex carbon fiber is exceptionally flexible, meaning that you can bend it much more without breaking it, unlocking more possibilities.

Applications of Carbitex OmniFlex Carbon Fiber

The incredible and “new” carbon fiber composite is used in many industries, from automotive and aerospace to medical to electronics.

TUMI has been working with Carbitex starting in 2012 to craft luggage and accessories. Porsche has backpacks, notebook sleeves, and briefcases made using the new carbon fiber fabric that gives a minimalist, timeless fashion.

porsche backpack with carbitex carbon fiber

Carbitex OmniFlex Carbon Fiber also can be found in the footwear and cycling market. Major performance footwear brands like Adidas, Scott, DC, and Burton are working with Carbitex to bring running shoes, snowshoes, snowboards, etc., to another level, unleashing the potential of athletes.

PITAKA is glad to work with such a trustworthy brand.

Carbitex OmniFlex Carbon Fiber in PITAKA FlipBook Case for iPad

FlipBook Case for iPad is an iPad bag compatible with Magic Keyboard for effortless carrying and improving your work performance.

pitaka flipbook case

Crafted from lightweight Carbitex OmniFlex carbon fiber and premium leather in a minimalist design, the bag has this classic business style and unique fashion that looks like no other. The pocket on the side is mainly carbon fiber with a texture that’s comfortable to touch yet pleasing to the eyes. And, of course, it can be used to store your small daily items such as glasses, keys, and mobile phones.

The bag works like no other, too. Open it, and your Magic Keyboard opens too. You’re ready to get down to business without wasting time unzipping and setting up your workstation. When closed, everything folds, so you can just grab and go.

Click here if you want to learn more about the FlipBook Case for iPad.



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