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Special Offer for PitaFlow for Tablets

Explore 15% OFF Discount for Your iPad

Invite at least two of your friends to buy together and save 15% off together.

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PITAKA Student Program

Charging iPad During
Online Courses

Adjust Your iPad At A Comfortable Angle

The stand is designed ergonomically for eye level with a +32.5°/-5° adjustable vertical angle to make your online courses easier.

Charging iPad When Using

You do not need to find time to charge your iPad. Snap it to the stand to experience hassle-free wireless charging while you study.

PITAKA Student Program

Mount Up Your iPad Anytime Anywhere

Place your iPad stand on the table, nightstand, or anywhere and just talk to friends hands-free.

PITAKA Student Program

The Best Angle For Note-Taking

MagEZ Folio provides a comfortable angle for taking notes in class while fully protecting your iPad.

PITAKA Student Program