Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Which Should You Buy
Nov 23, 2022 By Tom

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Which Should You Buy

Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 are both high-end smartwatches ever made. But are you having trouble deciding whether to buy the brand new Apple Watch Series 8 or the bigger and stronger Apple Watch Ultra? No worries. Here we have some comparison of many details between the new Apple Watch and the Ultra to help you to decide which to buy.

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Design

First, let’s get to the design. Apple Watch Ultra’s thicker design is for a bigger battery life. The Ultra has a much longer battery life that reaches 36 hours whereas iWatch 8 has 18 hours of battery life.

In addition, the side button protrudes from the right of the Ultra’s body. And the digital crown has deeper ridges. All of the elements make the buttons easier to control and touch regardless of your fingers being sweaty or something else. The Ultra’s action button in international orange looks elegant and fresh on the left of the Ultra. An indentation in the middle helps you easier to feel it under your thumb. You can customize the button to add a stopwatch, open the watch flashlight and start workouts mode.

apple watch ultra action button,digital crown and side button

As for the Apple Watch Series 8, overall, it is a slim design with a curved screen and contoured case that makes daily wear more delightful. The Series 8 doesn’t have an action button. Its digital crown and the side button are made smooth to precisely meet the slim body of the Series 8.

When it comes to durability, the Apple Watch 8 is built robust enough in aluminum material, whereas the stainless steel version is more durable. And the Ultra has a stronger titanium case built for withstanding harsh conditions like cooler and hotter temperatures.

pitaka Air Case for the Apple Watch Ultra

Though durable, either the iWatch 8 or Ultra is not scratch-resistant. To keep your Apple Watch pristine, it's suggested to use a case. PITAKA Air Case for the Apple Watch Ultra and the Series 8 is a protective and stylish watch case. Crafted using aerospace-grade aramid fiber, the watch case is lightweight but durable and seamlessly fits original Apple Watch straps.

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Functions

The Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra both have an U1 chip, an W3 chip and an S8 processor inside with a 64 bit dual-core processor.

They both have the same Apple Watch features like crash detection, an electrical and optical heart rate sensor, and a new body temperature sensor targeted at helping women track menstrual and ovulation cycles. The fall detection will be activated if you can't move after a serious injury in one minute. You can also tap emergency SOS for emergency services. Low power mode in the new watchOS 9 can save battery life.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a few noticeable functions designed for outdoor activities that the 8 Series doesn’t have. The Ultra comes with a louder emergency siren with 86 decibels that attracts more attention in the wild when you need help. Moreover, the Ultra has dual GPS, offering more accurate tracking. It also features a dive computer and additional microphones to get better call quality. The red watch faces display on the watch body makes different metrics brighter and clearer to check at night.

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Screen

Both screens on either Apple Watch are good. Let’s get to the brightness difference first. The Series 8 can only reach 1000 nits of brightness. But the Apple Watch Ultra can reach a 2000-nit brightness. So the Ultra is a perfect choice for you when you do sports on a bright sunny day. On the other hand, the Ultra is not just simply bigger. The 49mm screen allows for up to six lines of workout stats. You don’t have to scroll down to another page just for another specific metric. The font size can get big that is adjustable for right readability.

Additionally, the screen designs of either Apple Watch are different. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch Ultra has a flat screen that is 49mm display, but it has a black border around the edges of the face. The Series 8 features a classic curved edge-to-edge screen in thinner display bezels.

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Swimming and Diving

If you want to go swimming or diving with your Apple Watch, either the Series 8 or the Ultra is a good selection. The Ultra has been certified as an amazing diving companion up to 100 meters which benefits many pro scuba divers. What’s more, it has an onboard dive computer, like a digital depth gauge, which allows you to know the depth and temperature in the water. On the other hand, the Series 8 is also that good to be your swimming accessory. The Watch 8 is said to be dived underwater up to 50 meters. But it isn’t that water-resistant at all. So you’d probably better wear it for shallow-water activities like swimming.

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Straps and Bands

apple watch ultra bands and straps

Apart from the Apple Watch itself, it is time to talk about the Apple Watch straps and bands. They’re possibly secondary factors taken into consideration when you buy an Apple Watch.

Well, the Apple Watch Ultra comes with mainly three types of straps customized for different sports scenarios. The Alpine Loop features a G-hook that ensures a secure fit, an ideal choice for outdoor adventurers who are into hiking. The Trail Loop version is designed for endurance athletes with a convenient pull tab for quick adjustments on the go. And the Ocean Band has a tubular design for extreme water sports that makes the watch band open for water flow to stabilize the wear in the water.

The Series 8 has a lot of Apple Watch band selections, including Solo Loop, Leather Link, Sport Loop and so forth, with a lot of colors and pattern designs.

In a word, the Ultra watch bands are mainly made for extreme sports, and the Series 8 watch bands are designed for buyers who take the bands as their secondary factor to best pair with their outfit style.

pitaka Carbon Fiber Watch Band

On the other hand, you can also use a third-party watch band, for example, the Carbon Fiber Watch Band from PITAKA. Carbon fiber is significantly lighter than steel and is often used to make high-end sports cars. Made of rare, lightweight and durable 1K carbon fiber, the PITAKA watch band offers you comfortable all-day wear.

The patented secure magnetic clasp makes the watch band easier to close and open. Firmly keep your watch on your wrist and take it down with a single click. Using the tool to remove or add the links can adjust the watch band to best fit your wrist. It is compatible with all Apple Watch models.

Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Conclusion

So which of these two watches should you buy?

As to the pricing, there is a stark difference. The Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399(Cellular connection version starts at $499), whereas the Ultra watch begins at $799. If you’re looking to buy your first Apple Watch or just tip a toe into the water of the Apple Watch, buy the aluminum version of the Series 8 or even the much cheaper Apple Watch SE that starts at $249. But the Series 8 in stainless steel version brings the price closer to that of the Ultra, which will only be around a $100 difference. So, if you don’t like the big-face Apple Watch Ultra and you have enough budget to get a top-notch smartwatch, think of the stainless steel Series 8.

On the other hand, the Watch Series 8 is a classic and sleek design that'll look good when combined with your daily outfit. If you’re always into daily fashion, the Series 8 is a good choice for you.

The Ultra also looks nice with a bigger screen and more useful features for extreme sports. And it is a wonderful stage for workout apps. If you’re the one who wants a nice adventure companion for outdoor activities, then definitely pick the Ultra.

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