Best iPad Pro Chargers | 2022
Oct 25, 2022 By Tom

Best iPad Pro Chargers | 2022

iPad Pro 2022 is out. Apart from the M2 chip and other small upgrades (including price), 2022 iPad Pro is still with a 20W charger and doesn’t have MagSafe, let alone reverse wireless charging.

Using the 20W charger out of the box takes about three hours to fully charge your iPad Pro. If you use a faster charger, you can cut the charging time down to two hours.

We've selected some of the best iPad Pro chargers and wireless chargers. Fast iPad Pro chargers are great, but charging through the cable could be annoying and sometimes time-consuming when you look for the correct cable.


Nubia 65W Gallium Nitride (GaN) Fast Charger for iPad Pro


Nubia iPad Pro charger

Nubia 65W comes in Star Night Grey long cube making it shiny in front of your various charging cables.

It is 40% smaller than average fast chargers (Someone says it looks like a washing machine). A Chinese letter is written on the front side meaning “deuterium”. Deuterium is one of two stable isotopes in physical terms. It literally reinforces Nubia’s fast charger: to make power delivery move fast like current.

A 90-degree foldable plug is easy to carry. Three ports including two Type-C ports and one USB-A port coordinate well with most devices.

And if you use more than one port, the power is distributed across each of its three ports. 

PITAKA MagEZ Charging Stand for iPad Pro 2022

iPad Pro wireless charger

  The stand also charges iPad mini 6 using the MagEZ Case Pro.

Although GaN chargers are small and powerful, you still have to face the mess of various charging lines and the power brick. Wireless charging has become trendy nowadays. But we still have to use a cable to charge our iPad Pro.

But PITAKA found a way to bring "wireless charging" to iPad Pro.
The MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro 2022 has a built-in contact charging module, and the MagEZ Charging Stand features three metal contacts. The magnetic case allows you to snap your tablet to the stand to charge - no more plugging and unplugging cables. The iPad Pro is charging while you work, and when you need to take your iPad on the go, you can get the fully charged iPad. So you don’t have to set some time apart for charging.
On the other hand, the 360-degree rotatable stand allows for tilt up (32.5°) and down (-5°) to meet your viewing needs. Add a mouse and keyboard, and you can easily set up your iPad Pro as a desktop computer or a second monitor. 
In addition, the charging stand can also charge your iPhone 14 or other Qi-enabled smartphones or earbuds.

Wireless charging is becoming more and more popular on smartphones since it saves not only time and space but also money. Without frequent plugging and unplugging, cables and chargers can last longer. Hopefully, we will see the iPad Pro supports wireless charging soon.

Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 65W)

Anker iPad Pro charger

Charge fast. Live more. Anker is not a stranger to electronic devices, especially chargers. Over the recent years, it is no surprise that Anker constantly launched events to tell the world they have new edge on charger game and are endorsed by many tech giants.

This 735 charger is inspired by space suit and comes in polar black while the charging side is silver. If you look inside the charging ports, you can see the Anker iconic blue components.

The charging side is clearly laid out. Two Type-c ports are put in pairs outlined around on top of the USB-A port. You can see the dark furrow arrangement circled around the central charging ports part.

Xiaomi MI 65W GaN iPad Pro Charger 

xiaomi ipad pro charger

The family of long cube chargers speaks almost the same language of application for daily use as in freeing up space and not disturbing your stuff arrangement.

Xiaomi 65W GaN charger for iPad Pro and other devices can be the most iconic one you can choose from many chargers. Just two individual ports on the bottom with a sleekly pure white body and foldable plugs make a trendy electrical design. 

HUAWEI SuperCharge Wall Charger (Max 66W) for iPad Pro


HUAWEI iPad Pro charger


Simple and a little traditional design can leave more room for upgrades. HUAWEI proves that a fast charger doesn’t have to stick to a frame.

This charger arranges the components perfectly to reach power density of 1W per cubic centimeter with four electrolytic capacitors. That means a higher efficiency to safely charge iPad Pro. You can get a full charging capacity possibly for any device. 

Apple 67W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple iPad Pro charger

If you have enough money for everything you want and especially you are a big fan of Apple, this 67W USB-C Power Adapter is all you need to charge your iPad Pro.

It’s larger compared to others but you can get a high-end iPad Pro charger in top material. More importantly, it definitely works well with your iPad Pro.

UGREEN 65W USB C iPad Pro Charger

Ugreen iPad Pro charger


UGREEN 65W USB C Charger black has lettering against a dark grey body. And the purple part in the port underlines the futuristic look of the charger like a light sparkling in the sky in black and grey.

It also comes in three ports with foldable plugs and powers your iPad Pro up to 34% in 30 minutes.

Fast chargers may get a little noisy when it is working. But it is too little to hear if you keep yourself 30cm away from the charger. 

Sum up

While enjoying the speed of fast charging and wireless charging iPad Pro, don’t forget to care for your iPad Pro battery and that is the key to enjoying using your iPad Pro.

GaN fast charging iPad Pro is popular over recent years. But wireless charging iPad Pro is indeed the best next-generation solution. There is a call for someone who can incorporate fast charging into wireless charging.

I hope all that mentioned above can help your decision-making. It seems like there is still a long time for Apple to release a MagSafe iPad Pro. But you don’t have to wait for too long. Charge your iPad Pro wirelessly with MagEZ Charging Stand and MagEZ Case Pro.



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