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MagEZ Case For iPhone 12 mini/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max

A magnetic and protective aramid fiber case for iPhone 12. Read More

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MagEZ Case for iPhone 12

Seamless Style

Magnetic Connectivity

Attach the MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 to any MagEZ magnetic wireless charger, such as the MagEZ Mount Qi, for a seamless charging experience.

MagEZ Case for iPhone 12
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MagEZ Juice 2

Eliminate the need for cables and bulky power banks with this wireless charging stand and battery.

Click to see metal strips & magnets placement.
MagEZ Case for iPhone 12
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MagEZ Mount Qi

A magnetic car mount that provides stable and uninterrupted wireless charging.

Click to see metal strips & magnets placement.

Wireless Charging Friendly

Use the MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 with any Qi-certified wireless charger, including the MagEZ magnetic chargers.

MagEZ Case for iPhone 12
MagEZ Case for iPhone 12

Use With MagEZ Juice 2

MagEZ Case for iPhone 12

Use With MagEZ Mount Qi

MagEZ Case for iPhone 12

Use With Air Omni Lite

Keep Credit and Business Cards Handy

Magnetically attach the MagEZ Card Sleeve to your iPhone 12 for easy access to your cards when you’re on the go.

Qi wireless charging Compatible

Fully Compatible With all Qi wireless chargers.

Combining Style and Protection

Crafted using aerospace-grade aramid fiber, the slim MagEZ Case offers protection with a minimalist design.

MagEZ Case for iPhone 12

Better Grip and Feel

3D Grip technology leaves a textured pattern on the surface of the phone case that not only improves grip but also feels comfortable in the hand.

Learn More About 3D Grip
MagEZ Case for iPhone 12
MagEZ Case for iPhone 12




Thickness: 0.03in (0.85mm)


0.6oz (17.1g)

Materials and Tech

Aramid fiber 3D Grip Technology Provides a smooth surface texture that improves grip.


2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 mini/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max


Q1. Are there magnets in the phone case, and will they affect my phone?

A1. There are no magnets in the phone case; only metal strips placed so as not to affect the wireless charging function of your phone.

Q2. Can I use the MagEZ Case with another wireless charger?

A2. You can use the MagEZ Case with any wireless charger, however, to take advantage of the magnetic function, use it with another MagEZ magnetic charger.

Q3. Is the MagEZ Case compatible with Apple’s MagSafe System?

A3. Yes, the MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 Series is fully compatible with Apple’s MagSafe System and can fast-charge at 15W.

Q4. Why is the black/blue twill pattern of the MagEZ Case different from that of the black/grey twill?

A4. The black/blue twill is the newest color/pattern we've made. Unlike the black/grey twill, the new color shows a more obvious gap between the warp and weft yarns. It's because the raw aramid fibers become more flexible after dyeing, and inevitably, the blue fibers keep shrinking during the weaving and polishing processes. Besides, blue is brighter than grey and contrasts more with black. That's why the weave lines on the black/blue case look different from that on the black/grey case. But rest assured that it's crafted through the same procedures and of the same standard.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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Introducing PITAKA’s iPhone 12 Cases.

Enhance your phone’s minimalist design with a form-fitting, ultra-thin iPhone 12 case, or protect it with an aerospace-grade case with magnetic functionality. Our iPhone 12 cases are compatible with MagSafe® Chargers.


A durable, protective case that works seamlessly with MagEZ wireless chargers.

A lightweight and ultra-thin case, crafted using premium fine-weave aramid fiber.

A life-proof case that provides your phone with ultimate protection.

Metal Plates for MagEZ Charger Compatibility
(See metal plates placement)


Not Compatible
(Without Metal Plates)


MagSafe Charger Compatible

(Can Attach Through Case)

(Can Attach Through Case)

(With Embedded Magnet Array)

See full comparison

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Customer Reviews

Based on 397 reviews
Claudia Cristóvão
MagEZ iPhone 12 Mini 5*

Very thin. Exactly what I want.

Cristian Pascalau
best case

best case

Ernest B.
Strong hold

Best case and magnet holder with no bulk to it. Worth every dollar. I get compliments daily on my case.
I will be buying other colors. Hard to find something this good for my phone. Buy it with confidence it will work like its Advertised.

Hello Ernest, thanks for your sincere review with 5 rating stars. We are glad to know you are satisfied with the MagEZ case for your iPhone and the MagEZ Mount Qi. PITAKA',s magnetic ecosystem aims to help customers embrace the alternative tech life in an easy and aesthetically enjoyable way. We sincerely hope you love it. Welcome to explore more PITAKA products in the future. Thanks!

Edwin Vignes

Been using Pitaka cases for years as well as the magnetic car charger. They are excellent products and highly recommended.
I have the orange and red herringbone case on my iPhone 12 mini and I love it.

Hi Edwin, thank you for your kind words and your sharing of the fantastic picture. We are grateful for your great support and recognition of our products. Our MagEZ case is made of aerospace-grade aramid fiber, so it is slim, lightweight, and protective. Welcome to explore more products of the PITAKA magnetic ecosystem. We would love to have your feedback sharing next time.

Alexander Panos
Incredible product. Incredible customer service.

I have been a proud customer of iPitaka products well since the iPhone 7, and throughout the years these cases have managed to keep my phones protected while also maintaining a clean aesthetic. This company has never disappointed, and their customer service team was extremely friendly and quick to respond if and when I had any questions. Case is easy to put on your phone, easy to clean, has great grip, and very well built. Would recommend this case to any Smartphone user. Thank you Pitaka!